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CWP, 2 June 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Commentary *****

     We teach Defensive Pistol classes,
as opposed to offensive pistol classes.
The techniques are different. 
     Who would use offensive techniques? 
A SWAT team executing a hostage rescue,
an infantry fire team clearing a house.
     Are there occasions for civilians to use
offensive tactics? 
     The Mexican village militias were
considered vigilantes before the Mexican
government officially recognized them as
self-defense units in the war against the
drug cartels. 
The militias do not "defend" the villages
from the drug cartels.  The members of
the cartels are already in the villages.
Everyone knows who they are.  They
operate openly.  The militias attack
and kill the cartel members, on the
streets and in their homes. (Many of
the cartel members were police.)
     You don't think this can happen
in the United States?  It already has.
That's why our U.S. Constitution forbids
the quartering of troops in private homes.
3rd Amendment U.S. Constitution.
     The A-21 Campaign (a Christian ministry)
uses volunteers, predominantly former
British SAS (Special Air Service) and
U.S. Navy SEALS to rescue girls from
sex slavery.  But, there is a significant
civilian contingent.
     Brothels that use slaves,
by their nature, require police protection
in order to operate.  So, the A-21 sometimes
kill police officers.
     You don't think this can happen
in the United States?  It already has.
In November 2010, U.S. Attorney Jerry Martin
in Nashville announced the indictment of
29 Muslim Somalis for operating a sex slave
operation in Minnesota, Tennessee, and
     When the A-21 noted that none of the
law enforcement officers who where aiding
and abetting the Somalis were indicted,
A-21 offered a list of the officers to the
Special Agent In Charge of the Human
Trafficking department of the Tennessee
Bureau of Investigation.  The Special
Agent immediately stopped all communication
with A-21 and refused to meet with the
A-21 representative.
     Thank God the firearms training
industry is unregulated.  Otherwise,
no professional school would risk
training those who might be considered
vigilantes or cop killers.
     U.S. Federal law prohibits the military
from training civilians.  Thank God there
are no laws prohibiting the civilians
from training the military.  I have seen
many U.S. Marine Corps units training
at Front Sight.  I have seen orders from
the Special Operations Command in Tampa, FL
for units to train at civilian schools
around the country.
     Why?  Because the military is a huge
bureaucracy, and bureaucracies are slow
to adopt the best practices.  Because
bureaucracies are slow at everything.
     In 1981, when I went through
recruit training, we were not taught to
keep our trigger finger in the register
position.  Thank God training is improving.

***** Training *****

     I gave a lecture on self-defense.
A person in the audience, "John Doe",
said that in the event of an attack,
he would,
"shoot the assailant in the knee cap."
The meaning was that he would
not kill the assailant.  I attempted to
explain to John that shooting in
a high stress situation has a low probability
of hitting anything.  So, he should always
aim to the center of mass of whatever
the target is (in this case
the thoracic cavity).  Because that gave
the highest probability of getting a hit.
     Shooting to wound may not be legally
justifiable. (depending on the state laws)
     Shooting at a small target such as a
knee cap is a low probability event.
Every miss is injuring innocent bystanders
and destroying property.
     John responded by saying that
he "never missed".  So, I attempted
to explain that never missing on the
indoor air conditioned range with stationary
targets is not the same as shooting a
threatening (perhaps attacking) moving target
while moving yourself, while being jostled
(if not stabbed or punched),
while bystanders are moving in panic in the
immediate vicinity whom you are attempting
to avoid shooting.  (As Tactical Response
teaches, there will probably be more people
you don't want to shoot than people you
do want to shoot in any lethal force
     All my explanation would
have been for nought if a cute little old
(disabled) lady had not agreed with me
and assured John that I was telling
the truth.

     NRA Defensive Pistol class in June 2014.
Please see attached flier.

***** Gear *****

Bullseye Camera System,
Review at by Ron Avery,


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