Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CWP, 27 January 2015 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

See the movie "American Sniper".
It's all about people like us.

"7 Most Common Defensive Shooting Myths"
by David Kenik
December 8th, 2014
While the internet is a great source of knowledge,
it is also a great source of misinformation.

***** Training *****

"Keeping dryfire interesting" by Claude Werner

"Skill Set: Resolutions" by Tiger McKee

"Stop Thinking to Shoot Faster"
by David Kenik
December 4th, 2014

NRA Defensive Pistol course
Starting April 11th of 2015 in Dowelltown, TN.
The tuition is a tax deductible donation to
the Dowelltown United Methodist Church.
     Contact Jon_Low@yahoo.com for equipment list,
lesson plans, and reservations.

***** Safety *****

"Police Officer Shot Off His Own Finger -
Suing Gun Store After"
     "All guns are always loaded."  You don't have
to be impolite, but you don't dare trust anyone
handing you an "unloaded" gun.  You always check it
yourself.  (chamber check and magazine check) 
The police officer neglected to do a magazine check. 
He would have seen that the pistol had a loaded
     "Never let the muzzle cover anything you're
not willing to destroy." (his finger)
***** Tactics *****

"Self-Defense Tactics For An Enraged Attacker"
by Dave Spaulding
May 25th, 2012
     “I have been through a great deal of force-related training,”
he told me. “I have practiced a lot, I knew what to do, but
everything I knew to be true wasn’t. None of the techniques
I learned worked. I don’t know how to proceed from here.”

     "The harsh reality is force tools and their accompanying
training programs are designed to be socially acceptable
and taught in such a way as to reduce liability. Lawyers
and police administrators review these programs before
they are implemented with an eye toward what will happen
if the agency is sued – not toward whether or not an
officer can effectively repel a murderous attack. I know;
I have been on these committees."

     "... we have known for centuries that the person who will
win in conflict is not the one with the most gadgets or
training: It is the more ruthless who will go to extremes
to prevail. Unfortunately, such ruthlessness is seldom
seen as reasonable in the eyes of the protected public."

***** Gear *****

"One handed reloads – for those with just one hand"

"12 Best Combat Pistols Available Today"
by Brad Fitzpatrick
June 30th, 2014

"How to Choose a Carry Gun with the 5 ‘C’s of Concealed Carry"
by Dusty Gibson
August 27th, 2014

"Like a Glove: Picking a Handgun to Fit Your Grip"
by Richard Nance
July 16th, 2014

***** News *****

"Papa John's Pizza stands by employee
who shot armed robber in self defense"
     Papa John's has a bad policy. 
If the delivery woman had obeyed
the policy, she'd be dead.  Good
for her that she ignored the
policy, and used a gun to save
her life.
     Papa John's is better than
Dominos and Pizza Hut who have
fired their employees in the past
for using guns in self defense
while on the job. 

"Europe’s Leading Rabbi:
Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns"

***** Miscellany *****

Technical animations:

     Beretta pistol
     Glock pistol
     Mouse around and click on the buttons.
Lots of details.

     Lots of buttons to press to get different views.

     Detailed assembly of a 1911

     The Wilson County, Tennessee
Friends of the NRA banquet will be
April 24, 2015 at 5:30 PM in the
College Hills Church of Christ
1401 Leeville Pike, Lebanon, TN 37090.
     I have tickets, or buy online at
The ticket includes a range pass to the indoor
range at the Gun Room in Lebanon, TN; and an
entry in a drawing for a Glock model 42 (must
be present to win).  Purchase tickets before
April 1st to be entered in a drawing for a
Ruger 10/22. (need not be present to win)
     The Hume-Fogg Rifle Team (high school
team that I am coaching) received over $3600 from the
NRA Foundation last year. 

     Our Friends of the NRA committee is
holding a donation contest (raffles are illegal)
for 22,000 rounds of Winchester .22 Long Rifle
ammunition, a Heritage Rough Rider Revolver 22LR/22Mag,
and a Henry AR-7 US Survival Rifle 22LR. 
$20 tickets, only 200 tickets will be sold.
You do not have to be present to win. 
Drawing in two weeks or whenever tickets are sold out. 
A photo of the winner will be posted on our Facebook page,
That's me inside the Eddie Eagle costume
at the Christmas parade in Lebanon, TN.

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Jonathan Low

Thursday, January 15, 2015

CWP, 15 January 2015 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

"Identify before you shoot"
by Claude Werner
     Lessons learned: 
1.  Positively identify your target before shooting it. 
It's okay to shoot through doors, if you know who is
on the other side.  Asking, "Who's there?" would work.
2.  Getting shot in the chest did not stop
the person from walking or talking.  Don't expect
or rely on one shot stops.

Why I Died by Mike Seeklander

Attributes of the Combative Shooter
By Chris Fry

***** Training *****

Skill Set: In The Beginning
by Tiger McKee

The Concealed Carry Trap by Mike Seeklander
This article has an eleven question test
that may enlighten you.

Top 5 Bad Habits by Mike Seeklander

Why Train With One Hand?
By Mike Seeklander

Shooting tips by Rob Leatham
"Shoulders should be relaxed, not up around your ears."

***** Pedagogy *****

I read "In the Gravest Extreme" by Massad F. Ayoob.
I recommend it.  It's a short easy read.

***** Tactics *****

Light Up The Night: Handgun Solutions in Low Light
By Mike Seeklander

"Self Defense Techniques: Survival Posture"
by Cecil Burch

***** Gear *****

Concealment holster for women,
Instructions on how to use,
     I have no experience with this product. 
I just thought it was interesting.

"Women & Shooting, Part 3: Holster Selection"
By Julie Loeffler

"Choosing a Holster to Fit the Fight"
By Grant Cunningham

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Holster Review
by Nathaniel F

     Glenda:  Hi Jonathan, I think I am interested in a 9mm.
I don't think I'm comfortable with anything bigger than
that.  I would like a single stack so it fits better in
my hand and will be a little lighter, and preferably
non-polymer.  Do you have any recommendations on that?
     Jon:  Hi Glenda, you will become comfortable with
whatever you practice.  So, don't let feelings of
discomfort cause you to discard viable options.
But, 9mm ammo is cheaper than anything larger and the
ammo is commonly available.  So, that's fine.
     Single stack magazines make for slimmer grips.
Which might fit your hand better, and are easier to
conceal.  Are your hands small?  Do you have
difficulty with double stack 9mm magazine pistols?
The grip being too small for your hand is just as
bad as being too big.  Just about all the 9mm combat
pistols are double stack, because 9mm ammo is small.
     The preference against a polymer frame reduces
your options, as most of the good modern combat pistols
have polymer frames.  The preference also makes the
pistol heavier, which makes carrying it less pleasant.
     Based on your constraints, I would suggest
perhaps the Kimber Solo, (aluminum frame)
if you can get all your fingers on it.  If you can't
because the grip is too small, don't buy this.
     I don't like the Kahr Arms, but you might.
     I can't recommend the Springfield Armory XDS
because too many people have told me it malfunctions
and Springfield Armory recalled them a few months ago.
     Single stack 9mm is a bad constraint condition.
The 9mm has a lower probability of stopping the
attack (one shot stops approximately 10 times in
every 20 shootings), so 9mm pistols are made with
high capacity magazines (15-17 rounds).  The .45 ACP
pistols are reasonable in single stack (7-8 rounds)
because the probability of stopping the attack with
a .45 ACP is much higher (one shot stops approximately
18 times in every 20 shootings). [Citation - lectures
at Front Sight Firearms Institute.]
     So, you should reconsider a single stack 9mm
constraint on your pistol.

***** Education *****

The doctor gives interesting statistics (from 2008),
dispels misconceptions, and gives lots of useful
information.  The presentation was given in 2010.
     The doctor cites
which is an interesting web site.

The Reasonable Man Doctrine
By Marty Hayes JD

***** Technical *****

AK-47 and AR-15 trigger mechanism animations

***** News *****

'Nearly 100' Pennsylvania Municipalities on Notice:
Lawsuits Coming Over Gun Control
by AWR Hawkins

"UPDATE re: Idaho Mother Shot By Toddler"
by Katie A
     Even purses designed to carry pistols are not
holsters, because you can still lose control of
the firearm.  A firing side hip holster inside
your belt (so the belt holds the holster tight
against you body) is the way to go.

***** Politics *****

Operation Choke Point:
Feds Pressure Credit Union to Close
Wisconsin Gun Dealer’s Bank Account

***** Miscellany *****

37mm US Anti-Tank Gun
At only $50 per round.

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Jonathan Low

Friday, January 9, 2015

CWP, 9 January 2015 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

Posted by John S. Farnam on 31 Dec 2014
“The good man need not think beforehand of his words,
that they may be sincere, nor of his actions that
they may be honorable ... he simply speaks and does
what is right.” -- Mencius, 372-289 B.C.
     If you read after action reports,
you will see that righteous self defense
shooters don't contemplate before shooting. 
They instantly shoot because they are scared
for their lives or the lives of their loved ones. 
Good people do all of their thinking and
training long before the incident.

"Self-Defense Checklist" by Mike Seeklander
1.  First Aid
2.  Physical Fitness
3.  Family Communication
4.  Home Security
5.  Empty-Hand Combatives
6.  Intermediate Levels of Force
7.  Crime Trends
8.  Weapons Training
     Yes, weapons training is last on the list.
We have to get our priorities straight.

***** Training *****

     "The average American has more misconceptions
about lethal force in the home than in any
other self-defense situation." -- Massad E. Ayoob,
"In the Gravest Extreme", 1980, 22nd Printing.
     That's why expert training is so important.
Much of what the untrained person knows is false.

"Design Your Own Firearms Training Program"
by Mike Seeklander

"Gunfighter Logic – The Rules"
by Richard Mann
10 rules of gunfighting

Nathan Goode at NGInvestigations Inc. has put out his
schedule of courses for 2015.  See attached file.
Email:  NGInvestigations@gmail.com
Web site:  www.NGInvestigations.com

     NRA Defensive Pistol course
Starting 9 February 2015 in Nashville, TN.
     NRA Defensive Pistol course
Starting 11 April 2015 in Dowelltown, TN. 
     Email Jon_Low@yahoo.com for schedule,
lesson plans, and equipment list.

     Parents often ask me what the age limit of
my classes is.  I always respond, no age limit.
If you think your child is mature enough, I
concur.  My kids did the 4-day Defensive Handgun
class at Front sight at age 14.  Here's a 10 year
old girl happily competing,
Can you believe the Communist News Network published
this?  They must be desperate.  (Oh, right, they are.)

***** Pedagogy *****

"Unintentional Discharges, Part 2"
By Rich Nable

"The Training Industry’s Dirty Little Secret"
By Grant Cunningham

***** Tactics *****

"How to Not Get Shot: The Ten Secrets of Shot Avoidance"
By Lt Williams
"If you are armed, every conflict you are in is
an armed conflict!  You know there is at least
one gun there.  It is highly possible that the
gun will be taken away and used against you.
It happens to trained police officers with
Level III security holsters on heavy gun belts
on a tragically common basis."
"After the Action" by Chris Fry
     Yes, you can get shot without knowing it.

"Making the Thrust" by Michael Janich
"Making the Cut" by Michael Janich

***** Gear *****

"Advantages of Striker-Fired Pistols"
by Jarrod Needs

"I Can’t See My Sights!"
by Grant Cunningham

"Defensive Firearms Priorities:
How To Choose a Personal Defense Handgun"
by Rob Pincus

***** Education *****

Lots of good articles at

***** News *****

2014: The Second Amendment’s Triumph

Public Service Announcement:
Use Holsters, Not Purses
"Women, do not carry your gun in your purse.
Your purse is not a holster."
Original Associated Press story,

***** Politics *****

Weaponized Medicine
Posted by John S. Farnam on 5 Jan 2015
     This is exactly what the Soviets did,
declare you insane and imprison you in a
mental institution.  Now, the New York government
is doing it to their pro-gun residents.

***** Miscellany *****

     Jim Huissh covers the "Cup Song" that Anna Kendrick
made famous on Perfect Pitch.
He performs here in Nashville with his band,
Amber's Drive.  Though I've never seen him
perform this live on stage.

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Jonathan Low

Friday, January 2, 2015

CWP, 2 January 2015 A.D.
Happy New Year, Concealed Weapons Permittees!

***** Mindset *****

     As a civilian, you have the best rules of engagement.
The police officer must apprehend. 
Your self-defense goal is to escape.
[ I deleted my paragraph on military rules of engagement
to spare you my invectives. ]  I'm glad I'm out.
I'm glad my son is out. 

"The essence of war is violence.
Moderation in war is imbecility."
—Admiral Sir John A. Fisher

"Myth of the Lone Gunman" by Claude Werner.
"What are you willing to do to prevent
your children from becoming orphans?"
-- Massad Ayoob
SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure.
     Can you get past the locks on your partner's
phone, if you need to call for help?  Can you dial
911 in a high stress situation?  Most people can't.
Solution:  deep breaths.  Yes, it is that simple.
But, you have to know to do it.  And you have to
have done it before, so that you know it works,
so that you have confidence in doing it.  So, that
you will do it.
     The police sniper who fears hitting the hostage
will not take the shot to save the hostage.  The
confident sniper will.  Confidence allows us to do.
Practice gives us confidence.
     Practice one handed, both sides. 

"Arma Virumque Cano" Posted by John S. Farnam on 28 Dec 2014

***** Training *****

     Sensei Liz Fitzgerald informs us that
KSA Martial Academy will be giving classes
in Chemical Weapons and Baton in 2015 A.D.
305.609.7528 C
615.473.1739 W
4910 Charlotte
Nashville, TN 37209

     Hey, Staff, you talk about "tactically correct".
What exactly is that?
     - Go as fast as you can think. -
The only reason persons can race through the
stages in an IDPA match is because they know
what they are supposed to do.  In the real world,
you won't have that knowledge.  You will have to
develop it as you search.  So, don't move faster
than you can think. 
     With practice anyone can type faster than
they can write.  But, if you're writing (as
opposed to copying), you won't be able to type
that fast.  You learn to touch type and practice
typing so that your typing does not slow down or
interfere with your writing.  Similarly, you
learn and practice your pistolcraft so it doesn't
interfere with your thinking. 
     - Stay away from walls and corners. -
     Ricocheting bullets will skim along walls
they hit, not bounce off the wall like a ball. 
     If you stick your gun around a corner,
the enemy will grab your gun.
     - Take the marginal shot. -
When slicing the pie around a corner, shoot
the first thing you see (an elbow, a foot).
If you move far enough to get a center of mass
shot, you are exposing too much of yourself.
     - Recognize friendlies. -
In IDPA matches, most of the targets are enemies.
In reality, most of the targets are friendlies.
Think shopping mall, church, parking lot after
a concert.  So, take the time to check out what's
behind the target and what may run out in front
of the target.

"Dry Practice" by Tom McHale.

Wear Shooting Glasses!

     If you wear glasses (corrective lenses),
try shooting without them (with safety glasses).
Because they might be knocked off in a fight.
     You must know your limits.  At night with your
flashlight, at what distance can you positively
identify a target?  Without your glasses?
     In day light conditions, at what distance
can you positively identify your target? 
Without your glasses?

     "Lasers are good for those of us who can't
focus on the front sight.  Bifocals don't work
for everyone.  I can see sharp and clear beyond
my arm's length, but can't focus on anything
closer." -- unattributed (because I could not
get permission to attribute)

     NRA Defensive Pistol course
Starting 9 February 2015 in Nashville, TN. 
Email Jon_Low@yahoo.com for schedule,
lesson plans, and equipment list.

***** Education *****

"What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law"
by Marty Hayes, J.D.

Free downloads from Gun Digest

***** Tactics *****

"Punch With Your Pistol" by Michael Janich,
Personal & Home Defense, 2015.
     Mr. Janich recommends punching with the muzzle
of the pistol. 
[Make sure your trigger finger
is in the register position.  Your trigger
finger can easily be broken by the trigger
guard, if your finger is on the trigger. 
In weapons retention and disarming class,
we always remove the trigger guard from the
dummy pistols, so people don't break their
     The point is, when you run out of ammo, keep
your pistol in your hand and punch with it,
as opposed to clubbing with it as you would
a baseball bat or a sap.  Simply jab straight
forward without any wind up.
     We are taught never to punch a hard
target such as a head, because we may break
our hand and fingers.  Using the pistol
protects our hand.
     The article goes into more detail, but
that's the basic idea.

     Shooting into and out of a vehicle.
(and tires)

"Are Warning Shots a Good Idea?"
By: Massad Ayoob | December 17, 2014
Warning shots have long been prohibited by
most American police departments. Massad Ayoob
spells out 10 good reasons why.

***** Gear *****

     As a cryptologist, I studied biometrics;
using some physical aspect of your body to
authenticate yourself to some system. 
Biometrics is a bad idea on many levels. 
     Finger print readers won't work when your
hands are dirty, bloody, or cut up.  Conditions
your hands may be in when trying to get your
gun in an emergency.
     Authentication is generally achieved by
something you know and something you have.
     A password or combination to a lock is
something you know.  If it is compromised,
you can change it.  You can't change your
fingerprint or eye pattern.  So, once your
biometric indicator is compromised, you are
permanently locked out of the system.  Yes,
this happens all the time at secure buildings
all over the world.
     A physical key is something you have.
Yes, they can be lost or stolen.  But, the
thief would have to know what the key opened
in order to use it.  Not likely, unless you
have attached a label to the key.
     A biometric can't be lost or stolen.
False.  People get injured all the time.
Carjackers have amputated fingers and hands
to use them to start cars.
     Biometric readers have to be adjusted
to minimize false positives and false negatives.
What's the probability that the vault won't
open when you attempt to open it?  What's
the probability that it will open for an
unauthorized person?  It's a probabilistic
event.  No electronic measuring device is
deterministic.  Can you tolerate those
probabilities?  Will the manufacturer even
tell you what those probabilities are?
[In his lecture on lock picking for crisis
entry, Ralph Mroz teaches that picking
physical locks is a probabilistic event.]

     The Smith&Wesson M&P has a rear sight
that comes with rounded edges so it won't
hurt your hand when you rack the slide. 
The rear sight also has a step so you can
rack the pistol by pushing the rear sight
against the heel of your boot or the edge
of a table.
     It's magazine release button is not
ambidextrous (as is the Springfield Armory
XD or the Heckler & Koch pistols), rather
it can be set up to be either right or
left handed.  So, when I earlier said it
was ambidextrous, I lied.

For Sale
Springfield Armory XD, .45 ACP, 5 inch barrel,
4 magazines, new in the box, $500.
Private transaction, no paper work.

***** News *****

Armed American Radio
George Zimmerman calls in at
Hour 2, ~16:00 to ~51:30
Excerpt:  "Arm yourself with the education."
"Most of what you read in the main stream media is false."
"Do not talk to media."  (with the exception of
Sean Hannity)

Proposal seeks gun permits for Colorado pot users.

Teen Who Pulls Gun and Demands Air Jordans,
Gets Shot and Killed
     Hey, Staff, what's the point of putting
this in your newsletter?
     This incident was not reported in the main
stream liberal media.  Because it is obnoxious
to their world view, especially their political
view.  Those who use firearms for self-defense
are not like the political elite or journalists.
They live in a barbaric reality that the elites
don't understand, because the elites never
visit those neighborhoods.

***** Miscellany *****

Animation of a model 1911 pistol operating.

Making of a S&W gun.

Four part article on standing position in riflery.

Hume-Fogg high school rifle team fund raiser
10 January 2015, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
McKay's Bookstore in Nashville
636 Old Hickory Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209
(exit 199 off of I-40, west of Nashville)
Books, CD's, and buttons for sale.  Lecture on

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