Monday, July 29, 2013

CWP, 12 June 2013 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     When shooting with friends and family, please do
them a favor by doing a thorough equipment inspection
to make sure their equipment functions properly.
     Remove the magazine.
     Chamber check to make sure the pistol is unloaded.
     If the pistol has a magazine safety and will only fire
with a magazine inserted in the magazine well, insert an
empty magazine and make sure it is locked in place.
     Keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction.
     Press the trigger.  You should feel slack (no sear movement)
and then a hard stop (sear engagement).
Press through the hard stop to release the firing pin.  (If the
sear is machined correctly, the trigger release will be smooth
and crisp, no catching, no gritty feel, no friction.)
You should hear the click of the firing pin being driven forward.
     Put a pencil in the barrel with the rubber eraser end toward
the firing pin and point the pistol up.  The firing mechanism
should have enough force to pop the pencil out of the barrel.
(Otherwise, the student is going to get a lot of misfires
due to light firing pin strikes.)
     Press the trigger and hold it to the rear.  Rack the
slide.  Release the trigger to reset.  There should be a
distinct click on reset.  Take the slack out of the trigger.  There
should be a hard stop.  Press through the hard stop.  There
should be a distinct click as the firing pin is driven forward.
     Make sure the pistol does not fire when any one of the
safeties is on.
     Make sure the pistol does not fire when holstering with
the safeties off.  (Yes, some ill-fitting holsters will press
the trigger when holstering.)
     Make sure the pistol does not fall out of the holster
when you turn it upside down and shake it.
     Make sure the mouth of the holster stays open, so the
student can holster with one hand.  (Two handed holstering
causes the shooter to muzzle his support side hand.)

     A friend asked me to remove him from this mailing list.
He said that he could not have anyone think that he carried
a concealed weapon because it is prohibited where he lives
and works.  He could not risk receiving such emails.
     Freedom is very expensive.


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