Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 15 May 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

     Pray for vigilance.  So, you will
have knowledge of the event before the event
occurs.  The price of liberty is eternal
     Pray for courage to defeat fear and
     Pray for calm to defeat stress.
     The most powerful mindset is justified
true belief, epistemology.

     Do you wear your seatbelts when driving? 
Why?  Do you intend to crash into something? 
Are you itching to get into a collision?
     Do you keep a fire extinguisher in your
kitchen?  Why?  Do you intend to start a fire? 
Do you think someone is trying to burn your
house down?
     Do you carry a gun?  Why?
     Because there are persons and animals,
some criminal, some stupid, some smart,
who will cause you problems that you will
be forced to solve.

***** Reality of Concealed Carry *****

     Video: Waffle House Burglar Shot,
Killed by Concealed Carry Permit Holder
     Keep your mouth shut. 
Talk to your attorney first.  Your attorney
will advise you as to what to say to the
police or prosecutor, if anything at all.
Do not give television interviews, even if
you are a hero.  The enemy will twist your
words, label you a racist, and sue you.
     They can't call me a racist, I'm not
     George Zimmerman was not caucasian.
The liberal media had to coined a new term
to brand him a "white hispanic", in an
effort to gin up racial hatred.  But, he
wasn't white.  His father was Jewish.
His mother was Venesuelan.
     Don't deceive yourself.  Selling
advertisements on enemy media outlets
overrides truth every time.

***** Training *****

     What I learned at Tactical Response:
     When doing your 360 degree scan, look for
good guys, bad guys, and places to go (cover
and concealment).
     Don't leave guns in your car if you
have NRA bumper stickers. 
     In high stress situations when you
get the adrenaline dump, you won't be able
to dial your phone.  You're going to lose
fine motor control.  Blood pressure may
top 200.  Plan accordingly.
     Alertness.  Keep your head up and
look around.
     Surprise the enemy.  Do the unexpected.
     Your life will not flash before your
eyes.  Your regrets will:  God, your will
(the legal document)
or lack thereof, your living will or lack
thereof, your life insurance or lack
thereof.  Your responsibilities will: 
spouse, children, mission, etc.  So, get
your life in order and make peace with
your God, so you can concentrate on the
fight without distraction.
     Don't hesistate to order the potential
threat to leave you alone in a loud firm
voice.  Predators don't like the attention
this draws.
     Not being shot is more important than
shooting the bad guy.
     It's not the great shot that wins the
fight; it is all the little mistakes that
you don't make.  Amateurs practice until
they get it right.  Professionals train
until they can't get it wrong.  Masters
never stop training.
     Nearly every gunfight will have more
people you don't want to shoot than people
you do want to shoot.
     The faster you finish the fight,
the less you will get shot.
     87% of police murdered in the line of
duty failed to draw their gun.
     Citizens are only forced to shoot
would-be attackers one out of thirty times.
     Do not ask anyone to call 911 on your
behalf.  Make the call yourself.
I Phones and smart phones don't hang up
until the dispatcher releases the call.
Even if you hang up, they are still
recording you.
     Get insurance, for instance,
Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network
NRA Self Defense Plan
     Hick’s Law: Reaction time increases
with the number of choices.
Citation:  Hick, W. E. (1952),
“On the Rate of Gain of Information”,
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology,
Vol. 4, p11-26.
So, always wear your equipment in the
same place. Always execute immediate action
when the gun doesn’t go bang.  It will be
obvious when something else needs to be done.
Always shoot to the center of mass of
whatever the target is. The fewer decisions
you make, the faster you go. The fewer
things you have to choose from,
the faster you go.


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