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CWP, 28 december 2015 A.D.

Merry Christmas, Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

     Last week Thursday, 12/3/2015, I got rammed from behind
as I sat stuck in traffic.  I had my safety belts on, so only
got banged by the head rest against my head.  I didn't see
the other car coming.  I should have.  I could have pulled
onto the sidewalk to avoid getting hit.  I could have hit
my horn.  I could have braced for impact.  Being taken by
surprise is nasty.

Complacency Kills

***** Training *****

     May I invite your attention to Tom Given’s article
on SMART goals on page 1 of the May 2015 Rangemaster

7 Defensive Handgun Training Myths

Clearing a building
Page 4.

***** Pedagogy *****

"You're going to be an influence. 
It's up to you whether you are
a good influence or a bad influence."
-- Buck White, as related by his
daughter Sharon White
(as in Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White,
aka Ricky and Sharon Skaggs)

***** Tactics *****

In-Hand Handgun Retention: Defensive Tactics Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement

Range Master newsletter
Page 2.
This is a good example of why we don’t buy into the
“just give them what they want and they’ll go away”
advice so often given by those opposed to personal
self defense. The problem is, if you give them your
stuff and wait to see if they really are going to
kill you, they might just kill you. At that point,
it’s too late to stop them. Personally, I would
rather have some input into their decision making

***** Techniques *****

Passing a gun to someone else
     Your questions about this technique are answered by
Claude Werner in the comments section following the article.

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

Women's Pistol Carry That Doesn't Suck!

***** Education *****

Dave Grossman: "Bulletproof Mind"
     Ya, this is long.  But, it's worth it.

***** Commentary *****

"The right to bear arms isn’t up for debate"
When Ida B. Wells noted that
“... a Winchester rifle should have a place of
honor in every black home, and it should be
used for that protection which the law refuses
to give,” she was confirming an age-old truth:
The gun is a great equalizer, and
the state a capricious beast.

Growing number of law enforcement officials
urging licensed owners to carry guns

‘The Gun Control Song’
Mocks Obama for Pushing Gun Control
While ‘Blood Fresh on the Ground’

School District Approves Armed Teachers,
Provides the Handguns

***** Miscellany *****

     Dave Lafferty who owns and runs Quick Draw Nashville,
needs a range officer on Sundays to help with his Tennessee
Handgun Permit classes.  This would be a regular ongoing
position for someone with some kind of range officer /
safety officer / instructor certification.  If you know of
anyone who might be interested, please contact me.

Guns Saving Lives

When driving --
     Pregnant women should place the lap belt as low
as possible under the abdomen and the shoulder harness
to the side of the tummy bulge and between the breasts.
The safety belt will not harm an unborn baby; however,
an unborn baby may be harmed if the mother becomes
injured in a collision because she failed to wear a
safety belt.
     Never place children in safety seats in the front
seat of a vehicle equipped with an air bag, as airbags
pop open at speeds of 200 mph and the impact can cause
fatalities in younger passengers. If the safety seat
is placed correctly (facing backwards), the child's
neck will be be broken if the airbag goes off. If the
safety seat is placed incorrectly (facing forward) and
the child is hit by an inflating airbag, the damage
is indescribable!
     According to the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration, over 260 deaths are believed to have
been caused by airbags inflating during minor crashes;
more than 58% of those deaths involved small children
who were unbelted or improperly restrained in child
safety seats near airbags.
     If two vehicles meet on a one-lane mountain road,
the downhill-facing vehicle should back up until the
uphill-facing vehicle can safely pass. Reversing
uphill is easier to control than reversing downhill.

Ya, the Roane County General Sessions Court sent me
to driving school again.  What can I say?

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