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***** Mindset *****

Every day, no days off

***** Training *****

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     "Don't move." is two syllables.  "Stop." is one syllable.
We were always taught to say "Stop!" or "Halt!"
"Don't move!" is a negative statement.
"Stop!" is a positive statement.  It takes much less
analysis on the part of the criminal to process a positive
statement.  Much less chance of a misunderstanding.
The assailant might have heard you say, "Move!", when you
actually said, "Don't move!".  Or, maybe you thought you
said, "Don't move!", but actually said, "Move!".
You think that's crazy?  It's not.  It's reality.  And
then there is what shows up on the witness' cell phone
camera, which will probably be entirely different from
what you remember.
     You think I'm joking.  But, I'm not.
That's why police departments have policies of immediately
removing the officer involved in the shooting from the
scene and not interviewing him until after he's had a
good night's sleep.  You should do the same.

Handling the aftermath of a self-defense shooting.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Tactics *****

How to safely escort a criminal out of your house.
by Larry Lindenman

***** Techniques *****

***** Instructors *****

     When teaching a student, if the student does not
do what you are teaching, don't repeat what you just
said.  This is irritating for everyone.  The student
obviously did not understand you the first time. 
There is no reason to believe that he will understand
you any better when you repeat the same verbiage.
As William Zinsser says in "On Writing Well", assume
your audience is intelligent; ignorant, but intelligent.
You, the instructor, are not communicating.  Assume
responsibility for this lack of communication and
change tack (An approach to accomplishing a goal
or a method of dealing with a problem.  4th definition
in the American Heritage Dictionary.). 
     Mirror -- stand facing the student and execute the
mirror image of the action.  So, he can see what to
do as if looking in a mirror.
     Verbiage -- use detailed explicit verbiage to explain
the technique, avoiding all acronyms and jargon.
This is actually quite difficult, because we assume
a cultural background that the student does not have.
     Revert -- rather than explaining the technique,
explain what we are trying to accomplish.  The
student will often see a path to the goal and
execute an alternate technique or may execute the
intended technique.  Either way he wins.  If his technique
is unsafe, explain why.  Gently coax him to the correct

***** Gear *****

by John Farnam | 23 Dec 2015

Disassembling Glock magazines
I viewed a lot of videos to find this one.  Use of this
particular type of vice grip makes a big difference. 
A lot of armorers say you can disassemble with your hands
and a punch.  But, I have found that to be false.


Inspector General Report on M&P Pistols Out
More reasons not to mount a flashlight on your pistol.

Are Los Angeles County Sheriff M&P Pistols Unsafe?

"The pistol light ND (negligent discharge) not involving
the grip activation involved a deputy directing traffic
with his pistol light instead of his flashlight. You
can’t make these things up, there really are buffoons
wearing badges who do these things!"

"Teaching a full lights-on method is just asking deputies
to abuse the pistol light for a flashlight."

"How such a large and progressive department could
believe that a video would be sufficient in training
on weapon lights, a difficult technical skill, is
beyond reason. "


***** Education *****

Rangemaster newsletter
Article at the top of page 4.
You have a duty as a parent to prevent your daughters
from marrying men like the one in this article.
He may be a nice guy, but that doesn't matter.
"... laziness and willful naïveté ..." gets innocent
persons killed.

***** News *****

Dr. John Lott on Defensive Gun Use
You have an obligation to carry concealed.
Otherwise, you are freeloading on those who do.

Chicago Airport Police Officers Directed to
‘Run And Hide’ In Event of Active Shooter
     This attitude is why Chicago is more dangerous
than Memphis.

Ohio’s National Guard stations are no longer gun-free zones

Dallas-Area Megachurch Embraces Open Carry

Obama Executive Order May Require Those Selling
Even a Single Firearm to Become Licensed Dealers

Obama’s Gun-Control Plan Includes Gun-Ban
For Some Social Security Beneficiaries

***** Other stuff *****

     Review (sort of) of the Glock 41 Gen4, .45 Auto.
I bought a new in the box Glock 41.  I cleaned it and
dry fired it and did some reloading and malfunction
clearing drills with it.  The manual says you must
clean it before firing it for the first time.
     It has a cheap plastic adjustable rear sight. 
I will have to replace it.  It jiggles. I already
had to take a file and smooth off the sharp edges
on the front of the rear sight, so I could rack the
slide without cutting my hand.
     The trigger does not have a hard stop between slack
and sear engagement.  This is apparently intentional,
as there is a school of thought in the self-defense
industry that advocates a smooth pull from trigger
reset to firing, rather than staging the trigger by
taking out the slack first and then pressing to
release the shot.  I think that being able to take out
the slack first and then pressing to release the shot
is better.  But, the trigger on this Glock 41 is
reliable and consistent.
     I have always advocated simple black sights,
rectangular post front sight and rectangular notch
rear sight.  Because in the dark with a flashlight
you won't see any paint on your sights.  You will
only see the silhouette of the sights.  So, this
is the sighting system you should always be using,
because the painted markings will give you a
different point of impact. 
     But, I've changed my mind since using the
Glock sights on various colored backgrounds in daylight
conditions.  On a bright white background the black
outline of the sights shows up, while the white
painted parts disappear.  On a dark black background,
the black parts of the sight disappear, but the
white painted parts show up clearly.  So, high
contrast sights are effective in daylight conditions. 
(That's why graphic artist write their lettering
with contrasting shadow when the text runs across
different background colors.  This ensures the
lettering will be visible.) 
     The rear sight has the white paint
going all the way to the top of the rear sight.
Unfortunately, the front sight has a white disk
inside the black rectangular front sight.  So, the
shooter cannot level the top of the front sight
with the top of the rear sight when using the white
painted areas.  I will have to paint the front sight
to get the white area to go up to the top of the
front sight.
     I will have to machine some grooves into the
sides of the slide to allow me to do a chamber
check.  (I'm sure this will void the warranty. 
But, the finish on the slide is just too smooth
and slick.)  I have tried gluing on rough material,
as used on the floor of bathtubs or steps.  But, I
haven't found anything that will stick to the modern
Glock finish.
     Glock's literature lists the Glock 41 as a
competition pistol, as opposed to a tactical pistol. 
The action is tight.  It does not rattle when you
shake it.  Which is good for accuracy, but bad for
reliability, as sand and grit can jam a tight slide.
     The grip is big, without any of the back straps.
Attaching one of the 4 included back straps would
make the grip even bigger.  This pistol is designed
for people with very large hands and long fingers.
The Springfield Armory XD in .45 ACP has a smaller
grip, for the same 13 round magazine capacity.  That
extra layer of plastic over the steel magazine adds
significant girth to the grip size.
     The magazine release may be reversed for left
handers.  So, it is left or right handed, but it is
not ambidextrous.
     The literature says that the barrel has a right
hand twist octagonal bore.  But, my barrel has
lands and grooves rifling.  (Yes, I have seen the
octagonal bores, so I know the difference.)
I was impressed by the mirror finish of the bore. 
It makes cleaning the bore very easy.


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