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***** Mindset *****

Shooting in Self-Defense,
Part 1: Mental Prep by Sara Ahrens
     You should convince yourself that you are
going to win all encounters. This is mindset
and visualization and they are critical. You
should visualize winning an encounter at all
     What you do in training is what you will
do in real life, no matter how ridiculous it
Shooting in Self-Defense,
Part 2: The Stress Factor by Sara Ahrens
     If the person assumes that the shaking
indicates fear and cowardice, then their
self-talk can lead to self-defeat and self-doubt
at a time that requires confidence.
     Fainting after a life-or-death incident can
occur because some blood vessels constrict
during the incident to prevent the subject from
bleeding out in case of injury. After an
incident concludes safely, however, the blood
vessels dilate, releasing the blood and causing
a drop in blood pressure.
     Unrealistic expectations refer to a
tendency to believe that something will happen
as imagined. A classic example of an unrealistic
expectation would be a belief that if you shoot
someone center mass, that this action alone will
end the encounter.
     Another emotional response to stress is
... stress-induced amnesia ...


Interview with a future criminal

***** Training *****

Skill Set: Slow Down

Is the Range Really Enough?
     When I added force-on-force training to my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, it raised the time
of my course to over 50 hours.  The NRA
Instructor staff at NRA headquarters raised no
objections.  They allow us, NRA Advanced Pistol
Instructors, wide latitude in conducting our

Calling the Shot by Chris Cerino
     Coach, you've told us about calling our shots
thousands of times.  Why do you keep harping on
     Because, sometimes, for some people, it takes
many repetitions over many decades to understand a
thing.  Sometimes, the athlete never actually does
it because he doesn't think it is important.
Sometimes he never does it because he doesn't
understand what he is supposed to do and lacks
the courage to ask for help.


***** Education *****

Lessons for the Ladies
     Pictures of ladies in the Weaver position,
Miss New knows what she's talking about.

‘He thought he could help’:
Concealed carry gun-wielder intervenes
in domestic dispute and is shot dead
     Civilian concealed carriers are not police,
and so should not attempt to pursue nor apprehend
suspects.  Cops get killed all the time.  Don't
play cop.

Lessons learned from the
Rangemaster Tactical Conference
     Yes, you should attend.  It's only $335 for
three days of top quality training.  Yes, you
have to take care of round trip air fare, hotel,
and a rental car.  But, it's still worth it.

***** Tactics *****

***** Techniques *****

Rangemaster newsletter

***** Gear *****
***** Instructors *****
***** Pedagogy *****

***** Legal Stuff *****

Tiffany Johnson, an attorney in Tennessee, cites
some laws.
     Check out the "True Man Doctrine" and the
Nuclear Fun Fact. 

***** Survival Tips *****

Ohio Sheriff: ‘If You Are Fearful, Arm Yourself’

***** Political *****

     From our friend, Steve Cooper, of Paladin
Training --
"Plaintiff Tab Bonidy, who has a concealed-carry
permit under Colorado law, sued the United
States Postal Service (USPS) challenging
39 C.F.R. § 232.1 (l), which prohibits the
storage and carriage of firearms on USPS
property. Bonidy claims the regulation is
unconstitutional as applied to him because it
violates his Second Amendment right to
(1) bring his gun into the United States Post
Office building in Avon, Colorado, and
(2) store the gun in the post office parking
lot while he picks up his mail."
     The above is taken directly from a recent
10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision and is
a more concise setup than I could write. 
Bonidy's challenge resulted in a District Court
decision that the statute cited above is
constitutional insofar as it makes illegal
the carrying of firearms for personal defense
INTO a Post Office, but is UNconstitutional
when it outlaws simply having a firearm in the
Post Office parking lot. 
     The feds appealed, and the 10th Circuit
decided that that part of the District Court's
decision regarding possession on USPS property
was wrong and it IS illegal to have a firearm
     The SCOTUS decided not to hear Bonidy's
appeal (because Justice Scalia is dead and so
could not vote to hear the case), in effect
engraving the 10th Circuit Court Of Appeals
decision in stone.

     [This is why Presidential elections are so
vitally important.  Presidents appoint Supreme
Court Justices (for life, Justice Scalia out
lived the Reagan Presidency by 30 years). 
One more liberal Justice and our right to
keep and bear arms is down the toilet. 
Editor: Jon Low]


Six Aspects Of Donald Trump’s Pro-Gun Push

***** Miscellaneous *****

     It's important to keep things in
perspective.  John Farnam compares
Hillary Rodham Clinton's actions to those of
a Federal Firearms Licensee.


On the NRA Instructor web site,
about three quarters down the web page,
under announcements, it says,
Advanced Pistol Instructor
The NRA Education and Training Division is no
longer accepting applications for the
Advanced Pistol Instructor after
September 24, 2015. Any future changes to this
status will be announced via the instructor
updates on

     I may be the last of a dying breed.

US Senate hearing, 25th October 2015
     Remember your oath to defend the
Constitution against all enemies, foreign and
domestic, even if the domestic enemy holds
high office.


     A recent lesson plan is at
For the latest, send me an email,


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