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CWP, 9 September 2016 Anno Domini

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***** Mindset *****

     This is what happens when you are unable
(because you're not carrying a pistol) or
unwilling (because you haven't had the
training to develop the proper mindset) to
shoot the dogs that are attacking you.

Someone you know is attacking you. Could you respond appropriately?

Officer Brandy Roell: 'You never give up, no matter what!'
     This is an example of a combat mindset.
Strive to achieve this mindset and survive.

     All mass murders occur in gun free zones.
We are not boycotting gun free zones because
the owners are anti-gun liberals, who we don't
want to support with our dollars or participation. 
We are just obeying John Farnam's dictum:
Don't go to stupid places. (gun free zones)
Don't associate with stupid people. (those who would frequent gun free zones)
Don't do stupid things. (being defenseless in gun free zones)

"Maximizing Your Performance Under Stress"

***** Training *****

Safe Gunhandling Rules

The Four Rules of Safe Gunhandling

***** Tactics *****

Position for shooting under a car while taking cover behind the wheel.

***** Techniques *****

Pre-attack indicators: Conscious recognition of telegraphed cues

***** Gear *****

***** Instructors *****

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

***** Legal and Political stuff *****

"New York To Shell Out $4.1M To Family Of
Man Killed By Incompetently-Trained Cop"
It’s a simple cost/benefit equation for the City:
. . .
     Life is cheap. 
[$4.1 million amortized over several decades]
     Training is expensive. 
[Cost of officers time in training. 
Cost of officers covering the duties of those officers in
training.  Cost of expert instructors.  Cost of ammunition. 
Cost of wear and tear on equipment.  Cost of ranges to
facilitate training.  Cost of replacing competently trained
officers.  (Competent officers are in high demand by
private security firms who pay much better than the police
department and whose work conditions are much better than
the police department's.)  Not amortize.]

     The truth will set you free. (Not false narratives.)
and this one

Excerpt from "Law of Self Defense" by Andrew F. Branca. 
(Appendix by state, Hawaii.)
     "Hawaii has the same obligation to urge retreat as Delaware,
but adds even more conditions.  If the attacker was demanding the
person you defended do something that isn't illegal, and doing so
would end the altercation, then you have to urge them to comply
before helping them.  So if a mugger tells a woman, 'give me that
purse or I'll hurt you.'  You have to urge her to give it before
you can help her."
     Can you imagine state law that requires cowardice? 
Can you imagine the legislators who would enact such a law?
a Governor who would sign such a law? or the people who
would elect such politicians?
     Lucky you don't live in Hawaii.

***** Survival Tips *****

     Reliable intel from first person accounts
on the ground in the affected areas.
     Don't for an instant think that it can't
happen here.  Terrorist attacks have already
occured in the U.S.

A few Survival Tips and Tricks

First rule of gunfighting:  Have a gun.
     The French good guys never fired a shot.  The good
guys suffered no casualties.  The North African Muslim
immigrants were detered. 
     I saw this behavior under the Eiffel Tower when
I chaperoed my daughter's high school language and
art history summer trip to Spain and France in 2004. 
The Madrid subways had just been bombed.  The security
forces were out in mass.  But, the security forces
did not deter the North African Muslim immigrants. 
One of the teachers in our group had to explain
to the aggressive bad guys who I was and that I
would kill them if they did not leave.  Always
good to have someone in your group who can speak
the bad guy's language.  I did my best to project
command presence, but sometimes bad guys are just
too stupid to read body language.  (Or, I was just too
small and skinny.)

***** Miscellany *****

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