Monday, July 29, 2013

CWP, 5 July 2013 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     My girlfriend, Amy, says that all of life is a
fashion show.  May I invite your attention to some
women's fashion statements?
Note the fanny packs at the bottom of the page.

Yes, you can carry concealed while wearing a dress.
Gracie shows you how.

Concealed carry for women.

An explanation of ammunition with nice pictures.

Finding a place to shoot.

Getting the correct grip on your gun.
Several useful videos on this page.


     May I invite your attention to

     No, this was not a "stupid accident".

This was negligence on the part of the instructor for
leaving the students unattended.
This was negligence on the part of the instructor for
not instructing his students to keep their guns in
their holsters when not on the firing line and under
the supervision of the instructor.

This was negligence on the part of the training staff
for not having an assistant instructor watching the
students in the class.

This was negligence on the part of the student for
violating the safety rules. (Not keeping the pistol
pointed in a safe direction.  Not keeping his finger
off the trigger.)  The shooter has to violate at least
two safety rules to hurt someone.

This was negligence on the part of the other students
in the class for not screaming MUZZLE! FINGER! when
they saw the man pull his pistol out of his holster.

     The student was not stupid.  The student was curious.

     Solution to the problem:
Explain and enforce the safety rules.
Explain to the students that it is their responsibility
to maintain a safe range.  They must speak up if they
see anything unsafe.
Maintain eyes on the students at all times.
[If you can't keep eyes on the students, get assistant
instructors to help you.  If you can't get assistant
instructor to help you, don't start the class.
Yes, you may have to refund the money.
Keep your priorities straight.]


     I just got back from two weeks at Marine Corps annual
training.  We shot the 155mm Howitzers at Fort Drumm in
upstate New York.  The enemy has radar, artillery, and
missiles.  So, after firing we move before the enemy can
fire on us.  Just like self-defense pistol shooting.
     While at Annual Training, the Navy Chaplain shared
some scripture with us.

Should I wear my gun while working?
"... Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and
held a weapon in the other, and each of the builders wore his sword
at his side as he worked."
Nehemiah 4:17-18, New International Version

Should I wear my gun all the time?
"... each had his weapon, even when he went for water."
Nehemiah 4:23, New International Version



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