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15 July 2013
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     My I invite your attention to the following?

"You know you're a Well Armed Woman when ..."
I liked,
You know you're a Well Armed Woman when
your husband leaves for deployment and
tells you to defend this house and family if needed.

     Recorded radio programs at
     I found "Morality of Self-Defense" very useful.
"Pacifism is a rationalization for cowardice."

    CRKT M16-14SF review.

     I took a class from Mike Maples last weekend.
One of the nuggets I got was --
     When you practice at home, think everything through.
     When you go to competition, don’t think.
Just attack the problem.  Because that is what will
happen in combat.  In a high stress situation you
won’t have time to think, you will revert to your
training.  You will not panic.  You will execute
what you have trained to do.  That’s why training
is so important.
Another was --
     Taking classes is important, even if you already
know everything.  Ninety percent of the material may
be stuff you already know or have decided that you
don’t want to implement.  But, if you have a good
attitude, you will always find that 10% in nuggets
that you had never heard of, or thought of, before.
It may be technical, philosophical, or perceptual.
And that makes the class worth taking.

     With the right to keep and bear arms comes the
responsibility to possess and use legally and competently.
With the right to keep and bear arms comes great sacrifice
endured for love of family and community.

     In case you didn't notice, the George Zimmerman murder
trial is all about the liberals saying to the conservatives,
"This is what will happen to you when you attempt to exercise
your God given right to self-defense.  This is what will
happen to you when you attempt to exercise your Constitutionally
protected God given right to keep and bear arms.  You may have won
in the legislatures and the courts, but we will still punish you."
     An example is,
     The police officers investigating the incident, the Police Chief,
and the District Attorney found no evidence of a crime and so did not
arrest or prosecute.
     The State Attorney, Angela Corey, could not get a grand jury
indictment, so she prosecuted Zimmerman without an indictment to
appease the NAACP and the Obama administration, and to establish her
street credit with her constituency.
     The Obama administration's Department of Justice is going to
have a hard time charging Zimmerman with violating the civil rights
of Trayvon Martin, because the FBI investigation found "no evidence of
racism" on the part of George Zimmerman.

     In response to a request, Dave recommends
electronic ear muffs.
     I use the MSA Supreme Pro X with the neck band and the Gel Ear cups
(picture attached). These are by far the best pair of electronic pair of
ears I have ever used.  They do very well in the rain and run for a long
time on their batteries.  As for comfort the neckband is awesome and it
has a good Velcro strap across the top of your head to adjust for various
head sizes.  They are also very low profile so they work well while
shooting rifle and shotgun.
     In the past I have used the Peltor Tac 6s and Howard Leight Impact
Sport.  These did not stand up to the elements like the MSA do and they
eat batteries.  In the time I have had my MSA I have changed batteries
twice and I use them every day on the range with students and I have had
them right at two years now.
     So now for the kicker, these are pretty expensive right at 300.00
dollars just for the ear pro without the gel ear cups. I know a lot of
you are saying no way I would pay that for those ears but I tell you
these would be the last pair you ever purchase. (BUY ONCE, CRY ONCE).
If I had to pick a number two it would be the Peltor Tac 6s with a
neckband just for value, they are considerably cheaper and they do last
if you don’t shoot in any inclement weather and are not a profuse
sweater. Again this is just my opinion! Be Safe All!


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