Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 13 June 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

     Active Shooter Countermeasures by Gabe Suarez.
     More Active Shooter Countermeasures by Gabe Suarez.

***** Training *****

Practice Actually Works by Dave Anderson
Learn to keep your eyes open as the gun fires.
Sounds simple?  Hardly anyone can do it all the time;
many can’t do it at all.

Trigger Terms by Dave Anderson
Page 22.

***** News (as opposed to propaganda) *****

     Looks like no Tennessee State IDPA Championship
this year, 2014 A.D.  The Middle Tennessee Shooters Club is
out of the IDPA business.

     Big matches in the Middle Tennessee area:
Gallatin Steam Plant Shootout, 14 June 2014,
Rainier Ballistics Invitational, 19 July 2014,
Music City Cup IV, 4 October 2014,

***** Gear *****

Blind Hogg web site for 1911 enthusiasts
who like to tinker with their guns.

Holsters by Ralph Mroz
Page 50.
     Ralph recommends a straight drop or only a slight cant
in the holster for concealment.  But, you should also
note that support side hand presentation from the
holster by reaching behind yourself is more difficult
if the holster cants the pistol forward.

***** Commentary *****

     "No Guns Allowed" signs at businesses and
government establishments deny you the use
and services of public accommodations.  Such
prohibitions deny you the use of bathrooms.
This is a form of apartheid.
     The right to self-defense is a God given
right (Luke 22:36, et al), recognized and enforced
by the U.S. Constitution (2nd Amendment)
as a Constitutional right.
We were born with this right.  We were born
this way.


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