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***** Mindset *****

Skill Set: What You Carry
Excerpt:  I don't think you should "test drive"
pistols by carrying them.

The Dangerous Myth of Hierarchy of Lethality

***** Training *****

Situational Dry Fire Practice

"10 Things Most Gun Owners Do Wrong"
Page 22.
     "If you don't train, then when
something happens and you revert to your
training -- you revert to nothing."
     "Shooting slowly and accurately for
groups is a foundational skill, one
coming prior to, and much harder than
shooting fast and tactically."
     Whoa!  Truth hurts.

"Better Shooting" by Dave Anderson
Page 22.
Excerpt:  "Then why worry about blinking?
Because blinking makes further improvement
difficult, if not impossible.  If you don't
see what the sight picture looked like as
the shot broke, you'll never be able to
recognize an acceptable sight picture for
the shot required.  Certainly unless you
can see the lift in recoil as the shot
breaks, then track back on target, you'll
never reach your potential to shoot both
fast and accurately."

Master Defensive Handgun Shooting

Eye exercises to improve your shooting
Eye exercises to improve your shooting: Part II

***** Pedagogy *****
***** Education *****
***** Tactics *****

     Don't carry your knife with the clip
showing.  You'll lose the element of surprise.
Carry your knife in your pocket.
     But, Staff, that's how it's designed to
be carried.
     Surprise is more important than
convenience of deployment.  Because surprise
can give you several seconds, while deployment
from a position clipped to your pocket as
opposed to inside your pocket gains only
fractions of a second (and no time at all,
if you practice).

***** Gear *****

The Evolution of Handgun Sights for Personal Defense
Excerpt:  ... eliminate a "busy rear sight."

What to Look for in a Home-Defense Handgun
(as opposed to a concealed carry handgun)

     Use some Rain-X Interior Glass Anti-Fog or
something like that, so your glasses don't
fog.  Keep a container of the stuff
in your range bag, so you can help out the

     A prospective student complained to me, that
after reading the equipment list and lesson plans
for the up coming NRA Defensive Pistol course,
that just about all of the equipment in his local
gun store was inappropriate for civilian concealed
carry according to me.  Was it really possible
that I was correct and all these equipment
manufacturers were wrong?
     Now you see why 13 prospective students
dropped out of my last class before the class
started.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of
gun owners in the United States have had no
firearms training at all, much less competent,
expert, or professional training.  So, it is
easy for the manufacturers to sell rubbish.
The customer base is ignorant.
     We are not firearms instructors.  We are
evangelists (from the Greek, one who spreads
the good news, implied to be the truth, to
oppose the lies of the enemy's propaganda
campaign).  We have to be.  Because so much
of what gun owners know is false.  Because,
they've never had any training.  For example --
     This soft nylon holster is fine and it's
cheap.  No, it will collapse.  You won't
be able to holster with one hand.  If you use
two hands, you will muzzle your support side
hand.  If you point the pistol into your side
to holster with one hand, you will muzzle
your hip.  The holster must stay open under
the pressure of your belt.
     This is a fine expensive Sig Sauer pistol.
No, it does not have a magazine release button
that allows you to eject the magazine with one
hand.  (The magazine release is at the bottom
of the grip, over the magazine well.)  So, you
won't be able to use the modern pistol
techniques with that pistol.  You won't be
able to load it or reload it with one hand.
     I could go on, but you get the idea.
Please be an evangelist.
     Why don't the big gun schools have this
problem?  Because people who spend $2000 for
a handgun class at Front Sight or $1895 at
Gunsite plus air fare, hotel, rental car,
and food aren't the same demographic as the
good old boys, red necks, and hillbillies
that we teach out in the country, down in
the weeds.  But, it's far better than Yankee
land or the left coast or the Mid Pacific.
     In Hawaii, people say, "Lucky you live
Hawaii".  They are wrong.  They don't know
what they don't know.  They have been
oppressed for so long (Democrat control
since September 1959), that they don't
recognize that they are not free.  (At least
the people in Baltimore, MD were aware
enough to riot against their Democrat
The truth is "Lucky you live in the South."
where freedom still reigns.

***** Good Guys Win *****
***** News *****

Armed Citizen Stops Suspect’s Furious Assault on a Cop

***** Opinion *****

From Tom Clark, Palmetto Gun Club firearms instructor --
     I think this clip shows how it should be done.
     Also, I disagree with the bashing of Glocks.
The ultimate safety on any firearm is between the
shooters ears; inept or unskilled handling may cause
accidents whether police or others, whether Glock or
others.  Unskilled people using a chainsaw may cut
themselves, unskilled people using a hammer may hit
their own thumb, unskilled people using a sharp knife
may cut themselves, etc.
     For many years the NYC police department Glocks
all had “NY1” triggers.  That requirement made it
about a 10 pound trigger rather than the standard
5.5 pound, and makes the pull very similar to a
double-action – still has a definite break point,
but the process of taking up the slack offers
increasing resistance until the break.  I also think
this was added because when the NYPD transitioned
from double action revolvers they expected to have
more resistance on the earlier stages of
trigger pull – and this provided it.
     It still gets back to training and experience.
If one puts their finger on the trigger before they
plan to shoot, then any convulsive squeeze or action
on nearly any trigger will cause a negligent
discharge.  Lack of trigger discipline is a training
     The author offers no statistics on negligent
discharges with other firearms in police hands
for comparison. The fact that a few unskilled police
have problems with Glocks is not remarkable to me
as I think the majority of police throughout the
U.S. carry Glocks – so it is the most common “tool”
in police hands.  I notice too that he quotes
statistics nearly two decades old, perhaps before
they changed to the NY1 trigger spring – I don’t
know the exact timing of the changeover.
     Finally, I don’t see how a trained trigger
finger on a standard Glock trigger is any more
likely to cause an accidental discharge than the
same finger on a cocked single action such as a
1911 style gun.  So is the argument that all
handguns should be long pull double-action only
for safety?  This way we could force 100% of
shooters to do it to solve the lack of training
for the several percent who are inept.  Maybe we
should just identify the inept and either train
them or give them training wheels.
     Yeah, I’m defending Glock actions,
I like them.  I also like the way similar actions
work on other striker fired guns such as the
S&W M&P, Ruger SR and LC series, and many others.

***** Promotions *****
***** Politics *****
***** Recalls *****
***** Miscellany *****

Penn & Teller shoot each other
(no, really it's a good magic trick)

Tripod review

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