Monday, December 22, 2014

CWP, 22 December 2014 A.D.

Merry Christmas! Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

First person account
Excerpt:  "It took several weeks for me
to put everything in perspective and
get back to a normal rhythm."

     When I did the OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
pepper spray training, we were taught that
pepper spray was not effective on 10% of
the population.  Of course, what exactly
is the definition of "not effective"? 
A lot of the Marines in the MP unit were
able to fight through the pepper spray.

“Dithering,” as policy!
Posted by John S. Farnam on 30 Apr 2013
     "dynamic personal initiative"
     "The ever-fearful are fond of saying
“… don’t be a hero.”  That rubbish surely does
not represent my heritage! We need to be heroes,
and we need to train heroes.
Others need not apply!"

***** Training *****

     May I recommend the Assert training taught at
KSA Martial Academy in Nashville, TN?
     Goals of Self Defense:  Escape, Expect Injury,
Keep Trying, Hit Fucking Hard.
     Stages of Self Defense:  Prevention, Awareness,
Interview/De-escalate, Resistance, Escape.
     They explained to us how difficult it is
to get reliable statistics, how one has to check
the wording of survey questions and the
definitions used for categorizing.
Less than 20% of violent assaults are performed
by a stranger.
Less than 5% of armed robbers actually shoot.
In police shootings, the national average is 4
shots fired per hit at 3 to 9 feet.
Men age 16 to 24 are two times more likely to
be physically assaulted than women the same age.
Three women and one man are murdered by an
intimate partner each day in the United States.

"Catching the link"
posted by John S. Farnam on 6 Dec 1999.
Excerpt:  "Continuous trigger contact is one of the most
important aspects of defensive shooting that we teach.
The concept is scarcely known, even among experienced
shooters.  As demonstrated in the foregoing narrative,
it [is] a vital skill."

     By "Catching the link" Farnam is referring to
resetting the trigger without losing contact with
the trigger (not letting your finger fly off the
trigger after the shot), and taking the slack out of
the trigger (Yes, there is slack after reset.)
before starting the press to release the shot.
     Many excellent shooters execute trigger control
properly, but don't consciously know what they are
doing.  So, they can't explain to the student how
to do what they are doing.  Some good shooters are
not good instructors.
     What makes Farnam such a good instructor is
his ability to explain the techniques to those who
don't know, and to those who think they know, but
don't (especially those with years of experience). 
As Claude Werner says, one of the reasons for
taking professional training is because much of
what the untrained person knows is false.
(Hmmmm, Ronald Reagan said a similar thing.)
"The trouble with our Liberal friends is not
that they're ignorant; it's just that they
know so much that isn't so."
-- Ronald Reagan

Gun Accidents
Excerpt:  "The problem is unnecessary gun-handling!"

Should you always carry the same gun and same holster?
Or, is it okay to vary?
"Bianchi's Law":
"Same gun, same holster, same place, all the time."

***** Pedagogy *****

For the instructor --
"Teaching Women to Shoot: A Law Enforcement Instructor's Guide"
by Vicki Farnam and Diane Nicholl. 
ISBN-10: 0965942236
ISBN-13: 978-0965942232

For the student --
"Women Learning to Shoot: A Guide for Law Enforcement Officers"
by Diane Nicholl and Vicki Farnam.
ISBN-10: 0965942260
ISBN-13: 978-0965942263

***** Tactics *****

7 suggestions for personal security

Shooting a rifle from you support side shoulder
while aiming with your firing side eye.

***** Gear *****

"Concealed Carry Options for Women"
by John S. Farnam on 15 Mar 2012

Farnam's recommendations on equipment

An article on concealed carry holsters
from American Handgunner
     The article cites the Blackhawk SERPA holster.
May I invite your attention to the attached letter?

Farnam cites another letter,
     I know the Army has purchased thousands of these
holsters, but that doesn't make them good. 
     We teach presentation from the holster with
support side hand only.  This is extremely difficult
with any retention device.  It is effectively
impossible with the SERPA holster.

     For Sale
Springfield Armory XD, .45 ACP, 5 inch barrel,
4 magazines, new in the box, $500.
Private transaction, no paper work.

***** News (as opposed to propaganda) *****

     In case you didn't get the whole story in
the liberal media, as to why the mass murderer
was found dead in the woods.
     What the mass media said,

Texas moving toward open carry

***** Old News *****

Shooter's Grill in Rifle, Colorado

Gun confiscation started in the USA a year ago.
New York Police Department sends
Letters of Confiscation under the Safe Act

“… just an ordinary guy”
Excerpt:  "... the NAACP and Urban League,
who claim to stick-up for black people,
don’t!  In fact, both organizations encouraged
him to knuckle-under to sleazy, liberal,
mostly-white politicians. It was the
much-maligned NRA that stepped-up to the plate
and fought with him [against the Chicago government]."

"Glock 36 Malfunction"
     The Glock 36 is a single stack
.45 ACP sub compact pistol.
     The interesting thing about this post
is the test document.  The link to the
Google document is about 3/4th of the
way down the article.
    The tester says the pistol beat
up his hand and trigger finger.  I have
heard such reports from others using the
sub compact Springfield Armory XDS and other
such pistols.  Because the slide is
short, the slide travel is short.
Hence, the recoil spring has to be very
stiff to absorb the energy over a short
distance.  This creates a lot more felt
recoil than a full size pistol.
     That's why I don't recommend
sub combat pistols.  They are much more
difficult to shoot, and unpleasant to
shoot.  More difficult to shoot means
you need more practice time to achieve
proficiency.  Unpleasant to shoot means
you won't shoot it enough to get

***** Miscellany *****

NRA Defensive Pistol course
Nashville, TN
Starting 9 February 2015 A.D.
See attached flier. 

Hume-Fogg high school rifle team fund raiser
10 January 2015, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
McKay's Bookstore in Nashville
636 Old Hickory Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209
(exit 199 off of I-40, west of Nashville)
Books and buttons for sale.  Lecture on

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Jonathan Low

"Some people wonder all their lives if
they've made a difference. The Marines
don't have that problem."
-- Ronald Reagan

Monday, December 15, 2014

CWP, 15 December 2014 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

     This is why you have to carry your gun.
"Obama Deputies Free 30,862 Foreign Criminals"!
     Primary source document:

     "Unintentionally Shooting Someone Else"
     "Many guns are not drop safe."
     "If you can't afford a twenty dollar fire
safe from a home supply store to secure your
pistol, then sell something so you can."
     "When you're around others, you have the
responsibility to be sure your gun handling is
impeccable. 'Muscle memory' isn't going to
cut it. You have to make conscious and
deliberate decisions to consider the safety
of others. The smallest error can be
incredibly costly. And you have to make sure
that people who don't understand proper
gun handling, whether children or adults,
simply can't get at your firearms."

"A Punch to the Head is Potential Deadly Force

"Woefully ignorant, or willfully ignorant?"
by D. Kahn

"Perfectly Useless!" by Cody Lundin
Excerpt:  "[Those] Who carry pistols with empty
chambers are not 'ready' for anything but
becoming homicide victims!"

***** Training *****

"The 30 Myths that Prevent People from
Obtaining Professional Firearms Training"
“Training costs money. I cannot afford it.”
"You can afford dinners out, vacations and hobbies
but you cannot afford to learn how to protect
your family.  I am certain that the Connecticut
Doctor, whose wife and daughters were raped,
tortured, doused with gasoline and burned alive,
wishes he had spent the money to learn how to
protect his loved ones. Check your priorities."

     "Shooting yourself in your support side hand"
At this past weekend's IDPA match, I witnessed
several persons muzzle their support side hand
with their pistol while presenting from their
holster to the target.  This was because their
support side hand was floating around in space,
because they were not grabbing their belt buckle
(as we teach, to hold the belt down) or pressing
their palm against their chest (as others teach). 
If the shooter doesn't intentionally, consciously,
do something with their support side hand,
eventually they will muzzle their support side
     I talked to the shooter when he went back
to reload, and explained to him that he had
muzzled his left hand, and that he should grab
his belt buckle to keep his hand out of the way,
and to hold his belt and holster down.  He blew
me off.  That was of course discouraging, and
I know it would be for you too.  But, we still
have to make the effort.  Because we are
preventing serious, perhaps life threatening,

"Do You Train Properly for Self-Defense?"

     A former student sent me an email saying
how her hands got cold and numb, at which point
she could not load her magazines.  So, she
reverted to what she had learned in our class,
and was able to load her magazines.
[Two hands.  Holding the magazine sideways,
thumb over the top.  Push down with one thumb,
and push the cartridge back under the lips of
the magazine with the other thumb.]
     I was surprised that she remembered, having
not practiced it in several years.
     It just goes to show that people will
revert to their training when they need to.
That's why it is so important to have had the

***** Tactics *****

"Optimized Use of Cover" by John Holschen
This is not going to win in an IDPA match,
but it is tactically correct.  You win
fights by minimizing injury to you.  What
happens to the enemy doesn't matter.

"Move and Shoot" by John Holschen
An in depth analysis beyond the Teuller Drill.

***** Gear *****

"I Want to Buy a Gun.  Which Gun should I buy?"

     Hey, Staff, enough with the "it depends" cop out.
Let me use your experience and just tell me
what I should buy.

Pistol -- Smith & Wesson, Military and Police,
chambered for .45 ACP, full size.  Because it's
ambidextrous and adjustable to hand size. 
     Speed, Power, Accuracy.  Power is what
you bring to the fight, so you might as well
bring the most powerful that is reasonable.
     The smaller the pistol, the harder it is to
manipulate.  So, carry a full sized pistol and
adjust your wardrobe to conceal it.

Holster -- Alien Gear inside the waist band.
Because it's cheap and functional.

Magazine pouch -- Fobus magazine pouch that holds
one magazine and one flashlight.  Because it's
cheap and functional.

Flashlight -- Streamlight rechargeable.  Because
it's cheaper than buying batteries.  Rugged,

Ammunition -- any factory new copper jacketed
round nose bullet cartridge. 
     Reliable feeding from the magazine into
the chamber is more important than terminal
ballistics.  The gun must go bang when you
pull the trigger.
     Penetration is more important than expansion.
You will need to penetrate windows, car doors,
bone (perhaps his arm, definitely his rib cage
or skull), heavy leather jackets, thick bodies, etc.
to reach a vital organ in order to stop the attack.
     Think about our friend from the Palmetto
Gun Club.  He had to fire 4 rounds of .45 ACP
copper jacketed round nose into a pitbull to
stop the attack.  None of the bullets exited
the dog.

     For Sale
Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP
new in the box (never been fired)
private transaction, no paper work

***** News (as opposed to propaganda) *****

     104 yard pistol shot ends terrorist attack
Excerpt:  "The gunman who attacked the federal
courthouse, the Mexican consulate and the Austin
Police Department headquarters was killed by a
single shot taken from 312 feet away by mounted
patrol Sgt. Adam Johnson who also held the reins
of two horses."

Remington’s Response to Recall Allegations

Kroger Profits Up 21 Percent AFTER Refusing To Ban Guns

Vote with your dollars.  Places to avoid:
Panera Bread, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Chili's,
Sonic, Target.
And all placed that prohibit law abiding citizens
from carrying guns, because mass murderers choose
gun free zones.

***** Miscellany *****

For lovers of the 1911

PWS Piston System Slow Motion Cutaway

NRA Defensive Pistol course
Saturdays from 11 April 2015 to 16 May 2015
Dowelltown United Methodist Church
Dowelltown, TN, USA
See attached flier.

Hume-Fogg high school rifle team fund raiser
10 January 2015, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
McKay's Bookstore in Nashville
636 Old Hickory Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209
(exit 199 off of I-40, west of Nashville)
Books and buttons for sale.  Lecture on

Correct pronunciation

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CWP, 9 December 2014 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Important *****

     I asked a former student, who is an
economics professor at Vanderbilt, about
the government's 18 trillion dollar debt
and wouldn't that lead to a collapse of
our economy?  He said, yes.
     So, you should prepare,
     "The unprepared are going to starve anyway
because they were too lazy, too selfish, or too
cowardly to face the future and prepare for it.
Whether or not your loved ones survive is largely
dependent on your preparations and the decisions
you have made to protect your family and your
     "Obtaining a firearm during an insurrection
will be very difficult."
     "Everyone thinks that they know how to fight
with a gun. In fact very few people have any
accurate knowledge about how to defend
themselves with a firearm."

***** Mindset *****

"Why Surrender Is Never an Option"
by Larry and Stacey Mudgett

"There Are Only Three Kinds of People:
Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs."

     I was sitting in Wal Mart waiting for
my drugs (in the pharmacy, not the parking
lot).  The lady sitting next to me struck
up a conversation.  She told me that her
friends had told her to buy a gun to
protect herself, as she had had some
scary incidents.  She asked what gun I
thought she should buy.
     I told her that the software is much
more important than the hardware.  That she
should take a defensive pistol course before
buying a handgun, so that she could make
an informed decision when purchasing.
But, wouldn't she need to have all the
equipment for the class?  No, there are many
schools that will rent all of the necessary
equipment for beginners.  Would the Tennessee
Handgun Permit class be appropriate?  No,
the classes required by the states for carry
permits are grossly inadequate; so as to
minimize infringement on the 2nd Amendment.
But, taking the class to get your permit
would be a good thing.
     I recommended that she contact local
gun clubs to inquire about the classes they
were giving.  I recommended that she check
the NRA web site,
to find local courses and instructors.
The NRA courses that would be appropriate
are, in order of competence:
First Steps Pistol Orientation
Basic Pistol Shooting
Basic Personal Protection In The Home
Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home
Defensive Pistol
     There are also many private gun schools.

***** Tactics *****

     In my last NRA Defensive Pistol class,
when doing the one-person building clearing
exercise, both of the students neglected to search
the cabinets under the kitchen sink.  When
I pointed out that they were big enough to
hide a human, they carefully, tactically,
searched the cabinets.  During debriefing,
one of the students pointed out that
Charles Manson was found hiding in a cabinet
under a bathroom sink.
     Upon trying to enter the front door,
one of the students felt stymied after finding
a padlock on the hasp securing the front
door.  The padlock was not locked, but the
darkness, even with flashlights, causes all
kinds of optical illusions and deceptions.

***** Training *****

Why holster practice is so important.

"Professional Firearms Training, Who needs it?"

***** Pedagogy *****

"Be a Good Instructor" by Claude Werner.

"Why firearms instructors should avoid no-win scenarios"
by Mike Wood

***** Gear *****

Our friends, Martine and Ted de Loach,
are making targets.

     Insurance should be part of your gear.
Obviously biased, but somebody has to put the
information out there.

     I've been using a Ted Blocker magazine
pouch for a couple of decades and it still
works fine.  So, I can recommend it with
enthusiasm.  It is leather with spring
steel inserts to hold the magazines in

***** News *****

The IDPA Tactical Journal is online at

Russians can now carry guns for self-defense

California makes progress in 10 day waiting period
and display of handguns by dealers.

     Why the Ferguson, MO case was self-defense.
Earlier parts of the blog postings are at

***** Propaganda *****

     I had lunch with a colleague from work.
     He said, Trayvon Martin didn't deserve
to die for anything he did.
     I said, smashing George Zimmerman's head
against the ground would eventually have
killed Zimmerman.
     He said, Martin was a little wimpy kid.
     I said, no, Martin was much bigger and
stronger than Zimmerman.  Martin had gang
tatoos.  Martin was only there (with his father)
in the first place (as opposed to, at home with
his mother) because he had been kicked out
of school for dealing drugs.
     He said, I don't know where you read
that.  It wasn't in the news.
     I said, yes it was.  But, if you only
choose to read the liberal news outlets,
you're only going to get their side of the
     He said, Zimmerman could have shot
Martin in the knee.  Zimmerman didn't need
to kill Martin.
     I said, that is not realistic.  No police
academy, military school, or reputable gun
school would ever teach anyone to shoot to
wound.  That's not even legally defensible
in many states.

     When I was operating in the Middle East
during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was always
frustrated by the news reports back home,
because they were always false.  The British
commanders blocked the Sky news feeds to
their troops because they were false and

     We have to be patient, firm, and never
afraid to speak the truth.  Because the
enemy is always spreading lies. 
(Hmmmm, that's what my pastor is always

***** Miscellany *****

"Barrel Length Studies in 5.56mm NATO Weapons"
by Dr. Philip H. Dater & Jason Wong on 8 February 2012.

Hume-Fogg high school rifle team fund raiser
10 January 2015, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
McKay's Bookstore in Nashville
636 Old Hickory Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209
(exit 199 off of I-40, west of Nashville)
Books and buttons for sale.  Readings from
my book, "Defensive Pistol".  Opinions expressed.
Hopefully, no riots incited.

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