Monday, July 29, 2013

CWP, 10 April 2013 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     May I invite your attention to:
"... the prosecutor and her husband,
himself a sheriff's deputy, both fired at the intruder ..."
     Sometimes one gun is not enough.

     The H&K P30,
This pistol with the Law Enforcement Modification (LEM)
trigger system combines a striker action with a hammer.
The trigger is very nice.

     In the second video in the lower half of the
web page, the instructor demonstrates using centripetal
force to eject the magazine.
     In the video in the upper half of the web page,
the instructor demonstrates fire from a different
close contact position.  Across the front of the body.

New York State Police confiscating guns from legal
owners who take prescription anti-anxiety medication.

     May I suggest to you that shooting, and general
competence with firearms, is as an essential survival
skill, like swimming?
It's not enough to know how to swim to save yourself.
You need to be a strong enough swimmer and a skilled
enough swimmer to save your children or others.
Similarly, it's not enough to be able to shoot the gun
accurately, you need the skills to avoid the gun fight
if possible; if not, you need the skills to get
to the scene alive, apply fire competently, rescue,
and retreat safely.  That takes a lot of training
and practice.
     Just as with swimming, you may never need the
life saving skills in your life time.  But, failure
to have the skills in your repertoire is akin to
failure to buy life insurance.  The results are
devastating and will change the course of history
for your family.
     We are alive today, because all of our ancestors
survived long enough to procreate.  Some by dumb luck
or God's grace.  But, we are intelligent enough to
proactively ensure our survival and our children's
     So, our shooting is far more than a sport or hobby.


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