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9 August 2013
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     This past weekend, I took a coaches course in Nashville, TN.
The instructor explained the difference between instructors and
coaches.  Instructors teach courses of one to four days and
expect to never see the student again.  The coach sees the
athlete on an ongoing basis over a period of 4 years in high
school, 4 years in college, or several years in a club,
state, regional, or national team.
     So, the instructor tries to cram much information into
the short period, so that the student gets his money's worth.
So, it is common for the student to feel overwhelmed; trying to
drink from a fire hose.  The student generally pays the instructor.
     The coach generally sees the athletes several times a week
and travels with the team to tournaments.  The athlete generally
does not directly pay the coach.
     The point being that we should strive to create a coaching
relationship with the student, rather than an instructor relationship.
We wish to have the expectation, that the student will come back
for more training, so we will see the student again and again.
We impress on the student that learning is a life long endeavor,
not a one time event.

     May I suggest you put the following on your training schedule?
IDPA match in daylight.
IDPA match at night (with flashlight). [Music City Tactical
Shooters hold night matches every November in Dixon, TN.]
IDPA match in the cold wearing gloves and appropriate clothing.
(Don’t remove your gloves before it’s your turn to shoot.
That defeats the purpose of the training.)
IDPA match with reversed chirality
(Right handers shoot left handed.
The only gear you need to get is a left
handed holster.)
IDPA match, one handed, firing side hand only.
(There are many techniques for one handed reloading,
malfunction clearing, and such.  But, only ones
that keep the muzzle pointed down range will work
in IDPA.)
IDPA match, one handed, support side hand only.
     Of course, you will have to practice before going
to the match.  But, the match is important, because
it will put pressure on you.  And you will discover
that some things that worked in practice don't work under

     Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

              "The Wolves and the Sheep"
"Why should there always be this fear and slaughter between us?"
said the Wolves to the Sheep. "Those evil-disposed Dogs have
much to answer for. They always bark whenever we approach you
and attack us before we have done any harm. If you would only
dismiss them from your heels, there might soon be treaties of
peace and reconciliation between us."
The Sheep, poor silly creatures, were easily beguiled and
dismissed the Dogs, whereupon the Wolves destroyed the
unguarded flock at their own pleasure.
Aesop's Fables (p. 29) by Aesop c620–c560 B.C. Greece
Translated by George Fyler Townsend.
     Many states and schools have dismissed the sheep dogs from
their school campuses, and their children have paid the
horrible price. 

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