Friday, February 26, 2016

CWP, 26 February 2016 Anno Domini

Greetings Sheepdogs,
     A group of us will be going to the
Tactical Conference in Memphis, TN
on March 11, 12, and 13 of 2016 A.D.
Hope to see you there.  If not, please
consider joining us next year.
***** Mindset *****

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable."
-- Jeff Gonzales
     Four rings of security:
Armed Forces, Armed Police, Off Duty Armed Police,
The Armed Citizen (carrying concealed).

"Seek training from outside sources."
-- Pat McNamara
     Sgt. Maj. McNamara was talking about
modern warriors in our armed forces, and
how they have broken out of the institutional
inertia and institutional inbreeding.
     Proprioception and Kinesthetic Sense.

"Failure to plan is a plan for failure."
-- [I couldn't find the primary source.]

***** Training *****

Dave Spaulding: Shooting From Supine Position

Mitigating A Training Scar With A Deliberate Pause

Pat MacNamara interview *explicit language*

A little drill for you hard core types.

***** Tactics *****

Recommendation against shooting through
your car door at the carjacker.

***** Techniques *****

Carbine Sling Essentials With Pat McNamara

Pat McNamara Pro-Tip: Finger on your Trigger
     In case I don't mention it enough, let me reiterate,
I cite stuff from credible reputable sources that I
disagree with.  Because, unlike our liberal friends,
I actually practice diversity of opinion.  I disagree
with this trigger finger placement for single action or
striker action pistols.  I believe it is only appropriate
for double action pistols or revolvers.

***** Gear *****

Pat McNamara's Essential Range Gear

Best Of The Blog - 2014
by Michael R. Seeklander
Grip Surfaces - To increase your ability to control
the recoil, and manipulate the gun, all allowable
grip surfaces should be stippled or coated with
skateboard tape, with the exception of the back
strap of the gun. The backstrap of the gun should
be left relatively smooth to allow the strong hand
to index the gun properly and slide up to a high
grip position on the tang of the weapon during the
draw process.

***** Instructors *****

     I heard a program on the radio on the way to
work this morning, 2/16/16.  The speaker was saying how
gun schools and churches are similar in that some are
concerned with growing to maximize their profit and
so resort to entertainment as opposed to education. 
     Some are concerned with education and so teach
breaking bad habits to replace them with good habits,
study (research), practice (homework), and a lot of
thinking in general, things which most people don't
want to do.  So, such schools or churches don't grow
very big.
     I've been to the big gun schools, some have
massive internet audiences.  But, looking at my notes
from the past decades, I see that I've learned the
most from small classes (often, I was the only student
who showed up for the class) with NRA instructors and
non-NRA instructors teaching in their homes or small
facilities, because they loved helping others.

***** Pedagogy *****

Intentionally left blank. 
[As opposed to being censored for politically incorrect content.]

***** Education *****

Words of wisdom from someone who knows.

Lifesaving Advice From Dave Canterbury
     Trapping and fishing is more effective than hunting.
     Survival in adverse conditions.
     Tool heavy mentality.
     All skills are perishable.
     I don't mind that you don't care how to make a fire,
because you're too busy playing Mindcraft.  When it
becomes important to you, I'll teach you how to do it.
[What a fantastic attitude!]

Police Officer Prosecuted [and convicted] for a Negligent Discharge
I don’t know ANY [police] academies ANYWHERE in the
country that turn out competent gunfighters upon
graduation.  I was the best shooter in my academy
class, but looking back, I didn’t know SHIT about
shooting when I graduated the police academy. I took
the initiative to seek out quality professional
firearms training on my own time and my own dime.
Most cops will never do that. Consequently, most cops
NEVER become truly competent shooters. Those who do,
learn the skills on their own DESPITE their police
training, not BECAUSE of it. Police firearms training
is universally abysmal (with a few very small
     Primary source:

(For your newbie friends)
A Quick Guide To Shooting Fundamentals

***** This is why you need to be armed *****

Almost 90,000 dangerous illegal aliens go free
      The Obama administration is intentionally
releasing these predators into our communities
because they know the sheep will cry out for the
government to "do something", "protect us", etc.
This is what the sheep did after the 9/11 attacks,
which gave us the Patriot Act.  It's the most
reliable way to increase government power and
erode liberty.
     This ain't a joke.  Attorney General Holder
confirmed President Obama's intention to release
thousands of prisoners from federal prisons.

     Lesson plans may be found at
or send me an email requesting the latest version. says that
got 6222 page views last month.
So, either one of you gave the URL so some bot,
or we got a lot of people looking at this blog
(which I find hard to believe).


Jonathan Low

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