Friday, November 13, 2015

CWP, 13 November 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

"Jennifer, a Deputy in Orlando, FL got shot
10 times.  She shot and killed the two men
who were shooting her (only fair).  She was
back on the job a year later."
-- Col. Dave Grossman
     The Colonel was making the point that
getting shot need not stop you from doing.
It is fairly common not to know that you got
shot.  That is why we teach our students to
examine themselves and others for injuries
after an incident.  The adrenaline (epinephrine)
in your blood stream and other things may
prevent your awareness of the pain and burning

"I was talking to a Navy Seal.  I said, you're
not very big.  The Sailor said, not many of us
are, we're just trained."
-- Jimmy Meeks
      The pastor was making the point that
training is essential.  What differentiates
sheepdogs from sheep is training.  Many sheep
are willing to fight to protect others, (as
any parent would protect their child) but they
are not competent to do so.  So, they lack the
confidence, so they don't fight.  Or, they do
and get themselves killed.  Which doesn't help
The above is from a webinar with
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman,
Police Officer and Minister Jimmy Meeks, and
Church Security Expert Carl Chinn at

     What I leaned from the webinar --
     At church, lock all back doors.  Force
everyone to come through the front doors.  This
allows the sheepdogs to check out everyone entering
the building and it ensures everyone entering
knows that the sheepdogs are checking them out.
This prevents criminals from sneaking in without
being seen to commit crimes and escape without
being seen.
     While everyone else is closing their eyes and
bowing their heads to pray, the sheepdogs must
pray with their eyes open and looking around. 
Gideon chose his soldiers by how they drank water
at the lake.  Those who brought the water up to
their mouth while looking around to the horizon,
Gideon chose.  Those who put their face down to
the water and so could not see the horizon, Gideon
sent home.
     Minister Meeks reported that two pastors had
recently been shot while praying.  We must adapt
to reality and prevent this from happening.
     I have been trained since birth to close my
eyes and bow my head when praying.  I will have
difficulty breaking this habit.  All of life is
intentionally breaking habits and intentionally
forming new habits.

***** Training *****

     Incompetent people get themselves killed
when they try to defend others.  Which doesn't
help anyone.  Yes, training takes time and
commitment.  Marine Corps Recruit Training takes
three months (full time, including weekends).
Training is not cheap.  Training requires
sacrifice.  Anything worthwhile in life requires
     Decide to get training.  Get training.
And then, practice.  Combat skills are perishable
skills.  You must practice.

Front Sight analysis of good guy fighting off an
armed robber with innocent persons present,

Why carrying without a round in the chamber is wrong.

Slow makes perfect
     Slow is smooth.  Smooth is efficient.
Efficient with practice is fast.  (Practice
means 2000 repetitions.  Which is the minimum
to engrain muscle memory.)

***** Pedagogy *****

Introduction, Isolation, Integrate

***** Education *****

Oklahoma University Professor:
'Self-Defense Is a Basic Human Right'
that Doesn’t End Where Campus Begins

Tom Givens' newsletter

***** Tactics *****

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

***** Miscellany *****

     Our country's oldest and largest civil rights
organization, the National Rifle Association,
5 million members, founded in 1871.

Nearly Every U.S. Geological Survey
Topographic Map Ever Made. For Free.

     Colorado Springs, CO police officers no longer
take an annual physical fitness test.  Because,
12 female officers claimed it was discriminatory.
     The Chicago, IL police department was toying
with the idea of eliminating the written test,
as it is discriminatory and prevents them from
hiring their quota of black officers.
     Dialing 911 has never been a legitimate
self-defense strategy, and it's getting worse.
The standards in our police departments are
falling, not rising.  Only you are capable of
protecting your loved ones.


Jonathan Low

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