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CWP, 8 June 2016 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

"IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!!!" by Dr. Sherman House
...  remember that robberies are about someone
expecting to take something from you by force. 
DON’T MEET their expectations . . . exceed them.

“Favorite” Weapons!
by John Farnam | 23 May 2016

***** Training *****

Your Tactical Training Scenario -
Attacked on a Bicycle
by Greg Ellifritz
Exhaustion will be a factor if you have to fight

New Rules of Marksmanship – Focus

"5 things to consider for tactical
shooting preparedness"
5/19/16 | Opinion by Jeffrey Denning

New Rules of Marksmanship — Physics

A Practice Video – A Robbery In A Mall Food Court

"Some Thoughts on Training" by Greg Ellifritz
I had no idea that I was completely clueless
before learning the stuff in this class.

Check Your Six: Looking AND Seeing
     I teach (and this has changed over the years) a
three part after action procedure: 
     Quick Check - looking to your right and behind you,
then looking to your left and behind you.  Slowly,
because with an adrenaline dump, you are much stronger
and much faster than you think you are.
     Final Check - looking at the guy you just shot to
determine his condition.
     Scan - with pistol pointed straight up and suport
side hand pressed against your cheek or pistol pointed
straight down in a retention SUL position (support
side hand on top of the pistol), scan in
vertical strips while rotating through 360 azimuthal
     I disagree with the author.  I think a 360 degree
scan is essential for security.

Tom Givens podcast on Ballistic Radio
     "The biggest waste of time . . . is missing. Every time
you miss you used up the time it took to prep that shot,
fire that shot and recover from that shot and that’s a
significant amount of time. When you accept misses you
are assuming that you’re going to get to keep doing this
until you get a hit. The problem is the other guy’s not
having to wait his turn. His turn is congruent with
yours. So the more you miss the more time you are giving
him to launch bullets in your direction. You might get
hit by sheer accident."
     "There is no such thing as a miss, just unintentional
     "When you're missing, the answer is never to speed
up.  It's to get your wits about you and calm down."
     "Law enforcement techniques have very little to
do with civilian self-defense."
     "Military techniques have very little to do with
civilian self-defense."
     "There are about 6 million violent attacks in our
country every year."  [That's a huge number!]
     "People will perform at the level that you require
of them."

Firearms Training or Trends?
by Dave Spaulding   |  June 3rd, 2016

***** Education *****

How Bullets Work by Tom McHale, posted May 16, 2016

The American Warrior Show

Rangemaster Newsletter

***** Tactics *****

Weapon Handling in an Active Killer Event

How to Keep Your Gun During an Attack

How to Use Cornering at Close Range in a Gunfight

***** Techniques *****

How to Use the Four Hand Positions in Self-Defense/Firearm Training |
by Kelly McCann, Paladin Press

FIGHTSTOPPERS - Lee Morrison's Go-To Technique

FIGHTSTOPPERS - Joseph Simonet's Go-To Technique

FIGHTSTOPPERS - Mark Hatmaker's Go-To Technique

***** Gear *****

     Over the years, I have noticed that when people
get cut by ricocheting fragments, it's the copper
jacket fragments that cut them.  So, this seems to
be a good technological advancement.
Syntech™ Technology
     If it eliminates lead and copper fouling in the
bore as advertised, cleaning the bore should be much

Understanding Double Action Pistol Types
     I disagree with the narrator.  Using a finger or
thumb to block the hammer to decock a pistol is wrong. 
There is no correct nor reasonable manual of arms in
which the user blocks the hammer with a digit in order
to decock the pistol.

***** Instructors *****

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Legal Stuff *****

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit Rules
that the Second Amendment Protects Buying Guns

"Good guys with guns:
Former Interpol chief Ron Noble on
the Westgate Mall (Kenya) mass shooting"
by David Kopel May 17, 2016 A.D.

Not All Dogs Go to Heaven;
How to Defend Yourself Against Dog Attacks
[Actually, how to defend yourself in
court after shooting the dog. -- Editor]

Guns at work:
Are employers keeping their workers safe?
by Catherine Iste, Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hawaii could be first to put
gun owners in federal database

***** Survival Tips *****

Personal Tragedy (and Triumph!), with Some Lessons
Exerpt:  If you are not certified in CPR, you are wrong.

How to Identify a Venomous Snake By Its Bite

"I probably sound a bit cranky about eye protection.
There’s a reason for that. A few years ago, when I
first got into firearms, I accidentally splashed a
bit of solvent onto my prescription glasses. The
plastic lens was immediately etched deeply by the
cleaning stuff. I was so thankful that it wasn’t my
eye, but quite irritated that it destroyed my new
pair of glasses. Don’t take the chance of it being
your eyeball that gets etched like that, okay?"
from Gun Cleaning 101 by Kathy Jackson

***** Political *****

***** Miscellaneous *****

Packing Heat: Ladies' Night at the gun range
". . . more women in San Diego would rather spend
their girl's night out shooting a gun with their
girlfriends than spending time at a coffee shop,
a bar or club, or even doing yoga."

The Cornered Cat

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