Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 14 February 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

*****  Competitions  *****

     Brownell's Lady 3-Gun
Lisa Marie Judy is the match director.  Yes, our friend from
South Carolina, Chairman of the Friends of the NRA Committee,
B.E.L.T. Training, etc.
Beginners welcome.
Self squadding, so you can shoot with your friends.
Babes with Bullets will provide loaner firearms and equipment.
Babes with Bullets will provide (2) half-day 3-Gun Clinics.

*****  Training  *****

"Thoughts on Instruction and Conflict"
(Thoughts on what to look for when choosing a combat firearms instructor)
...  an FBI study published several years ago entitled
"Violent Encounters: A Study of Felonious Assaults on
Our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers."
"It is quite possible your attacker will not only be
more committed to the task, but has more training
and experience than you."

10 minutes of training a day.
     I know a Lebanon, TN police officer who before every shift,
unloads his pistol, and executes 10 presentations from the
holster to the target.  He will never forget to defeat the
retention devices on his holster.  He will never fumble in
a high stress situation.  He will be on target in less than
1.5 seconds.

1911 Malfunctions (detailed pictures)
"Tap, Rack, Assess" (NRA terminology) will clear all of these
malfunction except the double feed or failure to extract.
For that malfunction
"Lock, Strip, Rack, Load, Assess" is appropriate.

*****  Reviews  *****

Tom McHale's review of the Blade-Tech Ambi Eclipse Holster
that you can use left handed, right handed,
inside the waist band, or outside the waist band.

*****  Propaganda  *****

From John Lott,
Six videos of women using guns to defend themselves.
I met Mr. Lott at a book signing and asked him
about his methodology.  He is competent.

Videos of self-defense shootings.

Gun Facts, "Children and Guns"
While there are no hyperlinks to the primary sources,
at least there are scholarly citations.  Which is a
lot better than almost all of the nonsense one sees
on the internet.

*****  Gun Laws  *****

NRA Institute for Legislative Action, state gun laws,
The web page shows a synopsis.  You have to click on the
link to get the full text.  But, when you print it out,
you get the full text.


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