Monday, May 23, 2016

CWP, 23 May 2016 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,
HEBREW HOGGER 2016: Training and Pork-Raiser
This is a tactical training conference to raise
funds to help save the Oinkin’ Acres Farmstead,
owned by US Army veteran, medic, Tactical Response
Instructor, Paul-E-Palooza Cadre Member, and Legendary
Hebrew Hogger, Eli Miller.  In early 2016, Eli was
involved in a lawful self-defense situation and his
legal defense has caused enormous financial distress.
All funds raised will go to saving the Farmstead. 
In addition to the training, Eli will have available
for purchase a variety of his prize-winning, heirloom
pork products!  Support the Farmstead in the most
delicious, bacon-y way possible.

***** Mindset *****

Intellectual Honesty & Unpleasant Truths . . .

Shooting in Self-Defense, Part 3:
"Pulling the Trigger" by Sara Ahrens
"Thinking you can pull the trigger for self-defense
is quite different than being able to do it."

     No, as a matter of fact, you don't know the
rules.  You're just a sheltered, socialized,
civilized, pampered, coddled, suburbanite.
     And this is in America.  It gets worse
overseas; fewer cues and more deception.

***** Training *****


Involuntary Hand Clenches Leading to Accidental Discharge

New gun training program in Eastpointe
(Detroit, MI) uses real bullets
     All persons are shooting down range.
But, the mirror screen makes it look like
the enemy is down range.  Beyond photo-realistic,
this is mirror-realistic.  This is a step
beyond video simulators.  But, requires competent

Sheepdog Seminars
     Find one near you.

----- Skill Tests -----

Skills Check:
"Handgun Shooting at Extended Range" by Ed Head

"How Competent Of A Shooter Should
You Be To Carry A Handgun?" by Bob Owens

***** Education *****

Front Sight Training Video #27

***** Tactics *****

***** Techniques *****

Close Quarter Pistol:
Keeping Your Gun in the Fight
     Notice at the two second mark, 0:02 / 3:45,
you will see Mr. Adam Painchaud, Director,
Sig Sauer Academy pull his concealment garment
up out of the way and then move his hand down
to establish a grip on the pistol. 
     We teach to stick your thumb under the
concealment garment and raise it just high
enough to get your hand on top of the pistol
to establish a high tight grip.  Present
to close contact and fire.  This results in
shooting through your concealment garment. 
But, as it requires less movement, is faster.

     I know a police armorer who tosses his
pistols into a 5 gallon plastic bucket of WD-40
overnight before cleaning them.  You can get the
same effect with a zip lock bag and a few ounces
of WD-40.  He also uses an ultra sonic cleaner.
Those things are very expensive.  I've gotten
equivalent results with a dish washer.  Dish
washers are great for cleaning fencing masks,
kitchen sponges, and all kinds of things you
can't put in the laundry washing machine.

***** Gear *****

***** Instructors *****

"Real World Experience?" by Aaron Jannetti

***** Pedagogy *****

The Art of Teaching: by Aaron Jannetti
     Part 1
"... know why you teach and know where you stand ..."
     Part 2 "Instructor Conduct"
"... believing in something,
finding out it’s wrong,
changing it, ..."
If you can't do this, your attitude is wrong, and
you should fix your attitude before inflicting
it on your students.
     Part 3 "Reaching the First 90% of Students
(Visual and Auditory Learners)"
"Give the information they need, in that moment,
to get moving safely and effectively, through both
physical demonstration and verbal explanation."
     Part 4 "The Physical Learner"
"Remember, it doesn’t matter what you SAY,
what really matters is what they HEAR.
Be multilingual!"

Colonel Robert Lindsey to his fellow trainers:
“We are not God’s gift to our students.
Our students are God’s gift to us.”

"I spent 36 years rising to the rank of Lt. Gen.
in the [U.S.] Army to end up following a Marine
Corps Sergeant." -- Gen. Jerry Boykin on his
working at the Family Research Council in a speech
at the Freedom Awards Banquet in Nashville, TN on
18 May 2016 A.D.  His point was that leadership
is everywhere (if you look for it) and you can
learn from everyone (if you have a good attitude).

***** Legal Stuff *****

     U.S. District Judge Richard Leon (District
of Columbia) ruled that the right to bear arms
includes the right to carry outside the home for

***** Survival Tips *****

***** Political *****

***** Miscellaneous *****

     A recent lesson plan is at
For the latest, send me an email,


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