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CWP, 10 October 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

     Combat in the Armed Forces is much easier than
combat in the civilian world. 
     In the military, the rules of engagement are well
defined. (They may not be to your liking, but they are
well defined.)  There is always a commanding officer
or some other authority giving the order to use deadly
force and taking responsibility for the action.  As
long as you are obeying legal orders, your ass is
covered.  (It's actually very difficult to prove that
you were obeying illegal orders and knew that they
were illegal at the time.)  The reality is that no one
is going to bother you about it.  You usually have
lots of time to prepare and plan the action.  You
usually have lots of your buddies around you for
moral support, and everyone is cuing off each other. 
And with extremely rare exception, everyone is going
to swear the killings were righteous.  You may even
get a medal.
     In the civilian self-defense world, the situation
is usually ill defined, even if the rules of engagement
are well defined.  And often, the rules of engagement
are ill defined.  Depending on the location (school,
home, parking lot, etc.), jurisdiction (state laws,
municipal laws, etc.), and situation (events that
occurred before you started paying attention to the
situation), who knows which laws the police and 
prosecutor will choose to apply.  No one is commanding
you.  No one is helping you.  You have to make the
decision to use lethal force by yourself with
insufficient information and insufficient time.  You
assume the criminal and civil liability.  You don't
get to leave the scene (and the country) and go home. 
You have to deal with it for the rest of your life. 
The witnesses may be your enemies.  The press may be
your enemy.

***** Training *****

Instructor:  If you are unwilling to train in the rain,
   what makes you think you will be willing to get wet
   when the lives of your children depend on it?
Student:  But, that's an entirely different situation.
Instructor:  Yes, it is.  But, you will do what you have
   trained to do.  By choosing not to train in the rain,
   you have trained yourself to not train in the rain.
        Several years ago, when the California Highway
   Patrol still used revolvers, some officers got into a
   gun fight with some bad guys.  The dead officers were
   found with their spent casings in their pockets. 
   [This incident was told to us by a former CHP who
   taught at Front Sight.]  In a high stress situation,
   you will revert to your training.
        In combat, humans don't rise to the occasion. 
   That only happens in novels.  In non-fiction, humans
   regress to the level of training that they have
   mastered.  So, you have to train in the rain.

How Much Work and Practice?

Mindset v Hardware

Range Theater Due to Institutional Inbreeding
     Oh, so true.

Target Based Behavioral Conditioning

Never rechamber the same round twice

Your Tactical Training Scenario- Violent Purse Snatching

On the Shoulders of Giants

***** Pedagogy *****

Teaching Tip- Gimme Three Steps

***** Education *****

Testimony and video of Wal Mart shooting

Indicators of an attack

Kids & Guns with Tatiana Whitlock

***** Tactics *****

     Point your magazine well toward your magazine
pouch when reloading for a more efficient motion.

     Reloading your shotgun
     Jessie Duff = Jessie Abbate = Jessie Harrison

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

Tatiana Whitlock: Practical Concealed Carry for Women
     Notice her firing side elbow is pulled all the way
back in the photograph (and she has significant breasts).
Rotate your body, so you're not muzzling your breast.
     Notice her magazine pouch is inside her belt.
So, her belt is holding the pouch tight against her
body.  The equipment is not flopping around when she

Don’t go to a gun guy for knife advice
     In the real world, fixed blade knives are just too
long to carry concealed.  The folding blade knife is the
practical solution.  Here in Tennessee, where all knives
are legal, one might think to use a switchblade
(automatic knife), or spring assisted knife.  That would
be wrong.  Simple is more reliable.  One should minimize
the number of parts, especially moving parts, such as
springs.  Springs should be elastic.  Stainless steal is
not elastic.  So, good springs are not stainless steal. 
Which means they will rust if you don't clean them
regularly.  Rusty springs will break.

     Fully supported chambers and tight chambers are bad.

     An interesting web site

     Rifle Cartridge Anatomy

***** Miscellany *****

Tom Clark writes with regards to life time
Concealed Weapons Permits -- Some jurisdictions
(South Carolina for sure) allow such a permit to
satisfy the FBI Background check when purchasing a
gun. So that rather than having the FFL contact the
FBI to run a “background” check, the permit
information is recorded on the ATF Form 1443. 
BUT – the identification used for this must have
been issued within the past 5 years.  So, a Lifetime
permit would not offer this usefulness after five
years.  The applicable Federal Statute is found
at:  27 CFR § 478.102(d).

Death on a Sunny Afternoon

     Tom Campbell of Safariland gave a clinic at the
Nashville Armory on Friday, September 25th.  He said
that in the law enforcement community 65% use Glocks,
20% use Smith & Wessons, 10% use Sigs, the other 5%
are of various makes. 
     The BATFE drop test is only applied to imports. 
Pistols manufactured in the U.S. are not subject to
the test and many wouldn't pass the test.

2 October 2015
     In response to the recent mass murder in Oregon,
Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said,
     “Whether the perpetrators are motivated by aggressive
secularism, jihadist extremism or racial supremacy,
their targets remain the same:  Christians and defenders
of the West.
     While this is not the time for widespread panic,
it is a time to prepare.  I would encourage my fellow
Christians who are serious about their faith to think
about getting a handgun carry permit.  I have always
believed that it is better to have a gun and not need
it than to need a gun and not have it.  Our enemies are
armed.  We must do likewise.”


Jonathan Low

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