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CWP, 10 December 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

     I met a group of friends for dinner at a restaurant.
When my friends entered and sat, we looked at each other
considering what stage of life the others were in and what
family ties they had.  I spoke up first. 
     "I have no wife and kids to think about.  (My kids are
grown with families of their own.)  So, I am the alpha
sheepdog.  If we are attacked.  I will immediately
counter attack.  Your job is to ensure the escape of those
in our party.  Escape routes are front doors, back door
through the kitchen, and exit down the hallway toward the
restrooms (Which I knew of because I had used the restrooms
after being seated by the host.)."  (I always arrive early
so as not to get ambushed.  I always recon before sitting
down and getting comfortable.  I'm always in the tactical
seat, because I get there early.)
     The others at the table agreed.
     A lady at the next table, over hearing us, asked,
"What are you people?"
     "We're the church planning committee." I responded.

Paris Attacks
Excerpt:  You have to be tactically aware.
THIS is what a disarmed society looks like.
THIS is what law abiding citizens who turn
in their weapons so the government can
protect them look like. Don’t let this
happen to YOU!

     Every Monday night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM,
I'm coaching the Mount Juliet Christian Academy
Rifle Club.  We practice at a private indoor
range, the Nashville Armory.  On the other lanes
I see people shooting pistols with incorrect
grips.  Some of these grips are dangerous,
resulting in cut thumbs.  Whenever I see such
things, I tell a range officer.  But, that's not
always effective or in time.  So, I approach the
person and suggest a better way to grip the pistol,
as friendly advice.  Safety is your responsibility.
Don't let someone get hurt because you think
that it is not your place to teach, or you
fear the person telling you to mind your own
business.  Because, safety is your responsibility.
     Yes, as a matter of fact, I am by brother's

***** Training *****

     This past weekend, 12/4/15 to 12/6/15, I took a
"Rapid Assault Tactics" 16.5 hour workshop in the ASSERT
program at the KSA Martial Academy in Nashville, TN.
It was originally developed by Paul Vunak.
I enthusiastically recommend the course.  (It is physically
strenuous.)  Some things I learned:
     You have to have the mind set in order to access your
skill set.
     Bite to your canines or incisors.  We do not intend
to masticate and swallow, only to tear out flesh, hopefully
severing arteries.
     Why are you scared of a growling dog?  The dog only
has teeth.  You have teeth, two arms, two legs, and
training.  You can defeat the dog.  The dog's brain is
behind its eyes.  You can easily gouge through the eye into
the brain.  You can easily bite through the front of its
neck to severe its carotid arteries.
     A couple years ago, the neighbor's dogs were chasing
my girlfriend's son around.  When I went out to confront
the neighbor, his dogs started growling at me.  I made a
hard decision at that point to immediately kill the dogs.
I was not going back into the house to get my gun.  I was
going to kills the dogs right now with my hands and teeth.
Before I charged, the dogs ran away.  That is reality. 
That is mind set.  That is why I rarely have a girlfriend.

John Farnum at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2013
Excerpt:  Most of us take our mental health for granted.
We shouldn't.

Craig Douglas - Training Tacticians at
Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2015

Chamber check, magazine check

12 things to work on

Close Quarter Combat
"Where the head goes the body will follow." 
That's why it's so important to keep your
hair cut short.
"Palm strike to the jaw to drive the head
up and back to drive the enemy back."  As
Col. Cooper says, Aggressiveness.
"You won't have time to present your pistol." 
So, you must have empty hand skills.

Edged Weapons - Chris Fry at Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2015
Excerpt:  Access, if you can't access your knife, it's useless.
One layer of concealment clothing only.  Anymore causes
Should be concealed, not visibly clipped to your pocket.
Slap, Tuck, Access, Brace.

Attempted murder in Turkey in 2000 A.D.
     When I was in Ankara, Turkey, I noticed little girls
going shopping for their families late at night by
themselves.  In America, we have courts and parole boards
that release convicted criminals.  So, we have lots of
repeat offenders.  Repeat offenders in Turkey are rare.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Tactics *****

Massad Ayoob Finding Danger Signs

Massad Ayoob Disarm Technique

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

     May I invite your attention to Galco
advertisement, "Miami Classic",
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Where is the pistol pointed?  At the wife and
baby.  This is why shoulder holsters are a
bad idea.

Winter Wear

***** Education *****

***** Commentary *****

"Three arrested,
one held on murder charge in
Amanda Blackburn case"
     This is why you must train your wives (girlfriends)
and daughters.  Women will always be the preferred targets
of criminals.  The only way to mitigate that is to have
trained and armed women.  (If your women folk can't shoot,
you aint done your duty.)
     Does this actually work in the real world?
"Saved by the Second Amendment"
     Shooting by breastfeeding mother
latest case of self-defense by gun owners

Ted Nugent on Gun Control
Excerpt:  "I don't like repeat offenders. 
I like dead offenders."

***** Complimentary Close *****

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