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Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

The Real Reason You Train|+Alpha+Male+|+Chad+Howse+Fitness%29
     If you're going to get a big ass dog,
invest in training it.  So, it doesn't kill
your child.  I can refer you to several competent
(and professional) dog trainers in Tennessee and
South Carolina.
"Fear Is Your Friend" by Dave Spaulding
[Sorry, I don't know where the original article
was published.  I received a copy by email.]
     Autogenic breathing, what's also called "combat"
or "rescue" breathing, is the primary method to keep
you from becoming overwhelmed by fear. By breathing
in for a count of four, holding for four, letting
out for four and then holding again for four, the
heart rate can be lowered substantially in 10
repetitions or so. When you lower your heart rate,
you'll have a more rational mode of thought. I've
used this technique for everything — from a
promotion interview to being shot at — and
it works.
     Knowing the physiological effects of combat
stress and fear (pounding heart, muscle tension,
trembling, rapid breathing, nausea, "gut knot,"
dry mouth, tunnel vision, etc.) and understanding
they're naturally occurring phenomena will make
you better prepared.
     Developing the skills needed to meet the
threat and knowing that these skills have worked
in combat, will add confidence and help you manage
fear. Also, once you truly understand the
pandemonium that conflict entails (not what's
portrayed in Hollywood films), you'll be less
willing to enter it — and that's not a bad thing.
Bottom line: Once you understand fear, you can
use it to your advantage.
     Remember: "Right now, someone is training so
when they meet you, they beat you. Train hard and
stay on guard." -- Dennis Martin
     "The final weapon is the brain ... all else is
supplemental." -- Ernest Hemingway
Do you carry religiously?
You may not be as safe as you believe.
     The "well known instructor" referred to is
Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch.
“My gun kept you safe” – no it didn’t
     Follow up to the article directly above.
If you believe the logic that guns don't murder people,
people murder people, guns are inanimate objects; 
then if follows that guns don't make people safe,
people make people safe.
     Of course, the truth is that only the sheepdogs
make the sheep safe.  Sheep who flee at the onset of
violence don't make the sheep safe.  Wolves who prey
on the sheep don't make the sheep safe.
     During the American Revolution about 10% of the
population took up arms and fought.  Today, less than
1% of the population volunteers to join the Armed
Forces.  Of those, about 10% shoot anything.  (Except
in the Marine Corps where everyone is supposed to be
a rifleman, ya sort of.)  So we, sheepdogs, really
are the 1 percenters.
     We train people from churches all over the country.
We often get push back from those who don't want guns
in their church.  They say that this is God's house and
that God will protect us.  We try to explain to them
that that is superstition.  -- Col. Dave Grossman
     Christian theology advocates armed self-defense.
     “Then Jesus said to His disciples,
whoever does not have a sword
should sell his coat and buy a sword.”
– Jesus of Nazareth, Luke 22:36,
New Life Version of the Bible
     "Those who carried materials did
their work with one hand and held
a weapon in the other, and each
of the builders wore his sword
at his side as he worked."
-- Nehemiah 4:17-18
     "... each had his weapon, even
when he went for water."
-- Nehemiah 4:23,
New International Version Bible
Islamic State Supporter In Michigan
Planned Massacre at Mega-Church
He told the FBI why he thought the church would make
a good target: “It’s easy and a lot of people go
there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in

***** Training *****

3 steps to save a TON of time and
money becoming a better shooter
Consistency vs Volume

***** Tactics *****

Concealed Carrier Turns the Tables on Armed Robbers
     Yes, it was perfectly okay to shoot these bad
guys in the back.  The bad guys were a threat. 
The bad guys were not surrendering nor were they
running away.

***** Gear *****

Should You Modify Your Self-Defense Guns?

***** Instructors *****

Lessons from an accidental discharge
     Yes, accidental, not negligent.
There was apparently no negligence.

***** Pedagogy *****

Physical Training for the Whole Tribe
Mark Rippetoe: “strong people are harder to kill,
and more useful in general.”

***** Education *****

Disparity of force - Position of Disadvantage
     This factor of disparity of force is not
usually covered in self-defense classes.  So,
as Captain Ayoob says, "... you or your legal
defense team will have to explain the above
principles clearly to the triers of the facts."
Creative Home Security Ideas ...
Defeating the Criminal and the Potentially Dangerous
Rangemaster newsletter
What Really Happens When You Get Shot
     You'll have to ignore the accompanying picture.
After all it is WIRED magazine.
     This article is not just for police.
Massad Ayoob: Gunfighting Fact vs. Fiction

***** Miscellany *****

How To Choose, Buy, And Shoot A Shotgun
     Lesson plans may be found at
or send me an email requesting the latest version.


Jonathan Low

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