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***** Mindset *****

"When the Moment of Truth arrives,
the Time for Preparation has passed."
-- Mike Mercer

You Won’t Become A Better Tactical Marksman Until You Become A Stronger Tactical Leader

Dirty Little Secrets
. . . you have the added burden of thinking
specifically about what it would mean to use
lethal force against someone you once loved,
or someone you used to be friends with, or
someone who might even be the father of your
own child. Maybe even someone you still love.
That’s not an easy thing to think about.
Yet think about it you must.

Louis Awerbuck: Training & Tactics

Remember what the Beatles said (in their White album),
"Happiness is a warm gun."

4 Ways Having a CCW Made Me a Better Person

***** Training *****

     Take a yoga class weekly (at least monthly). 
No, I don't do it just for the scenery.  I actually
learn balance, relaxation (which is not natural),
flexibility, breathing (which is not instinctive),
and how to converse with vegetarians without
offending them.

     I highly recommend you take the MAG-20 Classroom
course.  This is half of the MAG-40 course.  The other
half is MAG-20 Live Fire.  You should do it now, while
Captain Massad Ayoob is still around to teach it.

Emotional Self Care

Bank Robber Opens Fire
     This lady's firing side forearm was shot at the
beginning of the gunfight.  She then presented her
pistol from her retention holster, fired, cleared
a malfunction, fired, reloaded, and fired with her
support side hand only.
. . . I used to be the first one to complain about
having to go to the range or attend a training
session. Today, I firmly believe training is the
most important thing that will keep you alive.
Without the constant practice of clearing a jam
and quickly reloading a weapon, I probably would
not have been able to effectively clear my weapon
and perform the speedy reload I did during the


Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect
     What does Mr. Lamberson mean by
"Seek Mentorship"?
     If you are not constantly asking your
coach questions and asking for help on
specific techniques, you are wasting your

The Most Important Self-Defense Skills You Can Have

***** Tactics *****

25 Gunfighting Stats Learned From Convicted Cop Killers
     16 of 43 offenders had received weapons training
(10 of those 43 were veterans of the US military.) 
[So, the other 6 had received firearms training in
the private sector.  Remember my previous blog post
on criminal organizations sending their people to you
for training?  Be careful.  Vet your students. -- Jon Low]
     Percent of legally acquired guns used by offender: 0%
     This fight is going to be won prior to shots being fired.

***** Techniques *****

Moving your pistol from one hand to the other.

     The same cartridge should not be loaded, unloaded, and reloaded
multiple times, as this can cause the bullet to get set back in the
case (causing dangerously high pressures when fired), and it can
cause the primer to crumble (causing the cartridge to fail to fire).
    Example web posting:

Safe Re-Holstering Tips

When You Can’t Use Your Sights, Aim With Your Body

***** Gear *****

What To Look For When Buying a Used Firearm

A very detailed 3D animation showing how the Glock 43 handgun works.

"Defensive Shooting for Real World Encounters"
by Ralph Mroz
     Every time I buy a new pair of dress shoes, they go
straight to the cobbler for rubber soles before I even wear
them. Even if I’m not carrying a gun while wearing them, I
may still get into an empty-hand self-defense encounter.
. . .
     A lot of gun people wear running
shoes with their jeans and gun. This is a bad practice.
Shoes designed specifically for running are constructed with
the outsole (the bottom sole) glued onto the shoe in such a
way that it accommodates running only. These shoes do not
allow for side-to-side or pushing-off type motions. If you use
running shoes for activities requiring this type of motion—
boxing, martial arts, etc.—you will sooner or later rip the
outsole off the shoe. I’ve done just that on heavy bag workouts.
Further, running shoes usually have very tacky outsoles,
making it easy to trip when moving sideways. For
casual wear, then, stick to cross-trainers, tennis shoes, or
basketball shoes.
. . .
     Food attracts insects, and money attracts human scum.
Dress down, or at least conservatively and plainly. If you
must gratify your ego by impressing someone with your
material wealth, have the grace and good survival sense to
do so in private. A good example of this is holster maker Jim
Murnak, who lives in New York City. He doesn’t carry his
belongings in a briefcase, but rather in a plastic shopping
bag. It’s not elegant, but it doesn’t attract muggers, either.
. . .
     If you carry a gun, you must carry a flashlight. If you
don’t carry a gun, then you really have to carry a flashlight.
If you’re not a cop the flashlight isn’t so much for tactical use
in a low-light shooting situation or to search a structure with;
it’s meant to blind an opponent by shining it in his eyes, and
it’s used to scan potentially dangerous situations before
entering them—such as approaching your car in a parking
lot. There are some excellent small, bright lights out there,
such as the Sure-Fire 6, 9, and 12 series. Don’t buy a cheap
light—lumens count here, and a small, ergonomic size means
that you will really carry it. Don’t leave home without one.
. . .
     It’s only common sense that if you need corrective lenses
to see, you’ll need them to shoot and fight. That lesson
was brought home tragically during the famous FBI Miami
shoot-out, in which one agent lost his glasses early on in the
fight and spent the time until he was killed looking for them.
Count on losing your glasses during the first second of an
encounter. If you need them to see or fight, then you’ll just
have to wear a retaining device (such as Croakies or Chums).
That’s not particularly elegant or always convenient, but
really, what other choice do you have? To not do so is to fool
yourself that you can survive.

"I get a surprising number of questions about stun guns. 
Quick answer?  Worthless."
-- Greg Ellifritz

You alone must clean your personal defense
weapon, load the magazine(s), or charge the cylinder
and recharge the arm. Never, under any circumstances,
allow anyone else to do any or all of these tasks. If the
arm leaves your possession for any reason, you must
recheck the system before using it. Trust me, I have
good reason for this absolute rule.
-- Walt Rauch

***** Instructors *****

Teaching Tip- Shooting Demonstrations

More Thoughts on Shooting Demonstrations During Training

"We teach what we want to know."
-- Yogini Kristen Frick

How Johann Sebastian Bach Taught His Students
4 simple methods every parent and teacher should know.

***** Pedagogy *****

     I have always found that, without the requiem
philosophical overlay, merely teaching people a series of
psycho-motor skills does little to enhance their survive-ability.
To most of the “grass-eater” people, victimization,
like cancer, is something that will probably get us
all at some point. They resist thinking about it because
they don’t want to go through the disciplined drudgery
of self-improvement. As trainers, we therefore must
spoon-feed them the hard, lumpy, bad-tasting medicine
of truth.
-- John Farnam

***** Education *****

How can you tell the difference between a SWAT raid and a home invasion?

Changes we’ve seen in firearms training over the last 40+ years
with Tom Givens

Free downloads from Gun Digest

"Tactical Defensive Training for Real-life Encounters:
Practical Self-Preservation for law Enforcement"
by Ralph Mroz
"Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters:
A Critical look at Current Training Methods"
by Ralph Mroz
     They are free online downloads.  But, the web sites
appear and disappear occasionally.  So, if you can't
find them online, send me an email and I will send you
a copy in PDF format.

Bullet Racing

Studying Violence | If You Don’t Want to Get Your Ass Kicked . . .

How Often Do Citizens Use Guns to Stop Violence?
     The real numbers from real data are staggering.

     I have many Marine Corps buddies who are
enforcement agents who work for bail bondsmen. 
If you get arrested and use a bail bondsman to help
you post your bail, don't run away.  Of course, we
good guys would never run away.  But, sometimes
people get scared and panic.  So, let me explain to
you why you should never skip out on a bail bondsman. 
     When the bondsman appears before the judge,
he can do one of three things: 
     Give you to the court. 
     Give his money to the court and then chase
others to recoup his loses.  (bad outcome, because
he will take your mother's house and leave her homeless)
     Give your death certificate to the court. 
Which do you think is easiest for the enforcement agent?

"Law of Self Defense LIVE Show" takes place every
Wednesday at 2PM Eastern time and runs about 30 minutes.

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

"People mistakenly assume that their thinking
is done by their head; it is actually done by
the heart, which first dictates the conclusion,
then commands the head to provide reasoning
that will defend it."
-- Anthony de Mello

     This is why magazine limits is a bad idea.
     The home owner fired 40 rounds in self defense
against three assailants in a car who attempted a
drive by shooting.

Rangemaster Newsletter February 2018
According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund,
there are currently over 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers
in the US. The 66 murders of police officers represent a rate of
one murder per 13,600 officers. On the other hand, last year
there were at least 40,000 murders of private citizens.
That is a rate of one murder per 8,000 citizens. Although police
officers come into constant contact and frequent confrontation
with armed, violent criminals, they are murdered at a rate FAR
below that of the general population. Why? Because the police
are ARMED. Be like them. Be armed.

An Opinion on Gun Control, repost
     A point by point rebuttal of anti-gun arguments.

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control
     Logical rebuttal to emotional anti-gun arguments.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
     Our friend in the courts.

Tom Givens
February 16, 2018 A.D. at 11:26am
I have some ideas to prevent future school mass shootings. Here they are.
1. Pass a law against shooting innocent children for no reason.
Oh, I see, that’s already a death penalty crime in Florida.
2. Pass a law against taking a gun onto a school campus.
Oh, I see, that’s already a felony under Florida and Federal law.
3. Pass a law against selling a gun to a mentally ill person.
Oh, I see, that’s already a Federal felony if the person was adjudicated to be incompetent.
4. Pass a law requiring a background check before being allowed to buy a gun.
Oh, I see, that’s already a Federal law. Florida has a waiting period, as well.
5. Pass a law making it a crime to lie about your status on the background check form.
Oh, I see, that’s already a Federal felony.
6. Do away with idiotic gun free zones and allows adults to defend themselves.
That’s crazy talk!

Red Storm Rising!
     Senator Joe Biden and the first President Bush
are primarily responsible for gun-free-zones, as
well as all of those who voted for the federal law. 
     All mass murders occur in gun-free-zones. 
Because there is no one in the gun-free-zone with the tools to stop the bad guy. 
     The purpose of gun free zones is to create unarmed victims for armed
criminals to prey upon.  This is used by liberals to advance their political
agenda, which includes criminalizing the behavior of their political opponents
such as gun possession. 

Slippery Slope!
     Remember how the Soviets used psychiatrists.

Report: Four of Sheriff Scott Israel’s Deputies
Waited Outside Douglas High During School Shooting

Broward sheriff's captain, Captain Jan Jordan gave initial
order to 'stage' not enter Stoneman Douglas High School

***** Survival Tips *****

Political Agendas

Saflok Hotel Safe Override

     All mass murders occur in gun-free-zones. 
Because armed criminals prefer unarmed victims.
Don't send your children into gun-free-zones. 

"Don't do stupid things.
Don't go to stupid places.
Don't hang out with stupid people."
-- John Farnam

     Lock your doors when you are home. 
Lock your windows when you sleep. 
Criminals enter through unlocked doors and windows.
Reading police reports, you'll see it all the time.
-- Claude Warner

FREE Printable USGS PDF TOPO! Maps

Sheriff: Armed school resource officer "never went in" to building in Florida mass shooting
     You are the first responder.  Expecting law enforcement
to rescue you is a false assumption.

***** Basics *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

***** Miscellany *****

Excerpts and comments on Ralph Mroz's books --
     The first time you feel the pain
and disorientation of a good head shot should not be on the
street when someone’s trying to kill you.
(This is why martial arts training such as boxing is so important.)
     I have had several students shoot dogs who
attempted to kill them.  You can tell the dog's
intention by the growl, as opposed to the bark. 
     Since you have read Ralph's books, you
may be wondering why I don't carry OC spray. 
Pepper spray has a very strong affect on me. 
I have run into many persons on whom pepper
spray has had no effect.  So, I don't carry it.
(If you spray someone, you can expect the wind to blow it back in your face.)
     Will, skill, and awareness.  (The software.)
     The Boward County Sheriff Deputies lacked
the will to attack.  So, they waited outside
while the bad guy killed the high school students
and teachers in the school building.
     Training will give you confidence. 
Confidence will allow you to believe that you
will win.  That belief will allow you to
attack.  The choice will always be yours. 
But, if you don't train, if you have no
confidence, you don't really have a choice.

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  The lesson
plans constantly change as I take courses,
communicate with other instructors,
and stay abreast of best practices.


Jonathan Low
NRA Instructor (Advanced Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection) 
Front Sight Instructor (Handgun) 
Rangemaster Instructor (Pistol)

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