Monday, July 29, 2013

CWP, 11 June 2013 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     May I invite your attention to the following?

     My fencing coaches, Lou Bankuti and Bruno Santonocito,
told me that tense muscles are slow, relaxed muscles are
fast.  So, whenever I'm shooting, I strive for relaxed
muscles.  Head erect, shoulders down and relaxed.
     May I suggest you practice in a mirror to see
what you are doing?  I have found mirror practice very
useful.  I found my right shoulder way up.  I would not
have believed it until I saw it with my own eyes.
I would have sworn that my shoulders were down and relaxed.

     Is Tom McHale, the guy behind the web site,
"My Gun Culture",
the same person that we know from the Palmetto Gun Club?

     This web site has some infographics on women and
concealed carry.

     Billboard at the Stumps.
I always liked the desert out there.  The Marine Corps
stores vehicles parked out in the dry atmosphere.
A great place to run in the morning.

     Store firearms and ammunition separately to deny
a burglar a complete system.  Lock up all firearms
and ammunition when you’re not using them, just
as you would lock your car or house in a high
crime area.  Firearms used for self-defense
(loaded) must be kept out of reach of untrained
children, untrained adults, and those unauthorized.
Security by obscurity is cryptologically wrong.
Hiding your guns will not work.  Children are
curious and will search, often more efficiently
than police.  So, the firearms must be locked
in secure containers, closets, or safes.

     Advise your friends to get competent gun training.
The level of firearms competence in the U.S. is
pathetically low because keeping and bearing arms is
a right, so no one can force anyone to seek training.
The result is that people learn from their parents,
grandparents, or other relatives or friends, most of
whom have had no training.  So, bad habits get passed
along as the correct way to do things.  Break this
cycle of incompetence by encouraging your friends to
seek out competent training.

"Buy guns.  Join gun clubs." -- Malcolm X


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