Monday, July 29, 2013

CWP, 21 August 2012 A.D.

Greetings Conceal Weapons Permittees,
     May I invite your attention to:

     Good guy protects his family in attempted car jacking.
Please note that the good guy sustained serious injuries.
The bad guy died at the scene.
But, the most important thing, the family did not get
kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered.  The most important
part of these stories is always left out.  Such is the nature
of propaganda and censorship.
      Please note that the hole in the car door indicates
that the bullet traveled from inside to outside.  That's
why we recommend copper jacketed round nose bullets.  You
may have to penetrate a car door to stop the carjacker.
Hollow point bullets are not designed to penetrate windows
and doors.

     Houston, TX police department video on how to react to
an active shooter situation,
     You might want to pass this along to others who have had
no training.  One of the significant things the video teaches
is "get out", even if others want to stay and hide.  The
shooter is active, moving, so he is going to find you.
If you don't get out, you're going to have to fight.
Which untrained persons aren't very good at.

     You'll see persons at handgun matches doing things wrong,
as gripping the pistol with the support side thumb behind the
slide.  Please speak up and tell them.  Don't let them cut or
break their thumb and then laugh.  It is your duty to maintain
a safe range.  Assume the responsibility and speak up.

     Never too old to be a sentinel in your community.
Video is at the bottom of the article.
     Same video with sound effects and highlighting.

     Ice-T defends gun rights for the correct reason.

     Interesting web sites (not just for girls):

     The author considers the legal ramifications of not
using suppressors.

YouTube - Videos from this email

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