Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 5 February 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

     Armed defense including submachineguns
in the hands of private citizens is an
effective defense against the drug
gangs in Mexico.

Q:  Why do I miss when shooting my pistol at long range (25 - 30 yards)?
A:  Because you're aiming at the wrong place.
Q:  Shouldn't I be aiming at the center of mass?
A:  No, you have to aim low, because your point of impact will be high.
For a detailed explanation, please see the attached file.
     Everyone that I tried to explain this to at the last IDPA
match told me that I was wrong and that you have to aim high,
because gravity is pulling the bullet down. 
     If you think a belief is a superstition, then it is not a
superstition.  A superstition is something that you believe to
be true that is false.  Superstition is a common state of man,
and has been through history.  The history of science is all
about breaking superstitions and attempting to replace them
with truths.
     You think this is bad?  I've taught at universities
in Hawaii, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  You wouldn't believe
the superstitions that I have run into.  I've had students
tell me that the square root of 4 is 2 and only 2, even after
I explain to them that -2 squared is equal to 4.
Dale Carson says:
Be polite to law enforcement.
Never consent to a search.
Carry a card of your attorney, law enforcement
officer, etc. to demonstrate you're a good guy
who should be of no concern to law enforcement.
If you feel you need to carry a gun to a certain
place, don't go to that place.
     The point is, have an attorney before you need one.

     Interview with Jeff Cooper at Gunsite in late 1970's.

     Clayton Cramer and Massad Ayoob speak on
Stand Your Ground laws.
Worth watching for Ayoob's talk on "disparity of
force", and "ability, opportunity, and jeopary".
(also known as "ability, opportunity, and intent")

     Gun Myths Gone in Five Minutes: ABC News 20/20
A bit of truth in the mass media, how refreshing.

     Compressed surprise break.

     If you're going to use a revolver,
you need to get reloading devices
such as the Bianchi Speed Strips,
or the Quick Strip by Tuff Products,
     Revolver speed loaders cannot be easily
carried or concealed.  So, as a practical matter
you will end up carrying these strips in your pocket.
     But, before you spend the money, consider this.
     It is very difficult to load or reload a
revolver with one hand.  Which means it's going
to take a lot more training time.
     The revolver, as used in combat, has a
double action trigger.  This means a long heavy
trigger pull, which makes accurate shooting more
difficult.  Which means more training time to
achieve the same level of proficiency.

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