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CWP, 24 February 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Lessons Learned *****

After a shooting, immediately call the police.
Otherwise, you're the criminal.

The Dunn case.
After the shooting.
     "Dunn said he drove away with Ms. Rouer and his dog.
The couple went back to their hotel and had pizza,
and the dog was walked.
     Dunn testified that he didn't call the police
because his focus was on Ms. Rouer, whom he described
as being in hysterics. The next morning, Ms. Rouer
insisted she wanted to go home and they drove to
Brevard County, 280 kms away."

The Ayoob Files.
American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2009, page 74.
"After a shooting, the first person who calls in
is automatically seen as the victim/complainant.
The second is often automatically seen as the
criminal suspect."

***** Training *****

Moving while shooting.
American Handgunner September/October 2009.
Page 22.
     The article mentions "forward lean".
This is essential when moving backwards.
If your foot gets caught on a root or
snagged on the frayed carpet, you won't
fall over backwards if you are leaning

Think It Through - Training and Tactics
SWAT magazine
     Contrived scenario, but it points out how
intelligence (as opposed to brute force) can be
used to accomplish a mission.
     My billiards coach always urged me to look
for the non-obvious shot, the defensive shot,
the shot that will hook your opponent.  Sinking
the next ball is not the object of the game. 
Winning is the object, and getting ball in hand
will allow you to run the table, and win.

Small units of training everyday.
This applies to you, not just cops.

     Why do we train? 
     To find out what techniques don't work
for us, so we can discard them. 
Because we lack the flexibility,
the equipment, the dexterity; because the techniques
are too complicated; or because they don't
make sense to us; or because they are wrong
and will cause us liability problems
(e.g. tap, rack, bang); etc.
     To find out what equipment doesn't
work for us.  So, we can fix it or discard
it and replace it.  Some flashlights are
too dim for my night vision.  Some pistols
don't fit my hand.  Some pistol don't have
the trigger in the correct position for
my trigger finger.  Some ammunition has a
bright muzzle flash that blinds me at night.
     To find out which attitudes and mind
sets will get us arrested, prosecuted, and
sued; so we can assume a proper attitude
and a combat mind set.

"Find out beforehand if your instructors
will speak for you if you get in trouble
for doing what they taught you to do."
 – Massad Ayoob
     I, Jonathan Low, consider it my duty
and an honor to testify for my students.
I do not charge for this service.
The court may or may not recognize me as
an expert witness. Your attorney may or
may not think it a good strategy to have
me testify for you. But, I will always
be willing.

***** Gear *****

Safariland GLS (Grip Locking System) holster.
     For those requiring a retention device,
I think this is a better design than those
that use the trigger finger to defeat the
retention device.
     I have not touched this product.
     But, for us, civilian concealed carriers,
I think no retention device is best, because
simplicity is reliability.
     Galco Kingtuk inside the waist band holster.
     I can enthusiastically recommend this holster.
You can tuck your shirt into your pants over this
holster.  Unlike the Crossbreed holster,
the Galco design is cut so as to allow your
middle finger to get up against the trigger
guard for a correct high tight grip.  And at
$72.00, it is significantly less expensive
than the Crossbreed holster.
     I got one of these holsters for my
Springfield Armory XD in .45 ACP.  It had
a small imperfection on the inside of the
Kydex that caught on the ejection port of
the slide.  It was enough to prevent the
pistol from easily coming out of the holster.
I took a knife and smoothed it out.  Now it
works fine.  That's why we train, to catch
and fix such things in training.

***** Government Overreach *****

     Yes, the federal government is confiscating
guns from law abiding citizens who have not
been adjudged mentally incompetent by a
court of law.
     You may be next.

***** Technical *****

Ballistics By The Inch
Excerpt --
"... we have no illusions that our data is comprehensive. 
It is meant to be indicative – giving an indication to
the general relationships between barrel length and velocity,
or the effect of a cylinder gap, or how polygonal and
traditionally rifled barrels perform."
Excerpt --
Q:  "Everyone knows that the rule of thumb is about
50 feet per second for each inch of barrel length. 
That's all you need to know."
A:  "Sure thing.  Except it's not.  Look at the actual data,
for any caliber/cartridge, and you'll see your 'rule of thumb'
isn't accurate.  At all."
     The point is that if the barrel is too short,
all the powder has not burnt before the bullet exists
the muzzle.  So, the muzzle velocity is low.  As the barrel
length increases, the muzzle velocity increases.  After
a certain length, the muzzle velocity decreases,
because the powder has all burnt and now the added barrel
length is just friction.
     The heavier the bullet, the slower it travels down
the barrel, which means more time for the powder to burn.
So, the powder burns more completely.  Therefore, the
cartridge is more efficient.  That's why you use much less
powder when loading a heavier bullet. 
     When you load a lighter bullet, the acceleration is
higher.  So, the bullet is in the barrel for a shorter time,
only a small fraction of the powder will burn before the
bullet exits the muzzle.  Therefore, you have to use
a large amount of powder, so that that small fraction will
be enough to get you the muzzle velocity that you want.
Much of the powder is blown out the muzzle before it burns.
That's a real problem for those who are striving
for the super fast, super light bullet load (38 super). 
But, it's good for the IPSC shooter with the compensator
on his muzzle.  The compensator needs lots of gas to
work properly.
     Why not solve the above problem by using faster
burning powder?  Because the chamber pressure gets too
high, which could cause the chamber to rupture.
For example, magnum cartridges achieve their high
energies with large amounts of slow burning powder.

***** Politics *****

     The National Football League has shown how politically
correct it is by denying the running of the Daniel Defense
Super Bowl commercial (that did not contain any guns
or mention of guns).  Now, the NFL has gone a step
further by banning all concealed carry in their stadiums
by off duty law enforcement officers.
     Pause and think about this for a minute.
Full time sworn law enforcement officers,
required to carry guns for self-defense
and the defense of the community are forbidden
from carrying guns in a place of massive
community assembly, because the police officers
might shoot each other.  That's what the NFL
means by "Blue on blue shooting".
     Consider where Jeffrey Miller, an NFL
vice president and its chief of security is
coming from. 
     Dennis Flaherty, executive director of
the statewide peace officers association, said
he didn't know of any problems caused by off-duty
officers who carried weapons into the Metrodome
over the 31 years the Vikings played there.
"I am not aware of any incident there has ever
been around or in the Metrodome involving any
kind of problem with
an officer — on or off duty — and a firearm."
     So, it's not about stopping problems that
had occurred nor is it about preventing problems
that might occur.  It's about symbolism to
advance a political agenda.
     What does the NFL get out of this?  They
avoid massive law suits concerning racism,
bullying, concussions, discrimination against
homosexual players, and such.  That's how
the Left works, by threatening expensive
law suits.

***** Insurance *****

U.S. Concealed Carry Association insurance.
I have no first hand knowledge of this,
just passing along information.


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