Self Defense Insurance

     Michael Mann did a video on insurance and pre-paid legal plans for church security teams.
"Do you Need Carry Insurance? Lawyer Andrew Branca shoots us straight"
Excerpts:  (paraphrased)
     Most people are not at zero knowledge.  They are at negative 20, because
they know so much stuff that is false.  So, to get them to 100% knowledge is
very difficult.  You have to educate them out of all of their deeply held
     You have to get the money up front for bail, attorney fees, expert witnesses,
private investigators, expert consultants, etc.  
     You have to be able to choose your attorney.  
     The insurance company has to have enough money to actually give it to you.  
-------------------  Articles comparing carriers -----------------------------
CCW Insurance – Protecting Yourself After You Protect Yourself by Ryan Cleckner
Virginia Citizens Defense League
VCDL legal-plans comparison chart
     You have to scroll down through the web page, or you can download the PDF file at
     The numbers to the right of the questions refer to the page numbers, which
are only visible in the PDF document.  
     This is a very comprehensive comparison.  It's a little dated, as it still has
the NRA Carry Guard listed.  But, they obviously surveyed every company and got detailed
6 Concealed Carry Insurance Options To Protect Your Six (comparison in text)
by Gun Digest Editors
Self-Defense Gun Owner Insurance Programs Compared (comparison chart)
     This web page, the chart, and the PDF file are updated on a regular basis.
Know Your Concealed Carry Insurance Options by Recoil Staff
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-------------------  List of carriers ----------------------------------------
US Law Shield
     State licensed armed guards buy this policy, because they will cover state licensed
private armed security guards.  The others won't.  
CCW Safe
     Recommended by Andrew Branca.
Legal Shield
     There are links on this web page to the PDF files with the policy details.
Self Defense Fund
Firearms Legal Protection
Second Call Defense
Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
     They only pay if they think it was self defense.  Which is a real problem, because
there is always a perspective from which what you did was not self defense.
     They only pay if they think it was self defense.  Which is a real problem, because
there is always a perspective from which what you did was not self defense.
"USCCA Sued in Federal Court: Refused to Cover Platinum Member?" by Attorney Andrew Branca
Self-defense, or not? Who decides?  By Attorney Andrew Branca / October 25, 2019
Attorney Andrew Branca
October 24, 2019 at 5:16 pm
     I’ve personally been told by lead counsel that charges were dropped against
their client primarily for the reason that Law of Self Defense had been retained
on the case.  Why?  Because our being involved means it’s going to be a much harder
fight for the prosecutor than would otherwise have been the case.  Doesn’t mean
they can’t necessarily win – but it means they’re going to have to work a lot
harder to get that win than they might have anticipated at the start.  The reverse
is also true – every prosecutor knows that if they’re facing a defendant with
limited resources, they’re facing a more vulnerable defendant.  Absolutely plays
a role in their decision making.
Attorney Andrew F. Branca
Law of Self Defense LLC
-------------------  End list of carriers -------------------------------------
     You have to do your own comparison to see what works best for you,
because these plans have significant differences.  Check out which states
they are not valid in.  Check out all the things they exclude.  
Check out all the caps (limits on the amount of money that they will pay).  
Some of the carriers will only pay if they think it was self-defense.  
(This is a real problem, because there is no such thing as a perfect combat
operation.  No matter how justified you think your actions were, there is
a perspective from which what you did was murder.)  
     Most of these plans won't cover domestic disputes.  We never consider
having to defend ourselves from our spouse, lover, etc.  But, ask any detective,
"Who is the prime suspect in any non-gang-related homicide?"  They will tell
you, the spouse, the girlfriend/boyfriend, the lover; because statistically,
that is the person who did it.  (No, really, I was a cop.)
     Yes, there are lots of other insurance plans, but if I thought it was
stupid (like Lockton), I did not list it above.  I did not list any of the plans
that reimburse upon acquittal, because they have a huge financial incentive
to see you convicted.  And you need the money up front to pay for bail,
attorneys, private investigators, expert witnesses, consulting experts, etc.  
So, buying a reimbursement plan is an act of criminal stupidity.  
     I also did not list a program that Andrew Branca did an in depth analysis on
in his Thursday, January 14th of 2021 podcast.  That program stops funding you
if you are convicted, and then attempts to force you to repay them for your
legal expenses.  Buying such a policy is criminal stupidity.  Especially,
when other programs will continue to fund you through your appeals of a conviction
and will never attempt to get any reimbursement from you.  
     Just like criminals, prosecutors are looking for an easy win, not an
expensive tough fight.  So, if you can convince the prosecutors that you
have money and expertise to fight them, they are more likely to drop the
charges or offer you a better plea deal.  
     If you take a plea deal (confess to a crime that you did not commit),
you will have to explain your lie to God in the end.  Good guys don't confess
to crimes that they did not commit.  To do so, to avoid a long prison sentence,
is an act of cowardice.  You have to decide what type of person you are.  
Death Before Dishonor!  
     I'm not a hypocrite.  I have never accepted a plea deal.  I have always
plead "not guilty" and fought every prosecution, state and federal.  That's
why I have no house, no retirement fund, no money, no wife etc.  
Learn from my mistakes.  Get an insurance policy.