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***** Mindset *****

***** Training *****

"In defense of the trigger reset (yes: it's important)"
     A good article on the finer points of trigger
     I disagree with the author, Chappy.
I believe reset should be done after the
sights are back on the target that you
just shot, not during the recoil.  The
shot process isn't finished until the
sights are back on the target that you
just shot.  Getting the sights back on
target is part of follow through. 
     Touch the trigger, take the slack out
of the trigger (if the trigger does not
have slack and a hard stop, it is not
correctly designed for combat), smoothly
increase pressure (Do not intentionally
fire the shot.  With increasing pressure
the shot will fire, surprise break.),
trap the trigger to the rear, get the
sights back on target, reset the trigger,
move your eyes and head to the next target,
move your sights to the next target (Yes,
you have to do it in that order.  If you
move your eyes and sights together, you
will overshoot your target.)
     Note:  Follow through determines
where the pistol is pointed when the
bullet exits the muzzle.  Which occurs
a millisecond after primer detonation. 
Sight alignment and sight picture
determine where the pistol is pointed
at primer detonation.
     Note:  It is very common to watch
a shooter realize that he missed the
last target and have to move the sights
back to the last target, because he has
already started moving the sights to
the next target.  If your follow through
has you getting the sights back on the
target before resetting or moving to the
next target, you won't miss the target.

     Why the safety rules are so important.
     Yes, brand new guns from reputable
manufactures can fire with the safety on
and without the trigger being pulled.
     Recall notice at

A 55-year-old woman accidentally shot herself on Monday afternoon
     This is why it is so important to dress
properly when shooting at the range.  Always
wear high neck shirts, so hot brass can't go
down the front of your shirt.  Always wear a
wide brimmed hat, so hot brass can't get
caught between your glasses and your eye.

     When you miss, STOP!, and revert to 
fundamentals by talking yourself through
the shot process to ensure the hit.
For instance --
     Align the top of the front sight
with the top of the rear sight.  Center
the front sight in the rear sight notch.
Place the top of the front sight on the
center of mass of the target.  Sharp
focus on the front sight, seeing the
scratches on the front sight.  Touch
the trigger, take the slack out of the
trigger, 1/8th pressure, 2/8ths pressure,
3/8ths pressure, 4/8ths pressure, 5/8ths
pressure, 6/8ths pressure, 7/8ths
pressure (The pistol will fire long
before you get to 8/8ths pressure.),
trap the trigger to the rear, get the
sights back on target, reset.
     Or, if that is too detailed for you,
try --
sights, slack out, press, trap, sights, reset.
     If you missed, you did something
wrong.  If you repeat the wrong shot
process, you will miss again.
Every miss is destroying property and
injuring, possible killing, innocent
by standers.  So, we cannot afford to 
miss.  We hit on the first shot by
executing the correct shot process.
It is only long when we first learn
it.  With practice, it compresses in
time and becomes very fast.
     When we get lazy or forget or
our form breaks down due to stress,
we must revert to fundamentals and talk
ourselves through the shot process to
ensure a hit.

     NRA Defensive Pistol course
starts June 1st 2015 in Nashville, TN.
Fund raiser for Hume-Fogg high school
rifle team.  Send me an email for
details, Jon_Low@yahoo.com.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

"How Ammo Gets Made"
     Ankara, Turkey, great place.
     Annealing means to heat and cool slowly
to removes internal stress, crystal defects,
and dislocations.  Not necessarily harden the
brass, as the narrator states. (Annealing
usually makes the metal more malleable,
softer.)  Heating and slow cooling results
in larger crystals in the crystalline
structure of the metal.  Because the crystals
grow as the metal cools before it freezes.
     Tempering or quenching is the process
of heating and quickly cooling by quenching
in oil (as opposed to water, because the
layer of steam acts as an insulator
preventing heat transfer).  Quick cooling
results in small crystals in the crystalline
structure of the metal.  The crystals get
frozen before they have a chance to grow.
This allows, for instance, a finer (less
jagged) knife edge (at the microscopic
     Annealing makes the brass more
malleable, so the neck can be compressed
to hold the bullet tightly.

***** Tactics *****

"Officer Shoots Home Owner Who
Just Shot Armed Home Invader"
... [This is] why we do a
“scan and assess” after a defensive gun use.
     "Scan and Assess" is NRA terminology,
also referred to as "after action drills" in
the industry: quick check, final check, and
     Source article: 

***** Gear *****

     From the Streamlight web site, frequently asked
questions.  http://www.streamlight.com/en-us/faq/default.html
Q: The color of the light from my LED flashlight looks
different than the light from the same model flashlight
when I shine them on the wall together. Is one LED defective?
A: There is nothing wrong with either LED. LED technology
produces an unavoidably wide range of tints. Streamlight
pays extra to buy the color bins which are closest to
perceived white light. The light will always be bluer
than an incandescent, and there will be more variation
between identical products than with incandescent lamps.

     Heckler & Koch Volkspistole 9 review

     There were lots of new
products at the NRA Annual Meeting
exhibition that were just crazy stupid.
     "Personal-Protection Products and the Big Picture"

***** Good Guys Win *****

"Concealed Permit Holder Stops Attempted
Mass Shooting in Chicago"

***** News *****

Guns on university campuses: The Colorado experience
     Colorado Campus Carry: 12 Years,
No Mass Shootings, No Crimes by Permit Holders.
     Can you believe this pro-gun article
appeared in the liberal Washington Post?
We are winning the culture war.

If you don't have a gun, take your assailant
to your neighbor who has a gun.

Why concealed carry is better than open carry

BACKFIRED: Media Lies About Firearms & Crime,
Increases Interest In Gun Rights
     We are winning the culture war.

A shopper with a concealed weapons permit shot
and killed a man who was trying to carjack a
woman Saturday outside a Utah grocery store.

***** Promotions *****

***** Politics *****

***** Recalls *****

Winchester shotgun recall

Blue Bell Ice Cream Expands Recall to ‘All of Its Products’
     I've always considered the pint
container to be a single serving.

***** Miscellany *****

     Tromix Siamese M16: Twin Barrels, Full Auto

     Please upgrade your NRA membership.
Please join your state organization.
Set the example.  It's not just your
children who copy what you do.

     Past emails are posted at
     Lesson plans are at
or send me an email to get the latest version.


Jonathan Low

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