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24 January 2014
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     Elizabeth wrote to me of fun at the Frisco Gun Club.
I had never before heard of a gun club with
an executive chef on staff, much less a
world renown executive chef.  I guess that's
how they roll in Texas.

     Harvard Law School,
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy,
"Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?"
by Kates and Mauser.
Scholarly evidence that there is no correlation
between gun control laws and reduced crime rates.

     For our friends in South Carolina,
     For our friends in Tennessee,
We can carry in restaurants that serve alcohol!
     I don't eat in restaurants that post "no guns allowed".
Such establishments are saying, "We don't like your kind." 
We should reciprocate.

     David G. Ridings spoke at the Tennessee
Firearms Association meeting on 1/21/14.  He told
us of a Metro Nashville Police Department stakeout
in which 12 highly trained and
well equipped officers (similar to a SWAT team)
were inside the building while he and his partner
were in a van outside on the street. 
     Within touching distance of the van,
the two armed robbers assaulted the victim. 
The plan was to wait until the robbers
were leaving, so the victim would not get caught
in the cross fire.  But, the robbers were beating
the victim and Ridings made the decision to intervene.
He called for the unit in the building to attack,
but after waiting 40 seconds, no one from the unit
appeared.  So, he (armed with a pistol) and his
partner (armed with a shotgun) attempted to make
the arrest.  Ridings fired 12 rounds at a
distance of five feet, one round
hit the suspect. (Immediately after the incident,
he thought that he had fired 2 rounds.)  He told
us of his intense tunnel vision and only being
able to see the suspect's face covered by a bandana.
So, he didn't see the sights of his pistol,
so he was not aiming.  Such are the realities of
     The point of his story was that by the time
the calvalry arrived, the fight was over. 
So, even with advanced knowledge
and preparation the highly trained well equipped
police personnel missed the fight.  Only the
guy on the scene with the pistol was able
to stop the beating, which would have progressed
to serious bodily harm or death.

     At a recent IPSC match a gentleman wearing a
Ghost holster (a pistol holder, not really a holster)
suffered a malfunction.  His pistol fell from
his holster to the ground.  He did not touch the
holster or the gun.  Nothing bumped the holster or
the gun.  It just fell.  I saw it happen.
     When you're on the bleeding edge of accessibility,
you're far away from reliable retention.

     May I invite your attention to a concealed carry holster
tutorial for ladies at
     Please note that the video is in a mirror, so it is left-right
inverted.  (Filia is filming herself in a mirror.)
     Filia's Crossbreed holster review is at
     I have had many persons in my concealed weapons permit classes
in South Carolina tell me that the Crossbreed holsters work well
and are comfortable.
     Filia's review of the Remora inside the waist band holster.
This holster does not attach to a belt, appropriate for persons
who where tight fitting pants or skirts.

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