Never Talk To The Police

 In the aftermath of a lethal force encounter -- 

     Never talk to the police!  Ask for your attorney and shut up!  The police will lie to you.  
Don't believe them.  Don't listen to them.  There are many U.S. Supreme Court rulings 
saying that it is perfectly fine for the police to lie to you.  (Of course, if you lie to the police 
that's a crime.)  The high stress of the violent encounter will cause you to have false memories 
and temporary amnesia.  So, if you talk to the police, your statement will have all kinds of errors.  
And once you are caught in one lie, nothing else you say will be believed.  Your lying will 
be used as evidence of your consciousness of guilt.
     Instructors who teach "talking to the police" are WRONG!
"You Have the Right to Remain Innocent" by James Duane 
If you talk, you will be convicted because the police don't care about your innocence or guilt.  
All they care about are their promotions and raises.  Arrests count.  Convictions count.  
Exonerations don't count.  

     Say "no" when the police ask for permission to do anything.   Just say, NO.  
"Busted! How to Handle the Police Until You Get a Lawyer" by Mary Griego
"Shut up!  Please shut up."
I can beat an illegal search.  I can beat a search warrant.  I cannot beat your stupidity in 
giving the cop permission to search.  Of course, they are going to plant evidence.  
They aren't stupid.  
Talking to the police is criminal stupidity.  Don't do it.  
Giving the police permission to search is criminal stupidity.  Don't do it.
     Some instructors teach, point out evidence.  If you do that, the police will say that 
only you knew where the evidence was because you put it there.  And similarly for 
other things you say.  Your statements will all be twisted and used against you.  
That's why so many innocent people are in prison.  They aren't guilty.  They are stupid.  
That's why the Innocence Project has gotten so many people released from prison.  
My state senator, Mark Pody, worked on such a case.  If the guy had just kept his 
mouth shut in the first place, he never would have been convicted.  Everyone thinks 
they are being a good citizen and helping the police.  Ya, you're helping the police 
convict you.  
     Instructors who teach "say little" when interacting with the responding police officers 
after a lethal force encounter are WRONG!  The instructors teach things like, 
"point out witnesses and evidence to the responding officers".  Don't!  
Keep your mouth shut!  Don't write anything.  Don't sign anything (American Sign Language).  
Don't say anything.  

"Don't Talk to the Police" by Regent University School of Law
Please view this video.  Please take Prof. James Duane seriously.  

     In the aftermath of your self-defense use of lethal force you may be arrested and 
     When read your Miranda rights, the police officer will ask you, "Do you understand 
your rights?"  Your answer is "NO."  If they ask you what you don't understand, your 
answer is "I don't understand anything you said."  Never confirm an understanding 
of your rights.  
     When you're in jail, you may be beaten and sodomized.  In any case you're going 
to want to get out.  The police will come to you with a paper to sign.  They will tell 
you that it's just a formality and once you sign it they will release you.  DON'T sign it.  
It is a confession.  Once you sign the confession, you will be arrested and spend the 
rest of your life in prison.  Yes, as a matter of fact, this sort of thing is common practice.  
     Another reason to have a self-defense insurance policy that provides your bail money.  

     Michael Drejka was violently shoved to the ground in a parking lot of a store by 
Markeis McGlockton who was much bigger and stronger than Drejka.  Drejka, while on 
the ground, immediately shot McGlockton in the front of his chest (not in the back).  
McGlockton retreated into the store and died.  
     The responding police officers declined to arrest Drejka because it was self-defense.  
     The county Sheriff declined to press charges against Drejka because it was self-defense.  
     This would have been the end of it if Drejka had just kept his mouth shut and gone on 
with his life.
     Then, Drejka goes in to talk to the police for two hours without his attorney present.  
The recorded statement was played at his trial to convict him of manslaughter.  Drejka is 
now getting beaten in prison on a regular basis.  And will be in prison for the rest of his life.  
     If you are stupid enough to talk to the police, you can talk yourself into a conviction, 
even when you are completely justified, completely innocent of any crime.  My father, 
who was a prosecutor, judge, defense attorney, et al told me that stupid people get convicted.  
Doesn't have anything to do with guilt or innocence.  Arrogance is a form of stupidity.  
That's why God tells us to be humble.  

     "D.C. commits to sweeping post-conviction review after report uncovers breakdowns 
in city’s forensics arm" by Emily Davies
Whether corruption or incompetence, the result is the same, innocent persons convicted.  
This is why it is so important to never talk to the police.  Teach your children to never talk 
to the police.  You and your children can talk to your attorney.  Then your attorney can talk 
to the police.  But, you should NEVER talk to the police.