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Happy New Year! Sheepdogs,

Please read this,
Where is “Safety?”

***** Upcoming Training *****

Hey Everybody,
Sherman House here.  I wanted to keep everyone in the loop
on a few training opportunities I am hosting in the
upcoming months of 2018, in Waverly at the Humphreys
County, Tennessee Sheriff's Office.  They are:
March 3-4
John Murphy and Dr. William Aprill
April 7-8
Chief Deputy Lee Weems,
Defensive Pistol Skills and Social Shotgun (one day each)
October 27-28
Gabe White,
Pistol Shooting Solutions
     There are vacancies in all of the classes. 
Please sign up if you are interested, ASAP. 
As those of you who host classes know, if you
wait too long to register, you either won't
get a spot, or the class gets cancelled due
to a lack of registrants.  Please spread this
among your peer group, and on social media
as well!
Hit me with questions!
"Sherman House DDS" <>

     I'm hosting Varg Freeborn for his Violence of Mind series
on April 29th in Chicago, near O'Hare airport. 
A course like no other on extreme criminal violence.
Hear an insider perspective from someone who lived and
survived in that violent criminal underworld world for
25 years, with an articulation on how to hack the
human processor by understanding how
Erik Tweedt
"Erik TWEEDT" <>

***** Mindset *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

"Somewhere right now, someone is preparing
so when they meet you, they beat you.
Train hard and stay on guard!"
– Dennis Martin CQB Services, Liverpool, England

Skill Set: The Fundamentals of Defense

     The private citizen's rules of engagement are
much better than the police officer's.  You don't
have to warn the bad guy.  You don't have to ask
the bad guy to surrender.  You don't have to attempt
to arrest.  You don't have to pursue.  You can and
should run away. 
     If you fear imminent death or serious injury
to yourself or other innocent parties, you have
legal justification to shoot the bad guy in the
cranio-ocular cavity without warning from a meek
countenance.  Which is correct.  Because if you
give the bad guy any indication that you are a
threat to him, he will shoot you first.

Dave Spaulding on Being Willing

Dave Spaulding on the Most Essential of Essentials

***** Training *****

The Single Most Important Self-Defense Accessory is . . .
Hit the track, or the stadium stairs, carry a tourniquet,
and breathe in MORE air. All of your trials and tribulations
through life, will be exponentially easier,
the higher your exercise capacity is.

The “Best” Offense

Situational Awareness is your best survival tool – learn to use it

Want To Be An Accurate Pistol Shooter?
     The front sight must be seen through the rear sight
in a way that their relative alignment is easy and
repeatable. That calls for square and hard angles
and for sharp corners (not circles and round shapes).
     . . . go see an eye doctor and see if he can help.
     A good trigger can be single stage or two stage,
but it must be smooth as glass on the take up. Every
bit of grit will move your muzzle off target. When it
breaks it must break clean and not be so heavy that
it jars your pistol off target as you press. And the
reset after the shot must be clear and easy to feel.

Sub Zero Survival Tips
     Have you ever left your car out in the cold and
tried to open the door only to find the handle frozen
and stuck? Had to spray WD-40 in the key hole?  Well,
your pistol can get frozen and stuck too.
     That's why I always carry concealed, inside the
waist band.  A warm gun is a happy gun.
     Unfortunately, some states, as Missouri, require
their licensed armed guards to open carry.  They
can't even legally put their jacket over their pistol.

Training Versus Practice: Why You Need Both
. . . the late, great, Randy Rhodes, the original
guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, would seek out and
take guitar lessons from the guitar instructors
in the various cities he would visit while on tour.
. . .
If we don’t obtain good instruction, then we
spend many hours and a lot of resources practicing
wrong technique.

Advanced Skills

"The Wild Boar and the Fox"
A WILD BOAR stood under a tree and rubbed his
tusks against the trunk. A Fox passing by asked
him why he thus sharpened his teeth when there
was no danger threatening from either huntsman
or hound. He replied, “I do it advisedly;
for it would never do to have to sharpen my
weapons just at the time I ought to be using
Aesop's Fables (p. 44).
Translated by George Fyler Townsend. 
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

***** Tactics *****

***** Techniques *****

     In climbing, you will hear,
"Belay?"  meaning, Is the belay ready?
"Belay on."  meaning, I am ready to protect you as you climb.
"Climbing?"  meaning, I am preparing to climb and
                      am awaiting your response.
"Climb on."  meaning, I am ready to protect you, you may climb.
"Slack."  meaning, Give me rope or take up the slack.  What
                   to do is usually obvious from the context
                   or the tension on the rope.
     Similarly, in combat operations with a partner,
you must communicate. 
"Reloading."  meaning, I have to reload.  Cover me. 
"Covering."  meaning, I am shooting at the enemy. 
                      Do whatever you need to do.
"Moving?"  meaning, I have chosen my destination behind cover
                    and am prepared to move, awaiting your signal.
"Covering."  meaning, I am shooting at the enemy. 
                      Do whatever you need to do.
     Or, if you are the leader,
"Cover!"  meaning, Shoot at the enemy to allow others to do
                   whatever they need to do. 
"Move!"  meaning, Move to cover, or a position of tactical
                  advantage, or to escape.

Weak Hand Shooting

Handgun Malfunction – Getting Out Of A Jam

***** Gear *****

Ayoob: 13 Cases That Show Why You Should Carry a Backup Gun

Magazine Maintenance

Simple Tips for Buying a Handgun

A Tale of Two Cartridges
Excerpt:  Never re-chamber a cartridge.

***** Instructors *****

An Interesting Experience at the Shooting Range . . .
     Not just for instructors.  For all of us.

"In martial arts and especially if you claim to teach self-defense,
the price of error is blood. The luxury of an instructor is that
it will not be your blood. That makes bullshit more reprehensible,
not less." -- Rory Miller

     I teach my instructors not to tell war stories during class. 
Unless it directly relates to the subject at hand and directly
answers the student's question.  Perhaps at lunch after the lectures
if we have dead time (which we never do).  Perhaps it would be
best to send the student the war story via email if he asks to
hear it.

How to Become a Firearms Instructor

Rodney Dangerfield must’ve taught beginners
. . . teaching beginners is the most dangerous and
difficult task any shooting instructor ever faces.

The Cornered Cat blog

     I once had a lady drop out of a class that I was teaching.
Before she left, she told me that she didn't realize that the
class would be so intense.  I have prayed several times that
she try again in the future.

***** Pedagogy *****

     A new climbing gym opened near my residence, so I went to
check it out.  A little girl was having difficulty with a problem
(what they call paths up the wall using a particular sequence of holds). 
So, I asked her if I could advise her.  She said yes.  I suggested
that she: 
1)  keep her hips close to the wall (as opposed to keeping
her center of mass close to the wall to minimize the vector
component of force on her hands perpendicular to the wall),
2)  keep the sides of her climbing shoes flat against the wall
(not letting her toe or heel stick out away from the wall),
3)  not bend her elbows (it tires the arms), rather rotate at the
hand hold and rotate at the shoulder joint, [Have you ever seen
monkeys climb?  They never bend their elbows.  Because they are
smart.  At least smarter than most humans who play in climbing
4)  expect to make 5 to 7 foot moves for every hand move
so as to put yourself in a position to use your legs to push
yourself up the wall, as opposed to using your arms to pull
yourself up the wall,
5)  don't be afraid to turn your back to the wall.
     Looking at her facial expression, I apologized for giving
her too much information. 
     She said, it was fine and that it must be frustrating
for you to watch us. 
     Not at all, I responded, you are learning fast. 
     No we're not.  We're just farting around. 
     That's okay, play is good.  You learn a lot when you play.

     But, some people decide (and it has to be a conscious decision)
that they don't want to just fool around anymore.  They want to
master this skill.  When such people ask, you have to be in a
position to guide them.  Instruct them if you are competent to do so,
or refer them to a competent instructor.  Because wanting to learn and
not being able to find a mentor whom you can communicate with
is frustrating, and may cause the student to move on to other

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
     The paper that Kathy Jackson refers to,
"Unskilled and unaware of it:
how difficulties in recognizing one's own incompetence
lead to inflated self-assessments."

Learning How to Learn: The Steps

We Can Do Better At Training Leaders

***** Education *****

Human Predators: Four Features and Four Phases of Assault
     Share this essay on non-stranger rape with your
daughters.  So, they can see the attack coming, rather
than being surprised by it.

Intimate Partner Violence: Warning Signs
     Share this essay on abusive relationships with your
daughters.  So, they can see the attack coming, rather
than being surprised by it.

"Defensive Living" 2nd Edition
by Ed Lovette and Dave Spaulding
ISBN-13: 978-1932777093
ISBN-10: 1932777091
     The section on driving is invaluable. 
     This presents an enormous challenge to [the students]
during personal security training because they often
have no frame of reference for what the instructor is saying.
They hear the explanations for why they should or should not
do something. They are able to perform the indicated exercise
to the appropriate level during the training. But they may
not take very much of what they learn with them when they
complete the training if the instructor hasn’t done his
. . .
     The defeatist attitude is a self fulfilling prophecy.
It is most often identified by the phrase, “If they want me,
they’re gonna’ get me.” If you honestly believe that, close
this book and pass it on to someone else. We can’t help you.
More to the point, you can’t help yourself.
. . .
     Clint Smith . . . tells his students, . . . ,
“Get the best training you can afford. But train with the
understanding that most firearm’s practice is about 75%
physical and 25% mental.  A gunfight is about 75% mental
and about 25% physical.”
. . .
     . . . the sole purpose of motor skills training is
to develop a conditioned response to a specific threat.
You will have about a 3-5 second window in which to react
to worst case situations. If you have to stop and think
about what you are going to do you will simply run out of time.
. . . 
     The journalist asked her what precautions she took
when she was outside of her home. She replied,
I open my eyes. I open my mind.
. . .
     "Is it possible to empty-hand defeat an opponent with a gun?
Yes, of course it is.  But in addition to skill, the martial
artist must be very lucky.  And the man with gun must be very
stupid." - Sekeichi Toguchi, Karate Grandmaster
. . .
“Advanced training is nothing more than the basics mastered.”
. . .
Shown here is a rear sight that has been widened with a file . . .
     [This is critically important.  In low light
conditions the light on either side of the front sight
will get very thin or disappear if the rear sight is too small. 
(And they all come from the factory too small.)  This
forces the shooter to move the front sight up relative
to the rear sight, so he can distinguish the front sight
from the rear sight.  This causes his bullets to impact high. 
-- Jon Low]
. . .
     If you look like prey, you will be preyed upon.
     [No, you can't bluff.  You have to get training and you
have to practice what you've learned in your training. 
There is no other way to convince the predator that you
are a competent operator, and will kill him if need be. 
     If you convince the predator, he will leave, and
you win in every sense of the word.  -- Jon Low]

7 Competitive Shooting Books You Need To Read

The Cornered Cat

Defensive Use of Firearms
     The techniques are clearly explained.  But many
differ from what is taught in modern gun schools.
Technique must also adapt to conditions.

Fackler Discusses Shots To The Pelvic Area

"Building Shooters"
ISBN-10: 0692621784
ISBN-13: 978-0692621783
"Mentoring Shooters"
ISBN-10: 0692890564
ISBN-13: 978-0692890561
by Dustin P. Solomon
     The important thing is that Mr. Solomon is
good about responding to questions.

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

'God and Second Amendment' saved Richard Childress from home break-in attempt
     On a car racing web site.

"Law of Self Defense Case of the Week"
     Regaining the element of innocence.  Or, not.

Other credentials for carrying:
     Armed Forces Courier Card
On the back of this card are orders from the President of the United States
directing all law enforcement, military, and government employees to render
all aid and assistance to the bearer of this card.  When we carried
classified material, we would not surrender to arrest by police or anyone
else.  Of course, some people don't recognize the authority of the POTUS. 
You just have to shoot them.  Because you can't let them shoot you and
get access to the classified material, especially crypto keys.
     State Armed Guard/Courier License
Congress enacted the
Armored Car Industry Reciprocity Act (ACIRA) of 1993,
amended several times thereafter.
The magic words are, "We are transporting federal money." 
(Isn't all money, federal money?  Think about it. 
Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's.  Give unto God what is God's.)
The cops should leave you alone.  If not, eventually an FBI agent
will threaten to arrest the policeman for violating federal law
if he doesn't release you.  Some cops are not as legally educated
as others.
     A written contract with the U.S. State Department saying
that you will not be prosecuted for anything you do in this
third world pit.  Oh, you mean you've never hear of Blackwater? 
Of course, the U.S. State Department is not trustworthy and you
might be prosecuted.
     Operating in an absolute monarchy with written orders from
the King (or Crown Prince) is really nice.  Or, Status Of Forces
Agreements (SOFA) with the hosting country will suffice.
Hunting terrorist in Riyadh and Ankara during the Iraqi Freedom
operation, those were the days. 
     And then, of course, there is nepotism.  We were on the
second floor of Fisalia Tower (a high rise) in downtown Riyadh. 
It's a big shopping mall.  We were eating at the McDonalds. 
Across the way, a Matawa (religious policeman) is beating a woman
with his stick (Matawa only carry sticks.) and screaming at her
to cover her head.  (Women exposing their hair in Saudi is
pornographic.)  She pulls out a pistol and shoots the Matawa dead. 
The regular police (Ministry of the Interior), armed with
submachineguns, immediately show up.  She shows them her ID card,
which identifies her as a princess of the al Saud family
(the royal family).  The cops let her go.
     Lucky you live in America.

***** Survival Tips *****

     Police shoot one of their own every 18 months
around the nation in everyday police work, . . .
. . .
     All of this, "we are there to save lives . . .
we are there to intervene in the conflict and negotiate"
is nonsense.  For every negotiator type, you have a
dozen meat eaters racing to be the first one to make
his career by taking down the terrorist.

If [the police] seem focused on you,
have your hands empty, open palms toward them,
and get on your knees.  The snake flag people
may have issue with this, but its like arguing
the rain has no right to wet you down.

     I have heard medics argue about what to use
to clean a wound if clean water is not available. 
One of my friends, who is an M.D., opines that
urine is okay.  It's sterile and it's warm;
and if the donor is properly hydrated,
it's clear and in large volume.  So, it's close
to water.

***** Basics *****

Back Curve
     Combat rifle trajectory considerations.

***** Miscellany *****

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  The lesson
plans constantly change as I take courses,
communicate with other instructors,
and stay abreast of best practices.


Jonathan Low

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