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20 September 2013 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

     From Steve Cooper of Paladin Training, Inc.
2nd Ed. By Andrew Branca
If you're interested in staying out of jail after an incident,
I think you should read this book.  I hadn't finished the
introduction before I learned something that could be critical
to winning the legal aftermath component of The Fight,
something obvious but overlooked by me.    
     The book is full of useful information and goes into much
greater depth on the subject than we have time for in a CWP class.  
     Also very useful are the links and blog at
Check them out.   Details on purchasing the book are here as well.
For straight talk on tactics, training and more,
I strongly encourage you to check out Paul Howe's website here:
Combat Shooting
     Paul publishes a monthly newsletter that I always find worth the time. 
He pulls no punches and spares no one he finds guilty of
stupidity... or worse.  While I hardly ever finish a newsletter
with a warm fuzzy feeling about the future, I always finish with
a hardened resolve.  That's a good thing.  
Springfield Armory has issued a recall notice for it's 3.3"
barreled XDS in both 9 x 19 and .45 ACP.  Details here:
     Caracal has issued a recall for all it's Model C pistols. 
Evidently the pistol has a design flaw that's not correctable. 
Send them your gun and they'll send you money.  
     I warn people all the time about staying away from new and
unproven platforms.  This is one reason why. 
Details here:
Here's a guide the NRA/ILA has prepared on the interstate transportation of firearms:
Good information.  Read it carefully before you leave SC with a firearm.
------------  End of Paladin Training newsletter excerpt ----------

Essay on achieving tactical maturity by Paul R. Howe.
Essay on training by Paul R. Howe.
The shooting drills they taught had to prepare
you for combat and not the weekend match.
This means I have to solve one problem at a time,
discriminate and do it again and again.
Most speed drills do not support this thought
process. Problems we ran into over the
years were that we taught people to shoot
faster than they could discriminate and see.
This caused many problems with fratricide and friendly fire.
You see speed shooters don’t have to discriminate;
they may only look for a “brown” target
where I have to look at whole person
and find both hands and then waist line.
In the end, the faster I can see and interpret data,
the faster I can service threats. I cannot walk through the
stage of a match and “war game” it before I shoot it.
I can plan targets, but in my day,
I never had a floor plan of any target I hit.
----- end of excerpt -----

Photos and examples of why you should not crowd cover.

"Slide Fire" modification, 450 rounds per minute semi-auto.
Notice that this is a finance article, as opposed to a
gun article or political article.
The Uzi submachinegun's rate of fire is 600 rpm, but the one's
we fired at Front Sight were running at 500 rpm.  So, 450 is
close to submachinegun rates.

Pictures of cartridges.


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