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CWP, 9 May 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

***** Training *****

"Hardware solutions to software problems"
     Invest your time and money in
training, so that you can shoot better,
so that in combat you can shoot less.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

     Ken Thomas of Archangel Security
(in Nashville, TN) gave a lecture on
concealed carry at the Nashville
Bass Pro Shop.  I paraphrase from my notes. 
     He said,
know your neighbors, know your police, be alert,
plan, consider what-if scenarios, prepare,
practice (fire drill, home invasion drill,
etc.), the average response time for Nashville
police is 5 to 7 minutes (which is pretty
good for an urban police department), get
a home alarm system (this will give you time
to react, as opposed to getting clubbed in
bed while you sleep).
1.  avoid the gun fight.
2.  have a gun.
     What handgun?
1.  The one you have.
2.  The one you know.
3.  The one you can control.
     Get an instructor.  You wouldn't try
to teach yourself [insert the skill of
your choice].  Why in the world would you
think you could teach yourself how to
use a pistol in self-defense?
     You may only use lethal force when,
"The person has a reasonable belief that
there is an imminent danger of death or
serious bodily injury."  TCA-39-11-611

***** Tactics *****

     When looking through a window with a
flashlight, press the flashlight against
the window.  Even a few inches away from
the window will allow the reflected glare
to inhibit your view of objects beyond the

***** Gear *****

FN (Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre)
FNS-9 9mm Striker-fired pistol made in
Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A.
Ambidextrous magazine release and slide stop.
Comes with three magazines.
Three replaceable back straps.  $465 - 485.
They're coming in below the $500 price point,
smart marketing.

     Sgt. Swiatnicki recommends Prometheus Lights.
----- Quote -----
     I recently discovered Promethius Lights at
Hand made in the USA and very awesome lights. Reading on
the site shows that this guy looked for specific,
quality parts from domestic suppliers and his products
show he is successful. He uses a "High Cree LED" which
more closely mimics natural light without the
orange/yellow effect of incandescent nor the blue tint
of typical LEDs. I purchased a QD2 light that uses a
single AAA battery, aerospace quality quick disconnect
and dual brightness circuitry. It was $60 but I swear
it's the best little mini-light I've ever seen.
Perfect for pocket EDC (Every Day Carry) and/or
keychain carry.
----- End Quote -----
     I found the tops fascinating.
     This operation is not your typical mass production
machine shop.  These are high quality tools.

***** Good Guys Win *****

Officer Armed With Pistol Killed Two Jihadis
Armed With Body Armor and Rifles

WWII veteran, 95, fends off would-be Manchester
robber with mighty cane
Excerpt:  "He said he is taking steps to
ensure his future safety. Whenever he
goes out walking, he said he's going to
have his cellphone on one hip and his
.357 magnum revolver on the other."
***** News *****

Gun Industry Driving American Economy
***** Opinion *****

"Why the police shouldn't use Glocks"
By Bob Owens; May 7, 2015; 10:52 P.M.
     Mr. Owens further explains in
     Mr. Owens says, "... the claim that the long
double-action first pull creates misses is a myth ..."
I disagree.  My firearms training in the Marine Corps
and in the civilian world cause me to believe that
the long heavy double-action triggers are much more
difficult for any person to control than the
single-action or striker-action triggers.  Resulting
in a much higher probability of a miss with
a double-action trigger.  That's why I recommend
my students do not buy double-action pistols.
     I was active duty and reserve when (1985 A.D.)
the Marine Corps transitioned between the
single-action 1911 and the double-action M9. 
The fraction of new shooters to qualify Expert
decreased dramatically.  Double-action pistols
are much more difficult to shoot.  And hence,
have a much lower probability of a first round hit.
     In my opinion, Mr. Owens is promulgating
another hardware solution to a software problem.
There is no substitute for training.  Double-action
pistols will not ameliorate inadequate training.

***** Promotions *****

***** Politics *****

The False Hope of Gun-Free Zones
Page 48
"[A gun free zone] is a helpless-victim zone"
-- Richard Mack, former Arizona Sheriff

***** Recalls *****

***** Miscellany *****

“The national budget must be balanced.
Public debt must be reduced. Arrogance
of the various authorities must be
moderated and controlled ...
People must, once again, learn to work,
instead of living off the honest labor
of their fellow citizens.”
-- Marcus Tullius Cicero, 55 BC

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