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CWP, 25 September 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

Keep calm and carry.

***** Training *****

“I’d just run away”- Are you fit enough to escape?

Five Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim
by Stacy Bright

Your Tactical Training Scenario -
An Unnecessary Shooting
     You hear gunshots.  Gather up your loved ones
and run away.
     You feel compelled to engage?  So, you run
toward the sound of gunfire.  Do you understand
what's going on?  Do you know who the good guys are?
Who the bad guys are?  Where the good guys are?
Where the bad guys are?  No, you don't.  So, leave!

     There are a lot of "instructors" in our industry
who are teaching things that are wrong.  Please be
careful.  For instance,
     Mr. Pincus teaches to disengage the thumb safety
while pushing the pistol toward the target.  This is
wrong.  The thumb safety should be disengaged at the
close contact position, because you may have to shoot
from that position.  If your assailant is close enough
to grab your pistol, you're not going to extend.
     Mr. Pincus teaches to engage the safety when you
pull back into the close contact position.  This is
wrong.  The pistol is still in use.  The safety should
only be engaged before holstering. 
Clicking the safety on and off while operating wastes
time and complicates the manual of arms.

There’s a good chance that your training
is setting you up for prison

***** Pedagogy *****

     I just dropped some pistachio shells (hard)
into my trash can.  They hit an empty plastic
juice bottle (hard) and bounced out of the trash
can.  Hard things will bounce off of hard things.
That's why we teach hard against soft when shooting
with support.  If you place your hard pistol
against a hard wall, the shock wave from the
detonation of the cartridge will cause the pistol
to bounce off the wall and throw your shot off
target.  Your soft hand or other body part should
be between your pistol and any hard surface.

***** Education *****

     Latest version of "Defensive Pistol"
is available free of charge at is getting better.  This time
most of the diagrams were correctly translated
into the PDF version.

***** Tactics *****

Contact Distance Shooting
Rescuing a Friend or Family Member

***** Gear *****

Can Can Concealment
     Thigh holsters have to be worn with a garter
belt.  Otherwise, they will slide down your thigh.
The reasonable place to wear a thigh holster is 
inboard of the support side thigh.  So, that the
pistol is accessible by the firing side hand.
     Review at Front Sight Press
by Tiffany Johnson
     If you're going to the Highland Games and
wearing your kilt this would be appropriate in
the United States.  Going to the United Kingdom
is always inappropriate.  It's a gun free zone.

     Last night I took a dental pick and dug out all
the white paint in the front and rear sights of my
SA XD pistol.  Then, I blackened the bear metal with
an indelible black ink marker.  A pistol should not
have two sighting systems (the white dots, the
silhouette), because they will have different points
of impact, because they are different sighting
systems.  The white dots won't be visible in the
dark.  The silhouette of your sights will be visible
in the dark against the target, because you have
lit up the target with your flashlight.
     I also filed the edges of the front of my rear
sight, so that it is smooth and rounded.  Now, it
won't cut my hand when I rack the slide.
     I bet you always wondered what those people do,
who don't go out to bars dancing and drinking all
night long.
     In the movie "American Sniper", there was a
scene in which the hero meets his wife at a bar.
She drinks so much that she vomits.  But, in the
33 years that I was in the service, I noticed that
the the operators were far more likely to be
studying their range books or maps of the area than
at the Enlisted Club.  The wife, Taya, is of course
the real heroine of the story.  She is waiting for
the guy when he returns from deployment, even
multiple deployments. 

***** Miscellany *****

American Handgunner November/December 2015

     I got my Tennessee Handgun Permit renewal
reminder in the mail today.  I can renew for 4 years
for $50 or for the rest of my life for $500.
My insurance company says my life expectancy is 75
years.  That means 3 renewals for a total of $150
at present rates. 
     The people who do the hunting licenses are smart
enough to adjust the cost of a life time hunting
license to the applicant's age.


Jonathan Low

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