Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 14 January 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

     Registration always leads to confiscation.
This was a bureaucratic decision, not a decision
of the parliament in Canada.

     Registration always leads to confiscation.
Excerpt from an email sent to me:
"I was forced to surrender two legally owned
firearms to the Palo Alto, California police
department in June of 1989 because Santa Clara
County ruled them illegal three months earlier.
I was working out of state at the time and
wasn’t even aware of the new law. It didn’t
matter. Eight police officers, two detectives,
and one ATF agent did not care at all. They
seized them as I stood handcuffed beside my
vehicle that was connected to a U-Haul trailer
containing all my belongings. I was moving
out of the state that very day, but it did
not matter, they were still seized and I was
charged. I lost the case, lost my security
clearance, lost the firearms, and came to
realize that justice and law were in no way
related.  It was a hard and expensive lesson. 
I became an avid gun-rights advocate that day. 
So when a ‘people’ roll their eyes and scoff
at warnings like the ones presented in the
video you sent, I just shake my head at their
ignorance. " [The reference is to the video
cited in the paragraph above.]

     Why Good People Should Be Armed
     Ten Important Things To Know About Violence
     American Handgunner Insider Tips
     From Bill Luton:
Here is an interesting video called “Don’t Talk to Police”.
     National Association for Gun Rights, useful videos for beginners.
Tactically correct.  Eric Jones uses different terminology.

     You'll see a lot of bad habits at IDPA
matches.  You must be careful not to adopt them.
     In order to save time and get closer to the
target, competitors will crowd corners, sticking
their hands and gun around a corner.  The enemy
who is hiding behind the corner will grab their
gun and hands.  Or, the enemy may
bring a stick or machete down across their wrists.
     Competitors will hug walls to minimize the
distance to the next shooting point.  But, you
must stay away from walls, because when a bullet
hits a wall most of the momentum perpendicular
to the wall is absorbed by the wall or the bullet.
The remaining momentum parallel to the wall
remains.  So, bullets tend to skim along walls
and hit anything close to the wall.
     Stay away from walls.  Stay away from
     IDPA has a retention position where the
elbow is against the rib cage.  This has the
gun too far forward.  The close contact position
should have the bottom of the grip against the
rib cage with the elbow pulled back as far
as possible.
     While IDPA rules forbid moving your feet while
reloading, this is not a sound tactical tenet.

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