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Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

"Your Tactical Training Scenario- Denial"

Espanola Jackson Remembered
     I had the honor of meeting this lady
at the NRA convention in Nashville.

***** Training *****

Gunfighter Moment

***** Tactics *****

Operativo “Cisne negro”
     Watch the helmet cam footage of the raid that
resulted in the capture of the Mexican Cartel drug
lord known as “El Chapo.”  The soldiers ended up
killing five of El Chapo’s bodyguards and wounding
several more.  Watch the tactics.  These guys are
fairly well trained.  The raid got chaotic at times,
but they did a pretty good job clearing a very
difficult structure.  Only one of the Marines was
wounded in the 15 minute gunfight.
     Note how they use barricades and cover in the
running gunfight.  Note how they fight from the
hallways and make limited penetration into the
rooms.  Note how slowly they go.  If your SWAT team
is busting in to every target as fast as possible
and “running the walls” of every room, your tactics
are out of date.  Slow down.  Have good command and
control.  Cover every uncleared area.  Then clear
the structure room by room, doing the majority of
your work from outside in the hallway before you
physically enter the room. -- Active Response Training

     One must have patience to wait for one's time to strike.

***** Gear *****

     I read the little section about the Glock mag
baseplates and I too struggled with em until I
discovered a secret about the mags. There is a
plate on the base of the spring. That's what
you're pushing in through that little hole in the
bottom. This plate is near the same dimension as
the inside of the mag body. If you push that in
just a fraction of an inch, it's still in the area
that you'll apply the clamp. Using a small
Phillips screwdriver, I push that plate in as deep
as I can. Then you can use your fingers to squeeze
the mag body or (as I prefer) use a pair of pliers
to squeeze. Once squeezed, hold firmly  and remove
the screwdriver. The plate will come down a little
but stop above where you're pliers are squeezing
the mag body. Then easily slide the base plate off.
Hope this helps you and if you could spread the
word, maybe it'll help many others!
Semper Fi,
Sgt. Swat


     As always, thanks for putting this together.
     A comment on the “Prescription Shooting
Glasses” notes.  As a lifelong wearer of prescription
glasses, and of course with multiple focal fields for
the last 30 years I have an acute sense of the
problem of clearly seeing the front sight.  And I can
tell that looking at this from 70+ years the issue
only gets worse as time passes.  So I offer this:
     For use in handgun use in hunting, competition,
and generally on the range, having these special
shooting glasses is an excellent method to be able to
continually “dig out the front sight” and make your
     BUT – I’d suggest that for defensive handgun use
one should also train to use whatever vision you have
when you are walking on the street.  There will be no
opportunity to say: “Wait a moment mister bad guy,
let me put my specially adapted shooting glasses on
first”.  You must go with what you’ve got.  And so
some drills with “what you’ve got” are also in order.
     Other solutions to mitigate the problem (of older
age vision) might be
(a) get an oversized and/or very bright front sight or
(b) get a red dot sight mounted on your pistol.
I’m sure there are other successful solutions as well,
but these two work for me.  My smaller guns (when I
carry them) have a bright luminescent light tube for
the front sight, the larger ones on which I can mount
a Trijicon RMR Red dot (which I usually carry) have
     One could write a whole book on this issue,
I just want to make the point that one also needs
to train with what you’ve got for defensive shooting

***** Instructors *****

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Front Sight
     Contrary to what Brad Ackman recommends in the video,
it was a big win for the store clerk and his uncle
because the uncle did not shoot.  No clean up
(blood is a hazardous waste), no civil law suit,
no arrest of the uncle, no legal fees to defend
against the anti-selfdefense Fresno, CA prosecutor.

     Notes from the Sheepdog Seminar
on protecting your church, school, etc.
     We are at war.  The terrorists are here in our
country.  They are preparing and training.
     What every speaker said, "Train, train, train!"
If you carry a gun without training, you are worse than
useless, you are dangerous.  If you apply a tourniquet,
without knowing what you're doing, the victim could bleed
to death or you could cause an unnecessary amputation.
     Your church safety team should have medical personel,
technical (the persons who are physically in the building
on a regular basis, custodial, janitorial, and maintenance
personel), and protection (the trained and armed personel).
     If there is any chance that you can't identify the
friendlies, use banners.  You keep them in a pouch on
your belt and pull them out and drape them over your torso
(as in the Miss America pagent where the banner
says "Miss Tennessee").
     Do a risk survey.  You can't analyze or plan without
the facts.
     Lock the doors.
     Keep it simple.
     Know what the insurance policy says.
     Network with other churches and law enforcement.
     Train and drill.  Reacting to an emergency with well
trained personel is like playing Jazz music.  Everyone
is not reading off the same sheet of music, as this would
be unrealistic, because you cannot predict the situation. 
Everyone is ad libbing.
     Train your women, because they are primary targets
of rape and other crimes.  For those who don't want to
carry a gun, hold classes on pepper spray.
     The Department of Homeland Security says that
terrorist groups monitor church web sites.  This statement
is not classified and was cleared for release at the
     Don't expect to be understood.  The limp dick liberals
will mock you, and demand that the church be a gun free
zone.  Be strong and fight because you are right.  All
mass murders occur in gun free zones.
     Keep a rifle in your car.  Terrorists will have
body armor and helments.  So, you need something that
can penetrate.  Shotguns are suboptimal, because you can
carry an ammo can of 1000 rifle rounds, but you need a
wheelbarrow to carry 1000 shotgun rounds.
     Keep smoke grenades in your car.
     Of course, you have to practice with these tools to
be able to use them effectively.  You will win if you
are prepared.  Practice your tactical shooting.  Practice
your martial arts.
"A golf course is a willful misuse of a rifle range."
-- Col. Dave Grossman
     You will not panic or flee, because love quenches fear.
     A group of us from my church went to the Sheepdog Seminar
in Chattanooga yesterday (Saturday, 1/30/16).
We learned a lot.
     All mass murderers in recent American history have one
thing in common.  They watch violent movies repeatedly
and to excess (for instance watching "Natural Born Killers"
50 times, which would not have been physically possible
in earlier times) and play violent video games (e.g. Grand
Theft Auto, et al) repeatedly and to excess.  This caused a
Pavlovian conditioning.  They associated violence with
good feelings and getting rewards.
     The Hollywood activist who claim that violent movies and
games do not cause violence in our society are lying to you.
Please avoid violent video games and movies.  Please
prevent your children from watching violent movies and
playing violent video games.
Run, Hide, Fight
     If anyone attacks your school, church, etc., RUN! 
People who hide get killed, when the bad guys find them.
You can't be killed if you aren't there.  [This is the tactically
and statistically correct thing to do.  No matter what anyone
else says.  Remember, public school teachers, public school
principals, firemen, and policemen all work for the government,
so their priority is to protect the government from liability. 
Why else would gun free zones exist?  Gun free zones create
unarmed victims for armed criminals to prey upon.  All mass
murders occur in gun free zones.]
     If you are trapped and cannot run, lock the door and
barricade all paths to your HIDE.
     If the enemy finds you, FIGHT! 
Gouge eyes.  This will give you time to escape. 
Stomp on feet in close to the shin, not on the toes.  The small
bones of the foot are easily broken.  The enemy likely has steel
toed boots or combat boots, and stomping on the toes is
generally not effective.  This will give you time to escape.
BITE!  Anywhere, but especially on the sides of the neck
to tear the carotid arteries.  Use the teeth in the front of your
mouth, not your molars.  The intent is to tear the flesh,
not to masticate.  This will give you time to escape.
     May you never have occasion to Run, Hide, Fight.
But if you do, remember, your loved ones are depending on you.

***** Miscellany *****

     The enemy is in country using Venezuelan passports.

NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course
Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Davidson County Sportsman's Club
5124 Eatons Creek Rd
Nashville, TN 37218
Go to
Select "NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course"
Click on "Search"
Select the Tennessee event.

Rangemaster Newsletter

... the FBI had been forced to temporarily halt
the processing of thousands of appeals from prospective
buyers whose firearm purchase attempts have been denied.

Girl Who Fended Off Rapist Now Faces
Charges for possession of pepper spray
     This is why you don't want to live in socialist
European countries.  Lucky you live in the South.

     We always teach not to resist law enforcement,
but you have to be sure the person is a law
enforcement officer.
And that's not easy to do.
     When I was issued my courier card in the Marine
Corps, we were given a briefing.  During the briefing,
they told us about an incident in which uniformed
law enforcement officers in marked cars pulled over
the couriers and attempted to arrest the couriers.
The couriers explain to the officers that they were
couriers and showed the LEO's their courier cards.
The couriers told the LEO's that they were carrying
classified material and could not allow the LEO's
to arrest them. ...
The couriers ended up shooting and killing the LEO's.
We were told that that was the correct thing to do.
And that we were expected to do likewise.
(If they had been real LEO's, it would have been a full
blown international incident.)
     Being a Marine aint easy.  We came real close
to this in Kyrgyzstan in 2000.  The cops were demanding
a bribe and we were ready to shoot the cops.  But,
our local guide was able to get the cops to accept
the money that we had.

5 Countries and Cities Where Firearm
Homicide Rates Spiked After Gun Bans

Competent women with guns.
Gun bunnies need not apply.

     Lesson plans may be found at
or send me an email requesting the latest version.


Jonathan Low

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