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CWP, 21 November 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

     Last night, 11/17/15, Federal Bureau of
Investigation, Assistant Special Agent in
Charge (of the Nashville, TN area),
Jeffery E. Peterson spoke to the Tennessee
Firearms Association.  I paraphrase.

     He told us that, in the event of an active shooter
incident, the best course of action for the individual's
survival is to run.  Get out of the building.  Get out
of the area.  Because those who hide get killed. 
Don't hide, run!

     If you decide to fight the bad guy, consider
your competence and chaos:
Competence --
     He gave the example of persons driving their cars in
a snow storm on icy roads.  The average drive (who
learned to drive from his parents) driving a rear-wheel
drive economy car might end up off the road in a ditch. 
Whereas, the highly trained driver (military, police,
or private driving school) driving an all-wheel drive
sedan, might have no problem getting where she's going.
     Do you know that you can operate in a high stress
situation while injured, distinguish between good guys
and bad gals with insufficient information, move quickly
while injured, apply accurate fire to moving targets at
varying distances while moving yourself, and while
getting shot at?  Do you know that your equipment will
function under adverse conditions (or does your pistol
malfunction every so often on the range)?  If not,
you might consider running away.  Because getting
yourself killed isn't going to help anyone.  While on
the other hand, being a good witness, giving the police
accurate timely information on which they can operate
would be great for everyone.
Chaos --
     Consider that when the law enforcement officers
arrive on the scene the situation will be chaotic.
The officers will have insufficient information and
possibly false information (because when people
panic, they misinterpret observations, so the witness
reports are often wrong).  This means there is a
real danger that you will be shot by responding officers
because you are holding a pistol.  The LEOs are not
going to have time to interview you before deciding
whether or not to shoot you.
     Once, you have incapacitated the bad guy and
determined that there are no other bad guys, you need
to separate yourself from your pistol and and show
that your hands are empty to avoid getting shot by
responding officers.

     Since the Columbine incident, law enforcement
officers in our country are taught ALERRT
(Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training).
The protocol for an active shooter incident used to be
to secure the perimeter and call for tactical support.
But, too many people died at Columbine.  So, ALERRT
training says, whoever is there should immediately
counter attack.  [Sounds like what we learned in the
Marine Corps, immediately counter attack any attack.]
This is of course, much more dangerous for the
responding officer.  So, don't put yourself in a
position to get shot.  Don't force the officer to
shoot you.

     Always carry a spare magazine, because you will
need it to clear malfunctions.
     If you're part of a security team for your church,
make sure you know who else is armed in the

***** Training *****

     If you don't feel comfortable about the guy
approaching you, yell "STOP!".  Any decent person
will stop and walk away.  If he continues toward you,
he has demonstrated malice that you can articulate to
the responding officer.

Hostage Targets
Page 40.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Tactics *****

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

***** Education *****

Massad Ayoob "Cute" Lawyer Tricks

On the Unlikelihood of Slaying Monsters...
...and, yet, the reasons monsters must be slain...
     I remember the story ...
For lack of a nail, a shoe was lost.
For lack of a shoe, a horse was lost.
For lack of a horse, a cavalry man was lost.
For lack of a cavalry man, a battle was lost.
For lack of a battle, a war was lost.
For lack of a nail, ... a war was lost.
(I first read this in Latin class in 7th or 8th
     This is why the Marine Corps teaches attention
to detail.  Yes, you can turn the tide of battle.
Yes, what you do does matter.

***** Commentary *****

Donald Trump Says
Concealed Carry Permit Holders
‘Have an Obligation to Carry’

Black Texas Student Shuts Down
Attempts to Tie Campus Carry
with ‘White Supremacy’

Paris, 2015

Interview with Massad Ayoob
     Hawaii is the worst.  New Jersey and Maryland are worse.
The Yankee states are bad, except Vermont (the best) and
New Hampshire.


Jonathan Low

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