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CWP, 4 December 2013 A.D.
Merry Christmas Sheepdogs,
(Sheepdogs are those who have assumed
the responsibility to protect the sheep
from the wolves.)

     My father asked me to take a friend of his shooting.
The gentleman showed up with a 9mm pistol and a Ziplock
bag full of ammo.  I ask to inspect his equipment,
but he tells me that everything is fine.  He's not my
student, so I let it go. 
     He asks me, "Why am I getting so many misfires?" 
     So, I look at his ammunition.
WARNING!  WARNING!  Danger, Will Robinson!
(for those who remember Lost in Space)
     There are several types of 9mm ammo
that will chamber in 9mm pistols, or sort of chamber. 
By 9mm, I mean 9X19mm (9mm bullet diameter,
19 millimeter case length).
     But, be aware of (in order of case length):
.380 Auto, .380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol),
which is 9X17mm, case length 17.3mm.
9X18mm Makarov, case length 18.10mm.
9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum,
which is 9X19mm, case length 19.15mm.
9X21mm Gyurza (Russian), case length 20.9mm.
9X21mm IMI, 9mm IMI (Israeli Military Industries),
case length 21.15mm.
.38 Super, which is 9X23mm, case length 22.86mm.
.38 ACP, which is 9X23, case length 22.9mm.
[This list is not exhaustive.]
     Since, these cartridges are designed to head space
on the case mouth, they may or may not chamber depending
on your pistol's tolerances.  If they chamber they may
or may not fire depending on where the cartridge
is sitting in the chamber if the cartridge is too short,
or how far the cartridge is pushing the slide
out of battery if the cartridge is too long.
     So, please read the box carefully and don't mix
ammunition, and be aware of the many many synonyms
for ammunition names.  English Wikipedia lists 8
synonyms for the .380 ACP (not the same as the .38 ACP).
     So, why would any pistol fire
when the slide is out of battery?
     Model 1911 type pistols are designed to not fire when
the slide is out of battery (slightly open).  This is a safety
feature, because if the cartridge is not supported by the
chamber, it may rupture and ignite the cartridges in the
     The Sig Sauer type pistols are designed to fire when
the slide is out of battery (slightly open).  This is a
reliability feature, because in close quarter combat the
muzzle may be pressed against the enemy pushing the
slide out of battery, or dirt may be preventing the slide
from going into battery.

     It's always good to know which side of the fence
organizations are on.
NFL Rejects Super Bowl Commercial from Daniel Defense

     We have incorporated Aikido techniques into our
Defensive Pistol class on the theory that muggings
start at close distances without warning,
so you might not have the time or opportunity
to access your pistol initially.
Colonel Jeff Cooper said that the purpose of your
pistol is to give you time to get to your rifle.
Similarly, the purpose of unarmed techniques is
to give you time to access your pistol.
     We do not consider going from hand-to-hand
combat to pistol as an escalation of force.
Rather, we consider it part of the presentation
process.  The police academies refer to it as
integrated defensive tactics. (integrating
unarmed and firearm defensive tactics)
     May I suggest the following drill with dummy
Start with the assailant grabbing the student's
hair from behind (the student's arm or wrist,
or the student's collar from in front).  Allow
the student to apply arm bars, wrist locks, or
finger locks as appropriate to get into a position
where the student can access her gun.
     This is realistic training.  Even the inability
to accomplish this task is realistic training,
and will encourage to the student to be alert to
avoid the situation.  The student needs to know
what he can or cannot accomplish in combat and
adjust accordingly. ( Changing the training to
allow everyone to accomplish the task does not
promote self esteem.  It degrades the training.)
     When I was in military police training,
I was not strong enough to take my baton back
from another Marine who was stronger than I was.
So, the instructors trained us, in such a situation,
to release the baton and go for the pistol.
There will always be those stronger and faster
than you.  Criminals choose victims that the
criminal thinks will submit.  So, immediately
counter attacking will often surprise the criminal
giving you valuable seconds.
     The best techniques such as
gouging the eyes (with the intent to pop the eyeballs,
or pull the eyeballs out of the sockets), biting
(with the intent to crush the bone and rip arteries),
and stomping on feet (with the intent to crush bones)
are generally not taught in classes because the
techniques require expensive protective gear to
ensure the safety of your training partner.
But, you can practice them on your own.
     We had previously incorporated knee and elbow
strikes to a punching bag followed immediately by
shots to the target.  But, in my years of teaching,
only one person attacked the bag with sufficient
vigor be effective, a lady named Renee.

     Please forgive the length of this missive.
"If I had had more time, I would have written
a shorter letter." -- Napoleon

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