Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 14 Nov. 2013 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     Thank you, George Zimmerman.  Your sacrifice has resulted in a zero crime
rate in your old neighborhood.  I read an email from a resident of your old
neighborhood.  The neighborhood watch is still going strong.

     "Guns & Ammo" magazine columnist no longer allowed to write for "Guns & Ammo",
editor retiring early, and lots of canceled subscriptions.

     A student brought a cased pistol into the classroom.
The student said the pistol was unloaded.  I checked it,
and found a loaded magazine in the magazine well.
And then I read about this firearms instructor who shot one
of his students in the classroom.
     The instructor should check the gun and show the students that it is
unloaded before performing a demonstration.
     As they say at Front Sight, the chamber check is one second of
cheap insurance.
     A student brought a Sig Sauer P232 pistol, .380 ACP, to class.
     The magazine is released by a catch at the bottom of the
magazine well.  This makes removing the magazine a two handed
operation.  So, one handed reloading is infeasible.  [ The pistol
should have a magazine release button accessible by the tip of
the firing side thumb, preferably on both sides of the pistol. ]
     It has no manual slide lock lever, and will only lock the slide back
on an empty magazine.  This makes clearing a type III malfunction
(brass in the chamber, slide attempting to chamber
a cartridge from the magazine) very difficult with two hands,
infeasible with one hand.
     We take classes to learn what does not work, in training,
rather than in combat.

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