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CWP, 8 September 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

You aren’t really armed, you know

“Stealth Existence”
     In case you didn't notice, the Obama administration
intentionally leaked the Office of Personnel Management
files for every federal employee, including every
background investigation for a security clearance, back
to 1981 (when the Regan administration started the
massive build up of covert operators).  If you are
wondering why, read Obama's autobiography in which
he states, "I will stand with the Muslims."

***** Training *****

     Another reason appendix carry is a bad idea.

     Birdshot for self-defense is bad idea.
     But, good for practice.

     On page 4, you will see 10 tactical tips.
     Tip number 5 says, "... Do not drag your feet. 
Do not drag your back against the wall."
     I agree with this advice.  Which contradicts, many
schools that teach you to drag your feet.

     On page 4, you will see the article "Follow Through
and Recovery" by Tom Givens.
Excerpt:  "Stay on the front sight until shooting is no
longer required."
     I agree with this advice, which contradicts all sorts
of techniques taught at other schools.  I think schools that
teach "target focus" or anything other than a hard focus
on the front sight are doing their students a grave

     Don't load and unload the same round over and over.
See page 6.

***** Pedagogy *****

     All kinds of good stuff in this issue.

When Citizens Fight Back

***** Education *****

     All kinds of good information,

No Nonsense Self-Defense

1911 Fired at 73,000 Frames Per Second

Front Sight analysis

***** Tactics *****

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

"Why Revolvers Are NOT More Reliable Than Semi-Auto Pistols"

     Tom Givens recommends,

***** Legalities *****

     I sent an email to Waffle House this past Monday,
17 August 2015, complaining about their no firearms
allowed signs.  I told them that I did not eat at the
Mount Juliet, TN restaurant because of that sign and
instead when across the street to Cracker Barrel. 
     A gentleman from the Waffle House corporate office
called me just a few seconds ago, 24 August 2015, to
tell me that they were taking down the signs and that
there would be no problem with people carrying guns in
their restaurants unless they brandished in which case
the employees were instructed to call the police.
     I thanked him for the change in policy.

Iowa Senator Pushing For 'Stand Your Ground' Bill
Excerpt:  "As the law stands, if a person is attacked
in public, they must first try to flee the attacker
before fighting back in self-defense."

***** Survival Tips *****

     I always wondered why Rush Limbaugh used Chrissie Hynde's
music as his bumper music.  I always wondered why she allowed
Rush to use her music.  I guess she really is one of us.
     "Chrissie Hynde Says Women Who Dress Provocatively
And Get Drunk Shouldn’t Be Surprised If They’re Raped"

***** Reasons to carry *****

France train shooting:
US soldiers speak of the moment they
stopped gunman and
'beat him until he was unconscious'

May 2, 1967, Sacramento, CA

August 2015, Ferguson, MO
Oath Keepers to Arm 50 Black Protesters in Ferguson with AR- 15’s for an Epic Rights Flexing March
     Ferguson, MO municipal administration
keeps making bad choices in police chiefs.

***** Miscellany *****

Church Builds Gun Range,
Launches Range Ministry
‘In The Name Of Jesus Christ’

More Gun-Free Zone Idiocy (on page 7 of 8)
     We got this information via John Lott,
a noted researcher on gun control issues.
      The night James Holmes shot so many
people at the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater
there were a total of seven theaters showing
"The Dark Knight Rises" on that same night, all
within a twenty minute drive of Holmes’
apartment. Did the deranged gunman pick the one
closest to his home, or the farthest? Neither.
Did he pick the one with the largest audience
capacity? No. He chose the only one that was
posted as a Gun-Free Zone.  Colorado is a
shall issue state, with a lot of concealed
carry permit holders.  By choosing the only theater
posted as a Gun-Free Zone, he was assured of
having unarmed victims to prey upon. 
      I consider posting a business as a Gun-Free
Zone to be criminally negligent, at best, if
not an active accomplice to murder


Jonathan Low

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