Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 28 January 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

     NRA endorsed self-defense insurance.
Caveat:  "Criminal defense reimbursement is
provided for alleged criminal actions involving
self-defense when you are acquitted of charges"
     Many insurance companies offer self-defense
insurance.  I only cited the one above as a
reference to compare to.  Most home owner
umbrella policies don't cover self-defense
Why is self-defense insurance coverage so
affordable, given the potential risk of
costly criminal and civil trials?
"Because it just doesn't happen very often,"
says Baker. "Gun violence is a problem of
criminals, not the kinds of people who have
homeowners insurance."
     I don't write about equipment unless
I have used it.  I never accept free samples
or free loaners, because I suspect that they
may be different from those sold at retail.
I have never accepted money in any way
connected to a review.
     Versa Carry by Sitzco, LLC. is an inside
the waistband pistol holster.  Pictures at
It is a minimalistic plastic holster
retailing for $18.45 and weighing nearly
     The pistol is held securely by friction on
the inside of the barrel and the side of the
     The pistol is held with the barrel
vertical.  There is no forward cant.  So the
grip of the pistol may print as it sticks
out the back a bit.
     The part of the holster that covers the
trigger (preventing the shooter from placing
his finger on the trigger while the pistol
is in the holster, a feature every holster
should have) is barely sufficient.
     The pistol cannot be holstered with one
hand.  The pistol cannot be holstered without
removing the holster from the waistband and
belt.  So, while it may be appropriate for
daily concealed carry, it is not appropriate
for a class or a match where re-holstering is
     I was surprised by a warning on the
instructions that come with the holster.
"Never carry any semi-auto firearm in a
cocked and locked condition or with a live
round chambered."
Every gun school, that I have been to, teaches
carrying a pistol with a round in the chamber.
Single action 1911 type pistol should have
the hammer cocked after racking the slide and
should have the thumb safety on when holstered
for carry.  Perhaps their lawyers recommended
this verbiage?
     The instructions show a variation of
assembly where the holster's trigger guard
is absent.  I think this is very dangerous. 
A proper holster should cover the trigger.
     The instructions say that the holster
should never be used for outside the waist
band carry.
     The holster requires a stiff 1.5 inch
     When used as specified in the instructions,
the holster works as advertised.
The holster allows the shooter to get a
correct high tight grip before pulling
the pistol out of the holster.
     For our friends in South Carolina.
From Steve Cooper at Paladin Training, Inc.
The 'Restaurant Carry' bill has passed and
is on its way to the governor.
The main points (after Governor Haley signs it into law):
1.  Unless properly posted otherwise, CWP holders will
be able to carry into a location licensed for
on-premises consumption of alcohol.
2.  If you are armed, you can not legally consume alcohol
at one of these locations.
3.  If you do carry into a properly posted location in
violation of this section of the law, the maximum penalty
will be two years instead of the current three.
Note:  This will effectively keep the FEDS from getting
their claws into you and is a Big Deal.
4.  The 8 hour minimum training requirement will be gone,
however the mandated training curriculum will stay the same. 
5.  CWP holders will be able to transport a handgun under
the seat or in any open or closed storage compartment in
the passenger compartment of a vehicle. 
Personal opinion:  Stashing a weapon unsecured under a
seat or any other place  in a moving vehicle is a Bad Idea. 
If you're in a wreck or have to engage in aggressive
driving to get away from Bad People, what's to keep the
gun in place so you can access it should you need it? 
Where did it go when you made that hard turn or ran over
that curb?  I believe it's much better to wear it or
store it in a closed and secured container where its
location will be dependable even after being subjected
to lateral G-forces.
     Recap of gun law stuff, because there are so many
new people on this mailing list.
     This might answer some of your questions concerning
Tennessee gun laws.
     Concerning reciprocity,!/1/1/Tennessee
     Here's a guide the NRA/ILA has prepared on the interstate transportation of
     A United Kingdom newspaper's display of American gun laws,
     Search Tennessee laws
For instance, search 39-17-1322
for "defense" for use of firearm in self-defense situation
in an off-limits place.
     Search other state's laws
To see which states honor which other states'
handgun permits,
     The purpose of gun control laws is to criminalize
the behavior of political opponents, so that the
government can arrest, imprison, fine, and disenfranchise
the political opposition. 
     We assume the responsibility to protect ourselves,
our families, and our community.  So, we keep and bear arms. 
     They shirk their responsibility.  So, they don't
keep and bear arms.  They demand that the government
protect them.  They have effectively become wards
of the state.

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