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Greetings Sheepdogs,
      I attended the Tactical Conference this past
weekend.  I relate some of the stuff I learned in
the following text.  All errors of misquoting,
incorrect paraphrasing, and misinterpretation are
mine alone.  I know my synopsis may not make
sense or seem contradictory.  But, I assure you
that the original lectures were logical and
extremely well done.

***** Mindset *****

Operation Tiger, April 1944
by John Farnam

Rangemaster newsletter, March 2017
Excerpts (paraphrased):
     Giving the bad guy a chance to surrender is not
required legally, and in my opinion, not required morally.
Commanding him to surrender only gives him an opportunity
to shoot you.  [Civilians have the best rules of engagement. 
When I was a Marine Corps military policeman,
we were required to say, "Halt. Military Police."  Before
using any force. -- Jon Low]
     When private citizens intervene, the average body
count is 2.33 victims, but when the police intervene,
the average body count is 14.29 victims -- because the
armed citizen with the gun is already there, but the cop
has to come to the scene.
     I would like to see your students have enough training to
recognize what shot they can make and what shot they
cannot make.
     The odds are, you will not hear the cops, not
because of auditory exclusion, but because of fire alarms,
screaming people, and that sort of thing.
-- Tom Givens

Kevin Davis gave a lecture on training for the fight.
"Have a gun.  Make a commitment to not be a victim."
Carry a real gun.  (Not a subcompact mouse gun, as they
are ineffective.)
Crime is up. (That is the truth.)
"All things be ready, if our minds be so."
-- Shakespeare
The body cannot go where the mind has never been.
Get emotionally involved with your training.
Breathe.  Autogenic breathing.
Bring your gun to eye level and use two hands.
Shoot the enemy to the ground.  ("Two rounds to the
center of mass and then assess." is not realistic
and does not make sense.)
Shoot as soon as you clear leather.
Basics are essential.
     Block training.  (Isolate a technique to learn it.)
     Varied practice.  (Use the technique in a variety
of situations.  Formalized drills.)
     Random practice.  (This is a technical term.
It does not mean chaotic practice.  Create scenarios
in which the technique could be used, to allow
the student the option of using it.)
High reps are essential.
Practice 10 minutes per day.
     Competence induces Confidence which reduces stress.
Less stress means better decisions.  Better decisions
means you win!
     Hood drills.  Short duration, high intensity. 
You have to do it at least twice, because it's the
second time that reduces stress.

***** Training *****

Erik Pakieser gave a lecture on
"Developing Force-on-Force Training Programs"
     Post Incident -- train your students in what to do
after the incident.  How to make the 911 call.  How
to behave when the police arrive.  DON'T have a gun in
your hands!
     SAFETY!  There is a long list of police officers and
civilians killed during force-on-force training. 
Pat down everyone.  A real pat down!
If they won't submit to a pat down, DON'T train them.
Wear protective gear.  If the student refuses to wear
the gear, DON'T train them.
     Avoid, disengage, evade, escape!
     Women role players are essential.  If a man gets
mugged, the students will call 911.  If a woman gets
mugged, the students will intervene.  That's just human
Tom Givens gave a lecture on Active Killers.
     You are on your own.
     Be armed, alert, and committed.
     There have been zero incidents of a person being
initially arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a
prohibited place.  In all cases, the charge is added after
the person is arrested for committing some other crime. 
(Such as brandishing, where the person let someone
see his pistol, which means it was not concealed.)
So, leaving your pistol in your car because you are
prohibited from carrying it into the restaurant is a
false fear.  (Of course, if it is going to be detected by
a metal detector or if they frisk everyone before entering,
that's a different situation.)

Greg Ellifritz gave a technical lecture on terrorist bombs.
     Don't evacuate to parking lots, because the terrorist
has a car loaded with explosives in the parking lot.  He
could only get a small explosive into the building (or
maybe none at all, it was just a phoned in threat).  But,
he can get several hundred pounds of explosives in the
trunk of a car and drive it into the parking lot.


6 Reasons There Are No “Fair” Fights
by Corinne Mosher -  Friday, February 24, 2017

Gun Training, Practice, Qualification, Competition & Defensive Shooting Defined

"How to combine live and dry fire at the range"
by Mike Ox Friday, March 03, 2017

***** Tactics *****

Why You Need a Personal-Defense Plan

***** Techniques *****

Covert Draw

Editor's Notebook: Is Pocket Carry Safe?

***** Gear *****

Belt Holsters
Phalanx SOCH (Stealth Operator Compact Holster)
It does not fit any of the pistols mentioned perfectly,
but it fits all adequately, and with sufficient safety,
to get my student through a Course.
Something every instructor should have!
-- John Farnam

     Gander Mountain in Mount Juliet, TN allowed me
to try a Ruger American semi-auto pistol in .45 ACP. 
The pistol has magazine release and slide lock
controls on both sides, making it truly ambidextrous. 
The trigger is typical of a striker fired pistol. 
The accuracy was fine for a self defense tool.
They are selling them for $530.

***** Instructors *****

***** Pedagogy *****

     I had a lovely chat with Mrs. Vicki Farnam at the
Tactical Conference this past weekend.  She is the author of
"Women Learning to Shoot: A Guide for Law Enforcement Officers"
ISBN-10: 0965942260
ISBN-13: 978-0965942263
"Teaching Women To Shoot A Law Enforcement Instructor's Guide"
ISBN-10: 0965942295
ISBN-13: 978-0965942294
     She told me that there are inherent differences between
the way males learn and the way females learn because of the
way their brains are set up. 
     She gave me the example of asking a guy to
rearrange a bunch of chairs in the classroom into a circle.
The guy immediately goes to work moving the chairs.  But,
ask a gal to do the same task and the gal starts asking
questions:  How many chairs?  Are they facing in or out
of the circle?  Etc.
     Why?  Because, the guy immediately has a visual image
of the circle of chairs in his mind and so can construct it.
But, the gal does not.  So, she must ask for information to
form the image.  This is a function of spacial perception.
85% of males have good spacial perception.  Only 15% of
females have good spacial perception.
     This applies directly to shooting, in particular sight
alignment.  To most guys, it is obvious that you have to
align the sights, the target, and the aiming eye in order
to get the firearm to point at the target.  To most gals,
this is not obvious and must be taught.  Most male instructors
will skip detailed explanation of sight alignment because
the male students intuitively understand it.  This lack
of detailed explanation leaves the gals without the basic
knowledge necessary to correctly align their sights and
thus without the necessary knowledge to succeed.
     So, it is essential for instructors who are teaching
females to give explicit detailed explanations of anything
that requires spacial perception.
     Of course, there is a lot more to it.  So, read the
books cited above.  Vicki did a lot of research to write
those books. 
     Mrs. Farnam told us of a female police officer who failed
her pistol qualification 35 times.  The male instructor's kept
running her through the qualification course with the
same result failure.  The officer went to Vicki for help
and Vicki taught her to align her sights.  The male
police instructors had not explained sight alignment
because they assumed it was obvious and everyone understood
sight alignment.  [This is a false assumption.]  Most
males will figure out sight alignment on their own
because they can visualize the line from the target to
the front sight to the rear sight to their aiming eye. 
So, it is obvious to the males.
But, most ladies do not form this image automatically
in their mind. 
     The instructors said things like,
"Hard focus on your front sight.", "Concentrate on your
front sight.", etc.  So, the officer was focused on
her front sight and not paying attention to the rear
sight.  Because it wasn't important, because the
instructors had effectively said that the rear sight
was not important.  So, she wasn't grouping and often
hitting high.  Once the officer understood sight
alignment, she qualified (with a very high score) on
her first attempt.
     Vicki told us of an experience with a group
of female law enforcement officers.  Vicki asked
them to place an X on their human silhouette target
to indicate where they aimed in order to get center
of mass hits.  They all placed their x's over the
target's left shoulder.  (The ladies were all right
handers.)  They were anticipating the recoil and
pushing against it, forcing the shots low left.
     So, Vicki taught them correct trigger
control striving for a surprise break, and they
all were able to get point of impact to match
point of aim. 
     The male instructors were treating the ladies
in these examples as if they were incompetent (or
stupid).  But, the ladies were not incompetent (or stupid). 
The ladies were ignorant.  But, the male instructors
could not recognize that.  Because they didn't
understand the lack of spacial perception on the
part of females.
     The solution is detailed explicit explanation
and demonstration of the techniques, especially those
involving spacial perception.

***** Education *****

How A Semi-Automatic Handgun Works
     A detailed animation of how a striker fired pistol
works.  They use a Springfield Armory XDM, but it's
about the same for all striker fired pistols.

***** Legal and Political stuff *****

     Skip Gochenour gave a lecture on justification with
regards to self defense law.  The main point of his
presentation was that only character counts.
     The good character charge to the jury --
If you present evidence of your good character, you can ask
the judge to give a jury instruction to the effect of,
"Regardless of the evidence, if you find the defendant to
be of good character, you may acquit on the basis of
good character alone."
     Vet your instructors, because their behavior may be
used against you in court.  Yes, it is very important as
to who you take training from.
     Don't do stupid shit.  It reflects badly on your character.
     When talking to the responding officer you have control. 
If you don't want to answer the question, simply say, "What
is your next question?"  Don't say, "I refuse to answer . . ."
     On the witness stand, you have no control.
     The Bloods and the Crips are derivatives of the Black
Panthers.  When the FBI cut off the head of the Black Panthers
the various factions within the Black Panthers broke off and
formed their own gangs.

Marty Hayes and Massad Ayoob gave a class on
"Firearms Instructors as Expert Witnesses"
     Make sure to have the attorney ask the judge to issue
a disparity of force instruction to the jury.  Otherwise,
the prosecutor will go on about how the child was
unarmed and the defendant shot him to death in cold blood
without justification.
     Don't exaggerate your curriculum vitae.  Better to be modest. 
It will improve your credibility.

France had more casualties from mass public shootings in 2015
than the US suffered during Obama’s entire presidency (532 to 527)

***** Survival Tips *****

***** Miscellany *****

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