Monday, July 29, 2013

CWP, 3 April 2013 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     May I invite your attention to:
Notice the support side hand only technique.
This is clearly faster than turning the pistol around
to establish a high tight grip, but trigger control
with the little finger requires a great deal of practice.
     We have always recommended reaching around behind your
back to to establish a high tight grip before pulling
the pistol from the holster.  But, if you have to
reach around the front, this may be a practical option.
Note that the NRA Instructor staff discourages teaching
the "reach behind your back" technique because they
fear the student may muzzle (or shoot) someone behind
the line.

Left handed technique for right handed pistols.
     We have always taught racking the slide with the
thumb pointed back, not forward.  This allows you
to keep the pistol closer to your chest.  Which gives
you more control and makes it harder for the enemy
to take the pistol from you.

Racking the pistol with one hand and no other object.
     This inertial rack is similar to the inertial
knife opening technique taught in the
Police Officer's Safety Association Basic Knife course.


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