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CWP, 6 April 2018 Anno Domini

Greetings Sheepdogs,
     I just got back from the 2018 Tactical Conference
in Little Rock, Arkansas.
I highly recommend you attend next year outside of
New Orleans, Louisiana.  It will sell out 6 or 7
months in advance of the March 2019 date.
     Take the "Concealed Carry and the Modern Women"
class by Tatiana Whitlock.
It's packed with useful information, not just for

***** Mindset *****

Thoughts from Lee Weems. (expanded for clarity by yours truly)
     In IDPA matches, they won't disqualify you for
sweeping the no-shoot targets with your muzzle. 
But, you should consider yourself disqualified,
because you have violated our safety rule, never
muzzle anything you are not willing to destroy. 
     If you think it's a game, it's a game, and
you will behave accordingly.  Which will lead to
tragedy.  Because you will behave in combat as
you have trained.  How else would you behave? 
Do you think you are smart enough and cognizant
enough to change things in the heat of combat to
override your training?
     Students ask me, "When can I shoot the bad guy?" 
That's the wrong question.  You have a gun, you can
shoot him anytime you choose to.
     So, they ask, "When may I shoot the bad guy?" 
Meaning, when am I legally justified in shooting? 
But, that's still the wrong question.  In my state,
you are legally justified to use deadly force to
prevent death, serious bodily injury, or a capital
felony.  If I grab a guy by the arm and move him
a few feet, I've technically committed kidnapping. 
If you shot me for that, would you have problems? 
You bet. 
     So, you should be asking, "When must I shoot?" 
     You must strive to avoid shooting the bad guy,
because you will spend $30,000 on a completely justifiable
clean shoot.  If you are prosecuted, you will spend
$100,000 before your case goes to trial. 
     Not all magistrates are capable of granting bond
for a serious felony charge.  So, you may have to wait
for a higher level judge to show up in your district. 
You could be in jail awaiting a bond hearing for 21 days.
[All misquotes, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations
are the fault of Jon Low.]

Thoughts from Tatiana Whitlock (paraphrased by yours truly)
     You train and practice for the ones who love you.
     Your training and practice will cause you to
exude confidence.  No, as a matter of fact, you can't fake it.
[All errors are the fault of Jon Low]

How To Cultivate A Presence Of Mind That Will Counter-Balance Fear

     It is true that we are never interviewed by the liberal
media.  And if by accident we are, the interview is never
broadcast on their channels.

Self-Defense Tips: Living In "Condition Yellow"
     The more that we are in a state of relaxed awareness,
the more problems we can avoid entirely. Criminal attacks,
car wrecks, even traffic tickets, are really nice things
to avoid completely.

***** Training *****

Technical excellence supports tactical success.
-- Gabe White

The better your skills, the better your decisions.
(Because you don't have to think about what you are doing.)
The expert has automatic use of his tools.
-- Lee Weems

Thoughts from Kevin Davis (paraphrased by yours truly)
     Breathe, reduce your stress, focus on your task.
     Don't make a statement to the police until after
at least one sleep cycle.  Your attorney must be
present for the interview.
     Do random training to know your non-primed reaction
times.  Reacting to unplanned stimuli is different from
reacting to the beep of the timer that you know is
coming in a few seconds.
     Learn the pre-assault cues.  If you don't know
them, you will be taken by surprise.
     Subscribe to the
[All errors due to Jon Low.]

Thoughts from Massad Ayoob (paraphrased by yours truly)
     A person can turn 90 degrees in 1/4 second. 
A person can turn 180 degrees in 1/2 second.  So,
shooting a person in the back is reasonable, as
everyone is moving in combat.
     Reaction time to anticipated stimuli is about
1/4th of a second.  Reaction to unanticipated stimuli is
about 3/4ths of a second.
     Only 1% take training beyond the CCW.
[All errors due to Jon Low.]

Thoughts from Tom Givens (paraphrased by yours truly)
     You should ask:
Is this training useful?
Is this training simple?
Have these techniques been tested under duress / extreme
Are these techniques proven by prior use?
     Instructors should teach their students what
they need, not what they want.
     We are all prisoners of our experience.
[All errors due to Jon Low.]

Situational Awareness for Concealed Carry

Suarez Pistol Kata - "Diagonal Lines"
     Notice that he uses a retention Sul position when
moving around and not wanting to muzzle anyone.  Notice
that he uses one hand when the position of the target
makes it impossible to use two hands.  Yes, he could
have turned his whole body, but that is much slower;
and may not be possible.

Hi You All,
     I have purchased my ticket to the
2019 Tactical Conference ($413)
Friday, March 15, 2019, 8:00 AM to Sunday, March 17, 2019, 5:00 PM CDT
Nolatac Training Center
11075 Nicolle Blvd
Westwego, LA 70094
    I hope you will be going.  This conference is by far the best and most
self defense training for the money anywhere in the country.
Take a look at this year's schedule of classes:
Last year's schedule:
We usually take different classes (there are 7 or so going simultaneously at any give time)
and then brief each other on what we learned at dinner.  Please join us.
     You can expect the conference to sell out by September 2018,
as this year's conference sold out in October last year. Every year
it sells out a month earlier.  I've attended for the past 3 years.

Dry practice with Spencer Keepers
Lessons learned:
It is extremely difficult to do anything requiring manual skill and talk at the same time.

***** Tactics *****

Two carjackings at the same location a few days apart
with very different outcomes.
     Do not render first aid to the guy who just tried
to kill you!  Do not attempt to restrain the guy who
just tried to kill you!  Do not bend over to pick up
the other guy's weapon.  Kick it away from him, if you
feel you need to.  Stay away from the bad guy!

Skill Set: Custody

***** Techniques *****

Behind The Wheel: Introduction

Practicing Awareness, An Interview with Claude Werner

Ready Positions
     There is also a retention Sul position,
where the support side hand is in front of the pistol,
rather than behind the pistol.  So, both hands are
holding the pistol.  Much better for retention.

Testing Concealed-Carry Methods at Gunsite Academy
     Ankle holsters, belly bands, and tactical t-shirts (the kind with a pistol pocket),
will usually just mean that you are carrying a gun that you can’t get to in time.
     Big guns are easier to shoot accurately, but more difficult to conceal.
Little guns are easier to conceal, but more difficult to shoot accurately.
     Too often, we are tempted to practice scenarios that just make us feel good
about the way we carry.

Take a second, save a leg
Practice putting the gun away slowly, smoothly, and with full awareness
every time you have drawn the gun.

***** Gear *****

Notes from private lessons (Feb 2018)

G-Sight Laser Training Cartridges
Are well made instruments that fit in your chamber as would
a cartridge and emit a red laser when the firing pin strikes
it.  Useful for dry practice training.  I have used them and
they work well.
Use promo code, TACCON20
     There is also much more you can do with it with your
smart phone and other equipment, but I haven't gotten that
far yet.

     The forward facing corner of the disassembly lever
of the Ruger American pistol has a sharp edge that might
bite you when racking the slide.  I have taken a metal
file and rounded it and smoothed it.  The metal part isn't
that hard and the modification does not affect anything
structural.  Applying WD-40 to the file and using a tooth
brush to keep the filings out of the teeth of the file
helps a lot.  American or European files cut on the
pushing stroke.  Japanese files cut on the pulling stroke. 
So, the file handles are built appropriately.

Thoughts from Tom Givens (paraphrased by yours truly)
     Revolvers are obsolete.  No one has ever successfully
reloaded a revolver in a close quarter gunfight.
[All errors are the fault of Jon Low]

Thoughts from Chuck Haggard (paraphrased by yours truly)
     Tasers are not stun guns.  Both are worthless.
     A sap is a good option, if it's legal where you
[All errors are the fault of Jon Low]



"The Beretta APX is one of several excellent, modern defensive pistols,
including Glock, SA/XD, S&W M&P, FNS/509, Canik TP9SF/Elite, Walther
PPQ/PPSM2, SIG 320/365, Kahr PM9, H&K VP9, Ruger American, and CZ’s P10C."
-- John Farnam

3 Essential First Steps for a New Gun Owner
     Now that you've field stripped your pistol,
you need to clean it (Yes, even if it is brand new. 
You need to get the grease, cosmaline, etc. off of all
surfaces.  That stuff is great for preventing rust
when the pistol is in storage, but may cause dents
in your bore if left in the bore when fired.  It
will also cause malfunctions if left in the trigger

***** Instructors *****

Instructional Command Presence

     You know you've made it, when your pastor
uses stuff from your Defensive Pistol course
in his sermons.

***** Pedagogy *****

Instructor Demonstrations

***** Education *****

Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 1: Training Organizations, Groups, and Individuals

Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 2: Other Resources

The EDC LifeStyle – Concealed Carry Concerns

The Educational BeatDown

Journal of the International Wound Ballistics Association (archives)

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

Tell 911 that it was self defense. 
Tell the responding officers that it was self defense.
     The trial court judge, the appellate court judges,
and the supreme court judges will think it strange
if you claim self defense at trial or on appeal, but
never mentioned it at the scene.  Or worse, were not
at the scene to claim self defense.
-- Andrew Branca
Andrew has a great web broadcast every Wednesday at 13:00.

Cops Get Suspended for Responding to a School Shooting
     This is why cops don't go in to save the kid's lives. 
This is why you must be willing to.  This is why you
must never send your kids into gun-free-zones.

Thoughts from Skip Gochenour. (expanded for clarity by yours truly)
In the context of the aftermath of a self defense shooting.
     You have two opportunities to tell your story: 
when questioned by responding officers and at trial. 
     When talking to the responding officer you can
answer the questions you choose to and decline to
answer those you don't want to, and you may stop
talking at anytime.  The officer cannot say that you
refused to answer particular questions when he is
questioned at trial. [I don't remember the legal reasons that Skip gave.]
     At trial you have no control.  The prosecutor will
cross examine you.  And if you refuse to answer the
question, the judge will order you to answer the question. 
If you refuse to, the jury is going to think you are
hiding something, and that's going to make you look guilty.
     It's all about character.  If you have good character
and a reputation for having a good character, it's going
to be extremely difficult to convict you, so the prosecutor
probably won't waste the time and money.  Losing a case is
bad for his career and reputation.
     Prosecutors like to charge capital crimes that carry
the death penalty, because that requires a death qualified
jury.  They dismiss all the jurors that won't sentence to
death if convicted of the capital crime.  Such a jury is
seven times more likely to convict of something (possibly
a lesser included crime).
     When looking for an attorney to defend you in a self
defense case, find out if they have interviewed jurors
after their cases.  If they didn't care enough to do that,
consider someone else.
     Don't make the police hunt for you.  Be the first
to call the police.  Get an attorney and make a statement
with your attorney present.
     The AOJ (Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy) model
works well for sworn law enforcement officers,
but not so much for civilians.  A better model would be
ADEE (Avoid, Disengage, Evade, Escape).
     State laws vary as to what constitutes provoking
a lethal force confrontation.  People of good character
never provoke anything.
     Concerning imminent threat --
Immediate means happening now.  Imminent means
likely to occur at any moment; impending. 
Skip gave us an example where the jury interpreted
imminent to mean that if she did not shoot him
within the narrow window of opportunity that she
had, she would not be able to prevent her eventual
and inevitable torture.  Therefore, even though
there was no immediate or imminent threat, she
was legally justified in shooting him as he
lathered up in the shower, thereby killing him.
I will not relate the details of the incident,
because it was so depraved it gave me nightmares.
(This is also codified in state laws as the
Battered Spouse Syndrome.  But, Skip's example
was an extreme case of this self defense theory.)
[All misquotes, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations
are the fault of Jon Low.]

5 things to know about Md. SRO Blaine Gaskill

For gun owners, a core belief: guns make us safer

Andrew Branca's Law of Self Defense
Boxer's Bare Hands Qualify as "Deadly Weapons"?
     There are links to the Minnesota appellate court ruling
and the Minnesota supreme court ruling at the bottom of the
     The significant thing for us is that trained responses,
such as two quick left hooks to the head, do not relieve you
of the responsibility to stop the use of force once the
threat stops.  That's why no legitimate gun school teaches
"Tap, Rack, Bang".  They teach "Tap, Rack, Assess". 
Because the shooting must always be an intellectual
decision, not a pre-programmed reflexive response.

***** Survival Tips *****

Public Beggars!

Beware of fake police
     Police: Ky. officer killed by cop impersonator
     Suspect in Ky. officer's death killed by authorities in Tenn.

Survival Lessons From South of the Border
     For example, cartel members will dress as ICE agents to carry out abductions.
     Kidnappers dressing as military or local police is also very common.
     Training and equipment helps, but mindset is probably the most important factor.
Don’t give in to the kidnappers’ illusion that they’re in complete control,
and you are helpless to fight back.
     What factors make someone a target for kidnapping?
Signs of wealth, demonstrated by their possessions.
Their social media, either through demonstration of wealth
and status or establishing patterns of life and real-time
locations. It’s an open window into your daily life that
can be very easily used to target you. If the abduction
is ideologically motivated, expressions of your nationality
based on clothing, language, attitude, body language, etc.,
can also be a factor.
     A karate class or self-defense class isn’t enough.
Any sort of preparation of that nature has to include
the parents. People should know that kids playing hide
and seek are learning a survival skill.
     Include your kids in any kind of training,
like firearms or survival, so they can get experience
at a young age. There’s no such thing as an R-rated
abduction story for kids. . . . Evil has many faces,
and they’re usually pretty charming. It’s not about
fear mongering, they just need to be aware that those
things are real. Let them know the options, including
breaking somebody’s grasp. Above all, I think
situational awareness is the most valuable,
and easily teachable skill for children.
     [SERE stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.
Much of this training is classified.  So, you shouldn't
expect anything in the open source media to correctly
characterize this training.]
     . . . bartering and bribery are universal.

The Key To Your Survival When The Situation Seems Hopeless

***** Basics *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

***** Miscellany *****

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  The lesson
plans constantly change as I take courses,
communicate with other instructors,
and stay abreast of best practices.  I have changed
and added a lot from the 2018 Tactical Conference.


Jonathan Low
NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor (also Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection) 
Front Sight Instructor (Handgun) 
Rangemaster Instructor (Pistol)

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