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CWP, 18 April 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

     Since we are all good people and
pillars of our communities, this article
may appear to be a humor article.  But,
I bet there is a young person you know
who would benefit by viewing this.
You may be saving his life.

***** Training *****

Focusing on the front sight

Drawing from a Closed Front Cover Garment
     But, in reality you will often shoot
through your closed front concealment
garment, when presenting with one hand.
The demonstrator avoids this in the
video by bringing the pistol up high
to his arm pit before shooting and
using a concealment garment of stiff
material.  A loose fitting soft material
will often get caught around your pistol.
That's why we require students to use
disposable concealment garments.
     Playing silly games to avoid shooting
through your blouse, engrains very bad

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

The Outdoor Wire, Concealed Carry, Special Edition

The following can be found on
by searching the given text.

NRA Women Love at First Shot
Ep. 5: First Hunt "Gearing Up"
for advice on gear.

NRA Women tips & tactics
for advice on all kinds of stuff.

NRA Women Tips & Tactics
Tatiana Whitlock: Situational Dry Fire Practice

NRA Women Tips & Tactics
Tatiana Whitlock: Transition With a Handheld Light

NRA Women Tips & Tactics
Tatiana Whitlock: Text Before You Transition

     I was sitting in my car in a parking lot
late at night.  The young lady in the car next
to mine was playing with her electronic device. 
I rolled down my window and yelled at her that
I would not leave her alone in a dark parking
lot late at night while she had her nose buried
in her smart phone.  I asked her to go home.
     At a later date, I was about to tell her
to do her homework and not to go out to the bar
drinking with her boyfriend on a week night. 
(as we had just had a lecture on avoiding
stupid places and stupid people)
But, then I remember that she was not my daughter.
     At the recent NRA national convention,
I was touring the exhibition hall and noticed
a young lady wearing a backpack with her ID
card dangling out the back, clearly revealing
her name.  I tapped her on the shoulder and
suggested that she conceal the ID card as a
safety measure.  She responded by placing
her finger to her lips "Shhhhhh", "I'm on
the job." and she walked away.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

"Our Responsibility"
The first three minutes are important.
The rest is mildly entertaining.

"Wayne LaPierre: 2015 NRA Members’ Meeting"
This will warm your heart.

***** Tactics *****

Putting Orient Back into OODA

***** Gear *****

Let’s Ditch “Stupid Carry” Of Handguns

10 Lessons Learned from the Worst Gun I Ever Owned

***** Good Guys Win *****

***** News *****

***** Promotions *****

***** Politics *****

Sheepdogs!  (Canada)

Fight Them Off?  (Kenya)

Enforced Helplessness!  (U.S. military bases)

***** Miscellany *****

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So, you may not have received my past emails. 
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Jonathan Low

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