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CWP, 14 August 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen,
citizens who are not only prepared to
take arms, but citizens who regard the
preservation of freedom as the basic
purpose of their daily life and who
are willing to consciously work and
sacrifice for that freedom.”
— John F. Kennedy

Focus on the 25M target

***** Training *****

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded
sexual and emotional maturity.”
— Sigmund Freud

Speakers include LTC Dave Grossman, USA, ret., 
Jimmy Meeks and Carl Chinn. 
     Download the flyer
     The price of these seminars is usually
$99 per person, but for this event,
payment of the fee will allow you to
bring one additional person AT NO CHARGE. 
     SC Law Enforcement:  The SCCJA will
award 8.5 CLEE hours for attending this
     To register, please use this link:
Paladin Training will receive a portion
of your entry fee if you use this link. 
And thank you for supporting our mission.  
     Sheepdog Seminars for Churches,

Sheepdog seminar
Chattanooga, Tennessee
JANUARY 30, 2016

The Concealed Carry Draw Stroke

You want to get better?
Go see the broken down old men.

Self-Defense Myths That Just Won’t Die: 11 Experts Weigh-In
     Train with different instructors.
Train at different schools.

Things work out when you have training.

Spoiler Alert: People With No Firearms
Training Get Killed In Self-Defense Simulator

The Embarrassing Questions Department
by Kathy Jackson

     Check out the classes that Gunsite Academy
is offering in Nunnelly, Tennessee. (at the
bottom of the web page)

     Tom Clark writes --
Practice With You Support Side Hand. 
     Suarez instructor Jack Rumbaugh shared many
years ago how to enhance the use of one’s support
side hand – for many activities including shooting. 
This is not an overnight process, but over several
months one can notice an improvement in nearly all
“off side” hand manipulations including the
primary goal of shooting. 
     It goes like this: Practice using your off
side hand for many daily activities – it will seem
clumsy at first but repeated effort will “train
your brain.”  In right-hand context these would be
simple activities such as brush or comb the hair
on the left side of your head with your left hand,
brush the teeth on the left side of your mouth
with your left hand.  These are easily done
private activities in which you will notice
improvement over time.  Get bolder and try holding
your fork in the left hand to eat food on the
left side of your plate. When tying your shoes,
shift function of your hands. And other similar
activities (you can figure them out) will help
get the neural pathways exercised to getting the
“off side” arm, hand, and fingers under better
control of the brain.  THEN – when on the range
most will see a significant improvement in the
ability to manipulate and accurately shoot their
gun with the “other” hand.   Of course dry fire
training is always in order too – for both hands. 
Most find it easy to incorporate the basic
brushing and other activities to alternating hands
in their daily routine and keep those neural
pathways open.  I suspect that like most shooting
skills this is perishable and fades over time if
not used – so permanently incorporating these
activities into one’s routine has value.


Jon Low:  Why would appendix carry (in front
of the hip bone at 1 or 2 o'clock, for a right
hander) be faster than 3 o'clock for a right
hander or 9 o'clock for a left hander?

Tom Clark:  I analyzed my different physical
movements between AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist
Band) and IWB at 3 o'clock.  What I found is that
there is no (or very minimal) shoulder movement
needed when drawing and initial presentation from
AIWB, just the lower arm and wrist and consequently
less motion required.  So the elbow up, elbow down
movements which also involve the shoulder are not
needed.  The rotating of the AIWB barrel to be
parallel to the ground is nearly instinctive and
occurs concurrently with the muzzle is clearing
the holster.  So my take is less actual movement,
so simpler and less time to execute and get the
I also found that:
1 - Clearing my cover garment is faster and simpler
as there is less motion of the support hand to
clear the area.
2 – There is less “telegraphing” of intentions
because of less actual movement.
3 – The AIWB draw can easily be done from an
apparently relaxed position of crossed hands in
the belt buckle area.  (One can “pre-stage” without
being obvious)
4 – Drawing while seated is easily done from AIWB. 
Even in a car with the seat belt in place. 
(Simply pull the cover garment from under the
seat belt in advance.)
5 – If needed, I can – without telegraphing a
typical draw – reach under my cover garment and
establish my grip.
6 – And if #5 is used, can draw and shoot thought
my cover garment saving more time and motion.
This does run the risk of getting only one shot as
the slide may not reciprocate fully or the ejected
case may not clear the gun.  Certainly not
preferable, but a tool in the drawer.
     One can try AIWB actions with a blue gun and
draw from a plain old “Mexican” carry – where one
just sticks the gun inside the belt around the
appendix area sans holster.  Then with a good AIWB
holster the presentation should be smooth and the
draw resistance minimal.
     There are of course many arguments that even
professionals sometimes have ADs (Accidental
Discharges) and that drawing from an AIWB would be
a very bad time to have that occur.  That is true
I’m sure and that is certainly a factor to consider
when evaluating AIWB.  That same drawing from a
holster AD would be what gets people shot in the
thigh, knee, calf, heel, and buttock when the
finger discipline is absent.  And so while it might
be “acceptable” to shoot one’s self in the other
areas than a shot near or on the testicles or
femoral artery would be more devastating.
     Actually the one drawing from AIWB AD that I
witnessed was this:  Individual trying AIWB’s on
both the strong and support side – two guns. The
drill was draw from the strong side and shoot to
slide lock, then use a New York reload and draw and
shoot from the support side. When drawing from the
support side one individual had an AD and the round
went in the top of the support side thigh and out
by the knee.   No one was certain precisely when
the AD occurred, and we thought it likely to have
been after clearing the holster as there was no
apparent damage to the holster and the entry area
went through his trousers and was about six inches
below the belt line.   I’d add to this that I
suspect most ADs that occur when drawing are
immediately after the gun (and trigger) are out of
the holster and connected with an errant finger –
I don’t see any likelihood of an errant finger AD
while the gun is seated in the holster but only
after the trigger is accessible.

Bill Hayes:  My unscientific analysis agrees with
you (Tom Clark) in that the AIWB carry is much easier, smoother
and faster for this 71 year old shooter.  This has
become especially true since both rotator cuffs
have deteriorated.  I might also mention that
drawing with the support hand from a strong AIWB is
much easier than a 3 o'clock position.  This could
be a variable depending on the individuals
flexibility.  Another thing that AIWB carry does
for me is eliminate the butt of my full sized M&P
from hitting the backs of chairs with an annoying
"clunk".  A subcompact gun or a large bodied person
may not have this problem but I prefer at least a
compact or full size size defensive handgun.
     I do not carry AIWB on my support (left) side
but normally carry an M&P 9 Shield in my left
pocket and have begun using my support hand more
for routine tasks in an attempt to improve my
     I think Larry Vickers has probably done the
wise thing by prohibiting AIWB carry in his
classes.  He specifically stated that he was not
anti AIWB but just did not want the liability with
unknown experience levels.
     One other thing is that clearing the cover
garment is easier for me with AIWB.  I typically
carry with a button shirt left outside the pants
with the last button unsecured.  I can usually
begin to clear the weapon with and upward movement
of my support hand and assist with the thumb of my
strong hand as it reaches for the weapon.  This is
the way I practice dry fire and live even if the
"rules" do not require a cover garment.
     Occasionally I am asked if I am concerned
about shooting myself.  My reply is, "Keep your
finger off the trigger until you are pointed at
the target and have decided to shoot".


How To Reload a Modern Double Action Revolver
with a Speed Loader (assuming you are right handed)
I don't know of any manufacturer who makes
a left handed revolver.

***** Pedagogy *****

“Broad minded is just a way of saying
that a fellow’s too lazy to form an opinion.”
— Will Rogers

Lesson from an old guy

***** Education *****

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals
is to educate a menace to society.”
— Teddy Roosevelt

"Letter to a New Instructor" by Kathy Jackson
Excerpt:  Around 16,000 people a year end up
in the emergency room with unintentional
gunshot injuries. That’s a lot of painful
and dangerous oopsies we can prevent!
     Kathy's web site,
She has several articles helping women to
carry concealed.  Click on "Articles" then look under
"Choosing Holsters".
"Concealed Carry for the Fashionable Woman" is a
great detailed article for women's wear.

Quotes from Tom Givens --
“Take multiple classes from a broad spectrum of
“You do not shot AT, you either shoot or don’t
shoot. There is no AT.”
“Terminology is important because words create
images in the mind.”
“In a fight you do not have time to aim; BULLSHIT,
you do not have time to miss.”
“Your handgun is nothing more than a drill with a
really long drill bit. It’s about more holes or
bigger holes, but you need holes. A 9mm hit is
better than a 12guage slug past the ear.”
“Accept the reality that you might have to shoot
“Safety rues are not range rules they are
lifestyle rules. You live them everyday no matter
where you are or what you are doing.”

***** Tactics *****

With no cover around, move to your right if you
are right handed, to the left if you are a
southpaw.  Moving to your strong side allows you
to track the target with both hands firmly on the
gun with much greater flexibility.  Running to
the opposite side quickly limits your ability to
traverse with the gun.
-- Joseph Terry, "The ABC's of Concealed Carry"

Surviving a Movie Theater Shooting
Excerpt:  Don’t delude yourself thinking that
your military experience from 30 years ago or
the 8-hour CCW class you took gives you the
skills to do it [shoot the bad guy in a smoke
filled dark movie theater].  It’s never been
easier to get quality professional firearms
training.  If you are serious about protecting
yourself and your loved ones, it would be in your
best interest to find a good instructor or
shooting school and take some classes.

Front Sight Reality Check Episode #12

The short video by Greg Ellifritz is worth watching.

Knife vs Gun - The 21 Foot Rule

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

***** Legalities *****

Don't Touch Evidence

Duty To Inform

The Number Of Guns Made Has Doubled During
Obama's Years In Office -- Here's Why

Gun Maker Taurus Reaches $30M Class
Action Settlement Over Trigger Defect

***** Survival Tips *****

"... step up and be responsible for
our own safety, the safety of our
families and those in our care ..."
-- Michael Bane

Excerpt of my email to the Hume-Fogg
high school rifle team.
* Drink water. *
     Do not drink sugary drinks (soda pop,
sweet tea, etc.).  One soda a week for a
decade will increase your chances of
diabetes by 13%.
     Do not drink diet drinks.  The
chemicals that claim to be artificial
sweeteners are poison.  Remember, the Food
and Drug Administration is a political
entity.  They do not have your best
interests at heart.  If the artificial
sweeteners don’t taste terrible to you,
you suffer from a genetic defect.  (You
may have done the experiment in biology
class.)  Don’t let the unscrupulous
corporations take advantage of your
genetic defect.
[I first became aware of the dangers of
the chemicals in diet drinks when I was
a pilot and the FAA cautioned pilots not
to drink diet drinks before acting as
pilot in command.  We were told that the
chemicals in the diet drinks made our
eyes "jump" and miss things that we
should see like OTHER PLANES coming at
us.  They also contribute to restlessness
and inability to sleep soundly.
-- Captain Ray Harvey, U.S. Navy retired]
     Do not drink caffeinated drinks (tea,
coffee, Red Bull, etc.).  Caffeine is a
stimulant that will increase your pulse
rate and all kinds of other bad things. 
It is a diuretic that will dehydrate you
by causing urination.
     Do not drink alcohol.  Alcohol is a
diuretic.  It is an intoxicant.
If someone offers you alcohol, respond
     “No thank you, I’m in training.”
     “What?  You think you’re going to
the Olympics?”
     “Yes.”  Should be your serious response,
as you look them in the eye.  Your body
language should say, I’m a winner, you’re a
pathetic alcoholic who is contributing to
the delinquency of a minor.
     How do you know that you are drinking
enough water?  You generate large volumes
of clear urine.  Your urine should always
be clear.  If it is yellow or pungent,
you are stressing your kidneys, which will
eventually lead to renal disease.  (Avoid
kidney stones by drinking water.)
* Eat healthy. *
     Do not eat sugary candy.  Consider the
risk of diabetes.
     Do not eat anything with corn syrup.
     Read the labels of everything you eat. 
If you don’t know what the chemical is,
don’t eat it.  If the chemical is bad,
don’t eat it.  Make this part of your
common sense.
* Exercise. *
     Exercise will eliminate many health
problems and prevent all kinds of health
     Stretch before to prevent injury. 
Stretch after to lengthen muscles.
     Elevate your pulse rate to 80% of
maximum and hold it there for 20 minutes,
every day, for long term cardiovascular
     Maintain symmetry.  Asymmetric muscle
development around a joint will cause join
problems.  Asymmetric muscle development
with respect to left-right will adversely
affect your gait.
* Do not smoke. *
     Nicotine is a highly toxic alkaloid,
found in tobacco, and used as an insecticide.
Make this part of your common sense.

Remember, the younger kids are watching
and copying you.  Your children will copy
your behavior.  It doesn’t matter what you
say.  They will copy what you do.
So, set the example.  Lead by example.
Coach Low

***** Reasons to carry *****

Lieutenant Commander Tim White fired his personal
weapon on gunman Mohammad Abdulazeez during the
July 16, 2015 A.D. attack on Marines and Sailors
in Chattanooga.

FBI: Middle Eastern Men Intimidating U.S.
Military Families In Colorado & Wyoming

***** Miscellany *****

     I bought a ticket to the Tactical Conference
in Memphis, TN from March 11 to 13, 2016 A.D.
     Hope to see you there.

3 Gun
Ya, it's a Brownells advertisement, but there's
a lot of information, and she's efficient
(no that's not a euphemism).
Notice how she reloads her shotgun.
Notice her trigger control.  Her finger is always
in contact with the trigger.

Everything there is to know about knives!

Lots of useful articles
Patronize the Lucky Gunner.  They spent a lot of
money in court fighting for you.

Dear Gunhilda

Outdoor Channel

Down Range TV


Jonathan Low

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