Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 2 January 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     NRA Defensive Pistol course, see attachment.

     4 Concealed carry compromises to avoid
"If you understand and accept that your safety
is your own responsibility, and have chosen to
carry a concealed handgun as part of your
personal safety provisions, make the commitment
to yourself to carry your gun consistently."

American Handgunner.
Page 28.  Excerpts:
     To paraphrase Jeff Cooper:  "We should be
thankful we have guns, because some people
need to be shot."
     "They think because they may be a NRA
instructor or club match competitor they are good-to-go
for the street.  That's not tactical -- that's ignorance,
heading for disaster."

     Why slack and overtravel are essential for reliability.
Page 42.  "Simple But Complicated."

     Getting sued after righteous use of deadly force.
Page 46.

     My high school classmate Sidney Ontai was telling
me that my philosophy about killing my enemies before
they killed me was contrary to the Christian philosophy
of loving your enemies.  I explained to him that
our philosophy is not "killing our enemies"; but
rather, "stopping the attack".  We use whatever force
is necessary to stop the attack to protect the innocent.
When the attack stops, our use of force stops, because
we are disciplined.  Such self-defense is consistent
with all mainstream Christian theologies. 


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