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***** Mindset *****

In response to several recent news articles --
     Never fire warning shots.  This is an act of
stupidity.  In the real world, there is no safe
direction to fire a warning shot.  There is no legally
justifiable reason to fire a warning shot.  (If you
were trying to scare the other person, you were
engaged in terroristic threatening, which is a felony.)
     Never fire at fleeing vehicles.  This is an act
of stupidity, because you don't know who else is in
the vehicle (especially the kidnapped persons in the
trunk of the vehicle that you could not have seen).
     Never fire at fleeing persons.  This would be
an act of murder.  [Yes, there are jurisdictions that
allow law enforcement officers to fire at fleeing
felons to protect the public.  I know, because I applied
for a job at a maximum security prison in South Carolina.
But, if you're not a corrections officer in that
prison, shooting at a prisoner scaling the fence in
an obvious escape attempt, you're committing murder.]

***** Training *****

This is why accuracy matters
When you miss, you kill innocent people.

"Practicing for your real world"

Self-Defense Myths That Just Won’t Die: 11 Experts Weigh-In

Five More Ways to Improve Your Defensive Shooting

"Why stand and deliver simply doesn’t work"
by Eric Lamberson Tuesday, January 05, 2016
I love scientific experiments.

***** Tactics *****

Flash Light Techniques

***** Gear *****

10 Lessons Learned from the Worst Gun I Ever Owned

Kim Rhode: Prescription Shooting Glasses

Prescription Shooting Glasses
Notice Kelly is cross dominant, right handed
left eye dominant.

Hacks on my Glock 41
(Yes, I'm sure these hacks void the warranty.)
     Even with the C clamp vice grips,
I still found it very difficult to get the base
plates off of my magazines.  So, I just cut the
little tabs off the magazine bodies,
which is easy to do with a sharp knife.
Now, the base plates slide on and off easily.
     We teach the modern theory of defensive
pistol craft that Col. Jeff Cooper formalize and
codified.  In this system, one pulls on the
magazine, after banging it into the magazine well,
to ensure it is locked in place.  You generally
can't do that with Glocks because there is no
forward facing lip to get your fingers on to pull.
So, I took a knife and cut away the bottom
of the forward facing edge of my magazine well. 
Now, I can get my fingers on the forward lip of
the magazine to pull it out.  Or, know that it's
locked in place.
     The plastic frame of the Glock is easy to
whittle with a sharp knife.  A set of steel
files and some patience will clean things up
nicely.  I have found that the plastic is so
soft that finishing work can be done with one's
finger nails.
     I had to file off the sharp edges on the
front of my rear sight to avoid cutting my
hand when racking the slide.
     I had to cut grooves into the sides of
my slide near the muzzle to allow sufficient
grip to perform a chamber check.
     And after all of this work and firing the
pistol at a USPSA match, I have found that
when firing with one hand, I cannot control
the recoil.  The girth of the grip is just too
     The trigger is such that the user cannot
distinguish between slack and sear engagement.
There is no hard stop after taking up the
slack, and before the sear starts moving.
     So, if you know anyone with large hands
and long fingers, who likes this sort of
trigger, let me know.  Otherwise, I'm donating
it to the Wilson County Friends of the NRA banquet.

***** Instructors *****

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

"5 facts about guns in the United States"
By Hannah Fingerhut
     Number 5 is significant for us.

***** Miscellany *****

Johnny Cash
You have the right to burn the American flag.
We have the right to bear arms.  So, if you
burn my flag, I'll shoot you.

SHOT Show, 20 January 2016
I like the background music.

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